I been feeling sad
Luck's been bad
Living in a painful way
In disarray
It's like every day
Was dark and gray
I'm just another washed-up cliche
It sucked to be that way

But I've got a plan I'm gonna
Change Direction
Gonna claim this life as mine
And I'm just moving forward
I don't need perfection
Gonna try a re-design

Gonna branch out and see what's up
Might bloom like a buttercup
All starts with a new haircut

But nothing's wrong today
Everything is looking right ok
Taking everything in stride
The sun is shining in the sky
The birds are smiling so am I
I'm kicking ass in every way
Think this change is here to stay
It's feeling like a brand new day

I been weak and lame
Filled with shame
Trapped inside the place I made
A house of pain

Well I finally saw what I became
Beaten at my own damn game
In drunk loser hall of fame

But now I think there's time
For me to make corrections
Turn this ship around
Gotta look inside
A little introspection
A better me just might come around[1]


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