• Sentry 616

    Weapon Gushing

    July 14, 2019 by Sentry 616

    So sometime when we're making original weapons or talking about the weapons of canon characters, we talk and gush about teh countparts IRL. So I made a little place for us to skip straight to the gushing about real things that go bang, boom, and various other onamontapeias of obliteration.

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  • ChishioKunrin

    Volume 7 Bingo

    July 10, 2019 by ChishioKunrin

    Finally got off my butt and made my Bingo card for Volume 7. It was kinda hard to figure out what I wanted to put on it, so I ended up just throwing things at it just to fill up the 24 squares. Basically, it's a mix of hopes, predictions, and cynicism. It's always so hard to figure out how I want to arrange everything.

    I'm hoping Watts will actually do something since he's been assigned to go to Atlas, after being so passive for the past few volumes.

    Still waiting for that Cheshire Cat character that Gray was so nervous about.

    Pleeeease, Dust stuff. We're in Atlas, we deserve some confirmations and clarifications about Dust.

    "Whitley does little to nothing" is a bit of cynicism.

    "Winter Maiden is fine; Ironwood knows where she is" is just an id…

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  • EmBELLEm

    New RTX stuff

    July 5, 2019 by EmBELLEm

    What do we have now,

    V7 announcement with new character designs

    and an animated short that I don't know if we're allowed to talk about.

    " We're so excited to announce the upcoming #RWBY comic series with @DCComics! The series will be worked on by writer @EvilMarguerite and artists @Mirkand and Arif Prianto." link

    Press release from DC Including release schedule, writers and artists

    Writer Marguerite Bennett and Artists Mirka Andolfo and Arif Prianto to Take on RWBY Comic

    The RWBY comics are set to launch digitally in late August, while the gen:LOCK comics will launch in September. The two series will alternate weekly, with two new digital chapters released every month that will later be collected as monthly print issues. DC Publisher and renowned comic …

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  • USSMarauder

    I've been thinking about the villages that we saw in central Mistral in Volumes 4 & 5. Team RNJR passed through 5 of them: The unnamed village in The Next Step, Shion, Higanbana, Oniyuri and Kuroyuri

    Kuroyuri does not appear to have been part of the Kingdom of Mistral, but was independent. Mistral police flights do not fly over it as part of their patrol route, and it was only the 'smoke' plume from the dead Nuckelavee that attracted by chance the attention of a pair of airships. As well, the Nuckelavee was still alive 10-12 years after the desctruction of Kuroyuri. I can understand the village being destroyed, but if Kuroyuri was part of Mistral I have trouble understanding why the Nuckelavee was not hunted down and destroyed shortly after…

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  • TheSDCSecretary

    Worm Grimm

    July 2, 2019 by TheSDCSecretary

    So in After The Fall Team CFVY encounters a worm Grimm called a Blind Worm and I am genuinely stumped on whether or not these are the same worm-like Grimm we see in the Chinese mobile game.

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  • Heliosluna

    The airship landed, the blonde boy running to a trash can on the dock and continuing to vomit. The group stepped out on the dock looking at the towering, castle-like building before them. “Beacon Academy,” Ivor stood in awe, “we finally made it.”

    The group was ecstatic that they made it to the place that would teach them about the thing they would do for the rest of their lives. All except for Vulcan. Beneath the wrappings, he grimaced. Another school, another chance to be harassed, he thought. Vulcan had a hard time making friends, Turkis, Ivor, and Laurel, were low key the only friends he had outside of his family. Frowning, he thought back to an incident from his childhood. He was in fourth grade at the time.

    “Do you have any idea what th…

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  • Heliosluna

    Long ago, before time had a name, there existed two brothers who created the world. The older brother ruled over creation, light, order, and destiny, while the younger brother commanded destruction, darkness, chaos, and coincidence. One day, the older brother created man, and gifted the world Remnant with a miraculous substance known as dust. Man worshipped the older brother, their creator, with great reverence. Unbeknownst to them, the younger brother lurked in the shadows, cultivating anger for his brother, as no one ever paid him any respect.

    One day, the younger brother got an idea. He took a handful of the dust, something man didn’t know existed, and corrupted it with his power. The substance became known in legend as shadow dust, a su…

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  • EmBELLEm

    The author of After The Fall is sharing one line from the book each day until the book comes out on the 25th.

    • Day 1: "Of all the things listed in Velvet’s mental list of 'cons' about Vacuo, number one was the lack of anything to include under 'pros.'"
    • Day 2: "More of the dark, deadly creatures poured into Beacon with every passing hour, faster than they could be destroyed. The monsters were the stuff of nightmares, all shadow and bone, fire and fury."
    • Day 3: "The First-years had been at Beacon for barely a day, and they were all about to die."
    • Day 4: "Fox wondered what Ozpin had been thinking when he decided to throw a blind boy off a cliff."
    • Day 5: “Fortunately, I had this broken wagon,” Slate went on. “I stayed with it and hoped for the best.…

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  • Glitchee123z

    Okay so everyone hates Volume 6, that’s not a secret.

    But there have been some claims and criticisms made towards the series that I thought I should address, some debunk. Some of these criticisms I actually believed back when I rid the Volume 6 hatewagon for a bit.

    So let’s start this list off

    “The Brunswick Arc was filler!”


    This one I generally don’t get.

    ...what exactly was filler about it? If it were filler, it would have no connection to the main plot whatsoever when it does. Weiss started to question the mission, Qrow was depressed, everyone needed time to process the fact that Salem couldn’t be killed before moving on. The only problem I have is that nobody seemed to doubt the mission, only doing so under the influence of the Apathy, b…

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  • Megadracosaurus

    After Adam's loss at the Battle of Haven and his death at the end of volume 6, a lot of people were pissed off. They claimed that Adam had been nerfed, so that Yang and Blake could kill him for Bumblebee-related reasons or something like that. Or, as one viewer claimed, for a feminist agenda.

    However, this bakes the question: was Adam actually nerfed? The answer to that is quite simple, really. He wasn't. And there's quite a bit of evidence to suggest he wasn't. But first of all, why do people assume Adam was a badass, skilled warrior anyway?

    I'm gonna start off by quoting Alhazad2003

    I'd say a lot of people are still seething because they thought Adam was more than he turned out to be, they bought into his style and never noticed his lacking…

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  • EmBELLEm

    Found some more pictures from what I'm assuming is the game's page. I can't read logograms. Tbh, I don't even know if all of this is from the game.

    I don't really know what's going on with this game or how much of it we put on our wiki, but I just found these if we need them.

    A Beowolf and Petra Gigas Boss

    El Paso Comic Con Oscar and Ozpin

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  • Nurse Puppo

    it's been a while since i joined but i enjoy being on this wiki, everyone is friendly and it's fun to find out more about RWBY and all the other stuff

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  • EmBELLEm

    Some stuff from RWBY After the Fall Prologue, Chapter One, and a bit of of Chapter 2 were released. I collected some info here. And Forum It has really good worldbuilding. Nicely describes Vacuo


    • Fox's semblance is telepathy. They have a shared chat in their heads during fights.
    • Fox is from a Vacuan tribe called Kynete
    • Fox's weapons are named Sharp Retribution
    • Velvet's weapon is named Anesidora, (Ancient Greek: Ἀνησιδώρα) was in Greek and Roman mythology an epithet of several goddesses and mythological figures. The name itself means "sender of gifts".
    • Coco enhanced her bullets with Aura, could be her Semblance, could jut be an Aura ability.
    • Coco has a little brother.
    • Coco is a fan of Glynda


    • Professor Rumpole - Probably Rumpelstiltsk…

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  • ChainsawAddict

    Ok, we all know about the allegations regarding Grow Branwen's voice actor Vic Mignogna and sexual misconduct, and that RT has cut all ties with him (can you blame them?), and made a problem that is summed up with one simple question below.

    WHO is going to be Qrow's voice actor in the later seasons?!

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  • FoxPerson783

    I Don't Know

    March 12, 2019 by FoxPerson783

    I am just doing this for a badge.

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  • HazelQuill7445

    Hey everyone!

    Just dropping by to let you all know that I will be going to RTX this year! If anyone else is going and wants to touch base, drop me a line!

    It's gonna be a great, hopefully exhausting because we'll be having so much fun, time.

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  • Iceberg's BlackSun

    A Rant

    February 13, 2019 by Iceberg's BlackSun

    Okay, so this has been a continuous problem for me:

    No please, answer that, I'm really confused. I have NEVER requested someone for their personal opinion on something and then deliberately gotten into aggression. Nah, y'all just get on my case, talk filth, and then say I'm out of line.  I'm really sick and tired of it.  PLEASE stop disputing with over MY NOTIONS. You can agree with, or be wrong, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I'm joking, I never assume that I'm right, unless I have several pieces of evidence to back me up on it. 

    Not to mention that no matter what I say, SOMEONE always has something to argue with me on. Y'all need to try to be better. And not everyone does this, I've met very nice people here, but a majority of things I say here, there is alw…

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  • MetallicArcher

    So, as the title says, I found a set of three GIFs supposedly from a scrapped JNPR vs SSSN Poser sequence. Plus a GIF of a Neo vs Yang animation.

    I wanted to share them:

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  • USSMarauder

    In Volume 6, we have three story threads, each with its own timeline.

    -The story thread of RWBY/JNPR/Oscar/Qrow/Maria, which I'm going to call the 'hero' thread

    -The Cinder thread

    -The story thread of Hazel/Emerald/Mercury/Watts/Tyrian/Salem, which I'm going to call the 'villain' thread

    This blog will break down the timelines of each. As in my previous timeline blogs this will be a 'minimum' timeline, in which all unknowns will assume to be as short as reasonable.

    The Hero thread.

    This thread starts off two weeks after the Battle of Haven (BoH), as Qrow says in his letter to Ironwood. Much of this thread happens nearly continuously, with very small gaps.

    6.1: The story begins at the Mistral Central Station. Daylight is flooding through the window…

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  • 愛 日音

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  • ChishioKunrin

    In light of the increasing frequency of shipping discourse, I've made a warning announcement thread, but it seems that Fandom has removed the Highlight Thread function. Please see the linked thread and keep in mind the civil behavior rule. Remember, the rule applies to RWBY's crew as well as fellow wiki users.

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  • Rin-alto

    What's next. Where does RWBY, JNPR,CFVY end up next? And I haven't heard from CVFY in forever! 

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  • USSMarauder

    Ships in RWBY, Part II

    January 14, 2019 by USSMarauder

    Now I'm going to talk about the similarly designed ship seen in V4E12, "No Safe Haven" that Yang sails to an unnamed port in western Anima as part of her search for Raven. We don't know if Yang boarded this ship in Patch, in Vale, or if she rode Bumblebee across Eastern Sanus to a small port.

    At first glance this ship looks the same as the Pride-class ship, but it's not. A very similar design, but it's smaller. There is no top deck with a bridge, there are eight large windows along the lower hull instead of ten, and it looks like there is no battery of side guns. It's possible that this ship travels only through waters that are so regularly travelled that protection from the Grimm is handled by naval forces of the Kingdoms, and other than a…

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  • USSMarauder

    For this blog post, I'm going to talk about something that has never been covered before in RWBY. Ships.

    (Y'know, boats. Why, what did you think I meant?)

    As always, this is mostly non-canon, based off of observations, real life, and some logic.

    First off, I dislike calling it 'the Ship', as it's called on the Wiki, so I'm going to refer to it as a Pride-class ship. This is based on the reference in V4E12, "No Safe Haven" with Yang holding a photo of a similar ship, with her thumb partially covering the name 'Pride _____'. Names like ''Pride of Mistral' or 'Pride of Vale' wouldn't be that unusual in our world, so I'm going to run with it.

    Pride-class ships are small passenger vessels travelling the oceans of Remnant, connecting the four kingdoms a…

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  • Glitchee123z

    Me make blog

    January 13, 2019 by Glitchee123z

    Hello there.

    Sorry for wasting your time. This is just a test blog I made for whatever reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Umbrellish


    January 12, 2019 by Umbrellish

    Name: Rings of Nature

    - Wielder: Ben Kori 

    Maker/Smith: Ben Kori  

    Classification: Fingerprint Triggered Dust Rings (FTDR)  

    Weapon Derivation: Rings of power (Tom and jerry tales) 

    Form 1 Design: The four rings have a thick band with a square surface surrounded by a lining with four pointed diamond shapes on each diagonal side, which holds the dust crystals.  

    Form 1 Aesthetics: All the four rings are black colored and each square surface have a symbol of the elements.   

    Dust Usage: 

    • Ice Dust for conjuring or constructing ice attacks  
    • Fire Dust for conjuring or constructing fire attacks and can also increase firepower
    • Lightning Dust for conjuring lightning and stunning or electrocuting enemies
    • Air Dust for conjuring or constructing air …
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  • Fyrstknight777

    Ok, I just started watching last week and made it to the end of 3. I know a lot of others have porbably asked this, but why kill off Pyhrrra? She was in my opinion a great asset to the whole group! They could have seriously injured her instead, coma, lost the leg, life hanging in the balance and gotten the same result from Ruby!! I have not done this before but with her death I A\M DONE W THIS ANIME!! I usually will watch more most times when things like this happen BUT NOT THIS TIME! They did not have to kill her to get results, It was just plain STUPID!! I know A lot feel like I do! We WERE LET DOWN!! I hope others stand with me and do not watch this any further! The creators of this should be ashamed of going that route, if they wanted …

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  • CreatorTheta

    How dead is RWBY?

    January 6, 2019 by CreatorTheta

    Yeah, I'm an old fan of RWBY.
    As in, right from the Red Trailer.

    However, I lost a massive amount of interest in the show at certain points, with the final point being Pyrrha's Death. (I personally felt that Pyrrha's Death, was a magum opus in how to ignore good writing and more importantly, is an example of "I'll make the character stupid for the sake of the story" rather than the character naturally being that way as apart of their personality.)

    The show's writing was bleeding everywhere and the pacing became a disaster.  Characters became highly inconsistent or were rushed or just cliche. And with SO MANY wasted oppotunities for interesting character arcs. (Yang is a great example of wasted potential, with having a compelling arc after los…

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  • BrainDamageDevTeam
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  • ShrikeThursh

    this is only so i can get the boop achivement lol.

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    V6 Ep 8: Dead Meme

    December 23, 2018 by Nikoli the rebel

    V6 EP 8: Dead End or We do not no de wei!

    Nobody is making these blogs anymore. So I had to start browsing reddit for my cancer tier memes. Shame on you wikia. Shame on you. 

    In the same way that I find Turkish nationalists who believe they are creating another Turkey inside of Germany amusing, or Serbians who believe...

    Kosovo is Serbia

    Yugoslavia is Serbia

    Europe is Serbia

    The world is Serbia

    The universe is Serbia

    God is a Serb

    Where there dwells a Serb there lies Serbia. 

    I find this scene amusing. I know it is supposed to convince the audience to hate atlas but I can't help but love their nationalism unironically. Nationalism is a helluva drug. Similiar memes include Remove kebab, Poland stronk, and Poland can into space. I am an unironic Atlas…

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  • Megadracosaurus

    For the longest time, Ghira has been said to be a 'feline'-based feline, as a reference to his claws. However, I have reason to believe we can actually pin point his exact species. And I have reason to believe he is a leopard faunus, a black panther to be exact. Please note that the evidence isn't directly adressed in the show, and its my personal theory.

    The main reason why I believe Ghira is a leopard is because of his allusion. Ghira alludes to Bagheera from The Jungle Book. Now Bagheera is a black leopard (the term 'black panther' refers to jaguars and leopards that happen to be born with black fur). Now I know what some of you may think. Ghira may allude to Bagheera, but that doesn't mean he is therefore a leopard. The characters in RW…

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  • Megadracosaurus

    As we know, Cinder was greatly effected by Ruby's Silver Eyes. She lost an arm and an eye, and even her voice for a while. Now, the latest episode seemed to imply that Cinder was so effected because of her Grimm arm and beetle. This makes sense, as Maria said that the Silver Eyes only work around the Grimm.

    But here's the thing: Salem stated that Cinder was vulnereble to the Eyes because of the Maiden's powers. And thus, I came up with the following theory. The Eyes don't just effect the Grimm. They effect the creations of the God of Darkness.

    Now, what does this have to do with the Maiden's powers? In The Lost Fable, when the gods are attacked, the God of Darkness muses about how humanity is using his own gift against him. His gift. Not him a…

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  • Megadracosaurus

    Now, I don't know if there is a lot of debate about it or not, but I'm firmly convinced that Tock worked for Salem. And with the recent episode having come out, I can now give all of my arguments (as I said I would last week).

    Now, first of all, we know Tock was after Maria for her Silver Eyes. Now, the Silver Eyes (as far as we know) aren't really common knowledge. Few people knew about them, and as far as we know, they only seem to harm the creations of the God of Darkness. I'll be making a second blog after this is about that in detail, but let's stay on the topic of Tock for now. Furthermore...Why would summon target the SEW's? They don't really harm anyone other then the Grimm with their powers. And why would anyone want to eliminate t…

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  • Iceberg's BlackSun

    Ren and Nora, Butter together, Qrow and Ozpin, works together like Cloqwork. 

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  • D Shadow208


    With all of the current episodes of Volume 6, and the truth about Ozpin/Ozma, our heroes are left conflicted and confused why should they still protect the relic of Knowlegde.

    Ever since the reveal of Salem and Ozma's history and very long conflict for many millenia, its safe for us to say that finding a way to defeat Salem is now pointless. She's IMMORTAL for crying out loud, our heroes would just be wasting their time if they even want to defeat Salem.

    The next best thing they can do now is to help Humanity for the possible judgement of the Gods. If they manage to succesfully gather the relics once more to summon the God of Light and God of Darkness back to their …

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  • LOLbootington


    December 7, 2018 by LOLbootington

    Be honest, how much of yall want team CFVY to return in the other volumes. They've been quite inactive after the battle of beacon. They could be dead, but I don't belive it. What are Yall's thoughts?

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  • LOLbootington


    December 6, 2018 by LOLbootington


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  • Gemmaniac

    Camp RWBY

    December 1, 2018 by Gemmaniac

    I just felt the need to share this. (Animation by Marvin mMendoza on YouTube)

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  • Twilight the Ice-Sea-Nightwing

    OK, please don't kill be for this but I am going to come straight out and say... I hate Blacksun. Yes, I do not support Blacksun. Who hates Blacksun as well?

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  • RaijinRising

    Foreseen Inactivity

    November 26, 2018 by RaijinRising

    I will be inactive on the wiki for the next two weeks. This is because I will be on a rigorous study-abroad trip via my college to Japan. While it'll be a lot of fun, it's also not going to give me much of any free time.

    I will still watch RWBY as it airs and stay active in things like RWBY Rewind and community discussions/reaction video watching. It's just that I won't be around to update the history sections as I normally do. I checked today and realized that most of the main characters haven't had history section updates since Episode 2 (and they still don't). That's partially because I've been doing finals for my school and have needed to get ready for this trip since then (as well as Thanksgiving celebrations).

    I might pop in and post h…

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  • TMScientist

    The Science of RWBY

    November 25, 2018 by TMScientist

    This blog is to compare the world of RWBY to real-life science, covering so far; the semblances of team RWBY and team JNPR and eventually Dust. When I first made all these science videos on RWBY, I made mistakes, so I'll be correcting them on this blog.


    Team RWBY

    Ruby Rose

    Semblance: Speed

    Ruby's semblance of speed is first shown in the Volume 1 "Red" trailer. The best case of her fastest speed that is calculatable is at the end of the Food Fight scene in Volume 2, Chapter 1 "Best Day Ever". To find Ruby's "top" speed (by measurable means), I first thought I needed to work backwards from speed aka linear velocity to angular velocity to Ruby's RPS and shoulder width. But upon further examination of the scene I found an easier way of c…

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  • KingMaster TOG

    Inb4 “But TOG this is the exact same shit you pulled 3 years ago!”

    So, I know a lot has changed, it’s been almost a goddamn year I think since I was last here. A lot of you probably don’t know me, and most of you have probably forgotten about my existence, which is honestly probably for the better. But long story short, I was a user here formerly known as EPKingMaster and then ThatOneGuyFromNISLTsCommentSection.

    As to why I want to remove myself from this fandom, it’s mainly for 2 reasons.

    The first is just because I completely just lost interest in the show. The plot is getting hard to follow for me and really it’s just beginning to appear as a massive clusterfuck. I’m not here to say whether it’s a good show or not, because that is a whole …

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  • ZAVAZggg


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  • Ciara Belladonna - Feline Faunus

    I'm new here at Beacon and I want to meet new people to be my teamates. Come say hello if you're interrested.

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  • Beena Patel


    November 4, 2018 by Beena Patel

    I am new to the different wikis and I need help. I am doing the best I can to figure out how to edit and do other things. I would also like to make friends on the different wikis. Some of the things I like are RWBY, The Flash and Milo Murphy's Law.

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  • DarkStalker719

    So…. I just watched the first episode of Volume 6 and I figured that I would write a review on it, since no one else is going to do anything like this.

    For those of you who have not seen the episode; SPOILERS!

    • Note: some information presented here may not be completely accurate, as I watched the episode once, and tried to watch it a second time while writing this, but the website was being very stubborn, and I could not get the episode to play a second time very easily, so in certain parts I just mentioned what I remembered.

    The episode begins with Team RWBY on the roof of the train, battling a group of Manticores, as well as what I can only assume is the Sphinx, although it had several features that made me think of the Chimera, such as the …

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  • D Shadow208

    RWBY's Evolution

    November 1, 2018 by D Shadow208

    RWBY has come a long way ever since its first release on 2013. It had ups and downs and especially with the unexpected death of its beloved creator Monty Oum (may he R.I.P). If he saw RWBY right now, he would've been so proud and happy to see his creation bloom into such an amazing show and fandom.

    The first three volumes/seasons of RWBY focused on the 'coming of age' part where in each character had their own goal they wanted to achieve, and the plotlines that aligned that changed the characters perspective and view on their goals that caused them to change for the better.

    Volumes 1-3 were focused on comedy and lightheartedness, but when vol 4 was released, things became dramatic anmore diverse. With new characters introduced and diving mor…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    Ok, so, during the fight at the end, RWBY fights some Manticores. The one at the begginning and the end are younger ones... or females, depending on how much they're based on Lions.

    The second one, however, is bigger and has an obvious and spiky mane, unlike the others. Looking like kind of a discount Vajra.

    Naturally, one would expect it to be STRONK, right? ....Except it is destroyed in one hit.

    But that's not the important part, the important part is how it goes away. When Grimm die, they smoke out, no? It may be quick or slow but they smoke out., it does not. It shatters like glass.

    Which heavily reminds me of Neo and her Illusions. They shatter in the same way, and can't take more than a single hit of any sort. Just like that o…

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  • ForeignAgent

    A new hope?

    October 21, 2018 by ForeignAgent

    Hello again. When I wrote about my impressions of Volume 5, I was certain I'm done with RWBY, it was that bad and anticlimactic. But more than half a year later I understand that I still want to know how the story ends, and it made me return in Remnant a few days ago. All this time I haven't been following the news about new season. (Does this sentence sound right? Maybe I should spent this time learning English...) I was a bit surprised that only one character short was released (and the trailer, obviously) and no one more was announced, but the fact that it is about villain pleased me. I'm glad that RT tries to show and explore another side or, at least, someone else but main chars.

    I don't want to analyze V6 trailer cause trailers are ma…

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