• Wilfred J. Pemberley

    Let me preface this by saying that I don’t normally do this.  I’ve never willfully removed myself from a website or a community that I find (or once found) enjoyable, and I’ve never quit watching a show that I’ve become invested in.  Truth is, I loved RWBY, and I loved being a part of this fandom.  But I don’t anymore.  I’ll split this blog into two sections, addressing both entities and why they’ve become so intolerable to me.

    When I first started watching RWBY, I was delighted and entranced by the sheer joy and quirkiness that it exuded.  It was fun, it was unique, and it was written by people who were truly invested in it.  You could see the love and hard work that they were putting into every scene.  They were good at it, and they liked…

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  • RaijinRising

    Another new video is live on my YouTube Channel!

    Ruby's memories show how much she remembers and clings to when preserving life... and they match up one for one with screenshots from the show. The artists traced over screenshots but also took some liberties to show exactly how Ruby remembers those wonderful moments.

    In time I will likely upload all of the screenshots I took for the video. But there's a total of 25 memories, two of them being the Taiyang one that doesn't have a "matching moment" and Summer Rose, who also doesn't. So that leaves me with 46 pictures to upload, and I'll get around to it soon!

    EDIT: I have uploaded most of the screenshots onto my "RVE Comps" user page.

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  • Rebinreburst

    Combat roles

    September 11, 2019 by Rebinreburst

    This document describes the roles I believe characters should take in RWBY. It mainly provides more details on the Tank, DPS, Support, or Controller roles and why they are essential to combat

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  • Rebinreburst

    RWBY Wiki RPG

    September 10, 2019 by Rebinreburst

    The purpose of this is a form that you can fill out if you would like me to make a character sheet for what you would look like in the RWBY verse.

    I did not include appearances, as I felt it made the form too long, but if you include it, I might make an attempt to draw it.

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  • Rebinreburst

    This is for further discussion on your semblance for the semblance trade thread.

    This blog will only be used to:

    1) Make the semblance fit your personality or hobbies better. This requires further details on personality.

    2) Find potential applicatons

    If you want to talk about your own semblance and you have not already, please make a new comment, rather than adding onto an already existing comment thread.

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  • BlizzardDragon

    Simple as that. I still like the show but I've found other places to discuss things, more varied opinions, and at this point only thing I'm here for anymore is news updates. I'll pop in once and awhile through Volume 7 since I made a bingo card, but I think I'm done here. Nice meeting and talking with most of ya, so best of luck to you. For now though, this is goodbye.

    See ya.

    - BlizzardDragon

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  • Wilfred J. Pemberley

    RWBY is a show that struggles mightily with establishing relationships, developing characters and having protagonists engage with one another.  Several pairs almost never interact, despite being part of a tight-knit team that supposedly does everything together.  Part of the reason for this is that too much time is spent on shipbaiting.

    This has been a problem since RWBY premiered, and has slowly intensified over the years.  Why have Ruby and Blake bond when you can just tease the masses with some underdeveloped Flower Power crap?  Why develop Oscar when you can just have Blake and Yang hold hands, tantalizingly, over and over?  Why do anything worthwhile when you can just feed lonely adolescents some angsty, pseudo-romantic garbage to fuel…

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  • Rebinreburst

    Short post.

    I am of the firm opinion that skill is more valuable in a fight than a good weapon, a huge aura pool, or an overpowered semblance.

    Each of the latter things are tools that all require skill to use, just like in real life. The best thing about skill is that it is a gift that never stop giving. No matter what, there is always something to learn.

    Skill breeds confidence. Skill breeds success. Skill builds a healthy mind, body, and soul in a fight.

    That's why hunters and huntresses beat the Grimm. They work hard day and night to beat the Grimm. They have determination. Despite being smaller, weaker, and more fragile than most elder Grimm, they still succeed because they use their skills, together or apart.

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  • Rebinreburst

    Random Gadgets

    August 30, 2019 by Rebinreburst

    Crossposted on the weapon foundry XXV

    Ideas I dismissed for my own OC:


    Pros: the suit would allow for temporary aerial superiorty while being relatively inexpensive and lightweight.

    Cons: Not only requires time to set up flight (due to needing height), but would only hinder the user in CQC

    Ideas I was willing to entertain for my own OC:

    Active Denial Weapon- uses microwaves to crowd control

    Pros: Heats the layer of fat under the skin and basically microwaves you

    Cons: Non-lethal, , extremely unlikely to have, not as effective in blinding if opponents have eyewear, can cause cancer, birth defects, blisters, and cornea damage.


    Pros: single target crowd control, can be dust infused

    Cons: Ineffective against fast or large targets.


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  • Rebinreburst

    This is a summary of the theory I had about aura having shear thickening properties. The thread can be found here:

    I believe aura has shear-thickening properties. This means that the viscosity of a non-newtonian fluid increases with pressure, like oobleck (cornstarch and water). This means that with low speeds, Aura can be passed through easily, but at extremely high speeds, it acts like a solid.

    Obviously, Aura is not actually a fluid, but by treating it as having similar principles to shear thickening fluids, a lot can be explained.

    "Aura does not exhibit true non-newtonian properties, but it does have a few similarities."- Phantom

    I think as aura levels drop, the ability of aura to harden like a no…

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  • Rebinreburst

    The Grimm can actually see. 

    "so grimm have eyes, huh? why didn't the nuckelavee stopped moving and started looking anywhere? Keep in mind that this is fiction. Nothing makes sense and you should know better. "- Umbrellish.

    This is the counterarguement. Some might consider this a very excellent point. I do too, but that doesn't stop me from feeling attacked and humiliated. That's why I'm going to prove him wrong with one simple fact. 

    If the Grimm could not see, then how would they walk without bumping into things like buildings or mailboxes? The only other possibility I see is every Grimm having ecolocation.

    What I believe is that Grimm have a sixth sense that allows them to sense negative emotions in a manner similar to smell. Ren's semblanc…

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  • Rebinreburst

    I feel frustrated because I don't quite understand most of the people that scan the weapon and semblance forums, and vice-versa.

    People always accuse me of overthinking things, and I know they mean well. But I can't help but feel attacked. Why can I accept the fact that bolas weren't used to strangle people, but for people to understand their OC's can't use their weapon to their full potential in the RWBY world, let alone the real world? I just feel like I'm letting a baby play next to a cliff if I don't correct something.

    Simple 10 commandments of weapons:

    1) Size. If you have a rifle knife or an extending pistol spear, then something's wrong. When either of these things happen, weapons either become impossible to use in firearm or melee for…

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  • Ace642

    This is a test

    August 29, 2019 by Ace642

    This is a test no need to comment but I guess you can. :P

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  • RaijinRising

    My next video is a "part 2" to RWBY's Visual Evolution. This one will only focus on how/why 2D assets are used. Out of everything I put into the video, the coolest, to me, is a parallel that every time the heroes approach a new setting for an arc (Beacon Academy, Mistral, Atlas), the exact same shot composition is used. A 3D airship flies in from the left toward a 2D asset of the location. (The thing to the right was uploaded as a video clip but appears to be a low-res image. whoops.)

    The video will look at:

    • 2D character models (like V1's Emerald and Mercury)
    • 2D environments (like V6's matte paintings plus, well, the image up there^)
    • 2D effects (like V1Ep2's Ruby Chibi)
    • And what I call 2D narrations (the 2D-animated flashbacks like V2Ep6's Yang…
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  • RaijinRising

    EDIT: My second video, Every Time "Forever Fall" Music is in RWBY V1-6, is now live! As it turns out, the person who reviewed the copyright claim let it go through, but the way the wording looked, it appeared as if my dispute wasn't accepted. So it's live! It's an earlier version, so there's some things I changed to make it better that aren't in this, but it is the fullest, completest account of the leitmotif in video form that I can possibly have, and I am so glad this is over.

    I decided to make this video second because it is so, so much quicker to do than RWBY's Visual Evolution, and it's another video that somehow hasn't been made by anyone else yet - at least as far as I know from scrolling through a bunch of searches as I looked for s…

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  • EmBELLEm


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  • RaijinRising

    My Next Video

    August 18, 2019 by RaijinRising

    Here's a hint about my next video. After "RWBY's Visual Evolution" was so cumbersome to make, I'm using this one as a way to get something simpler out faster.

    • "The Shining Beacon, Pt.2" (0:44 - 1:13) Ruby leaves Jaune to go to Yang.
    • "The First Step, Pt.2" - (3:05 - 3:18) Pyrrha finds Jaune stuck to a tree.
    • "The Emerald Forest" - (6:16 - 6:39) Pyrrha unlocks Jaune's Aura.
    • "Jaunedice" - (2:00 - 2:05) Pyrrha looks worryingly at Jaune after his sparring match with Cardin.
    • "Jaunedice, Pt.2" - (3:50 - 5:07) Pyrrha takes Jaune up to the dorm roof and offers to train him.
    • "Forever Fall, Pt.2" - (4:24 - 5:43) Jaune and Pyrrha make up on the dorm roof.
    • "Extracurricular" - (10:36 - 10:54) Pyrrha tells Jaune he would be surprised at the number of people aski…
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  • TheSDCSecretary

    Dr. Merlot I think is potentially one of the most dangerous villains in Remnant. He can modify Grimm into becoming larger and stronnger than even their elder counterparts. Grimm even gain entirely new abilities from the mutation, but what species of Grimm do you think would be the most dangerous if Merlot got his hands on them?

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  • RaijinRising

    RWBY's look has evolved like crazy since Volume 1, and I'm in the process of making a video on all the broad things that have changed Volume by Volume. I'll upload the video hopefully within a week, but here are some stills of what I've made so far.

    There are comparison shots of this for every Semblance with a visual cue, and yeah even environmental things to show how environments have changed too. The video seems to be somewhere between fifteen and twenty minutes long at the moment. Would you like to see it when I'm done?

    EDIT: More stills added to gallery

    EDIT: Even more stills added to gallery. I'm almost done with the video. Perhaps tomorrow I'll put the last clips in and finish cleaning up the audio, then upload it to YouTube and leave a…

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  • TheSDCSecretary

    Here's a link to where I found it

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  • TheSDCSecretary

    Merlot actually has quite a bit of dialogue in Grimm Eclipse, to prove my point here's a list of quote I think we could maybe add to his a quote page if we give him one.

    " Ahhh, that's better. Sorry, but the reception is always so bad all the way out here. I hope you're enjoying your stay on the island. You're the first visitors I've had in, well, you are the first. "

    " Oh, where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Dr. Merlot. You don't know me, but I most certainly know who you are. "

    " Ozpin? Or shall I call you Oz like old times, chum? "

    " 'Twas a mere speed bump on the superhighway of scientific progress. You couldn't possibly imagine the ramifications of my latest research. "

    " Trying to make the world a better place is…

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  • EmBELLEm

    Blind Worms are large worm like Grimm creatures with a giant mouth that appeared in "After the Fall" and the RWBY Chinese game.

    They are enormous worm-like Grimm capable of burrowing underground and through the sands of Vacuo. They have a singular red eye and a giant fanged mouth. These Worms can range from 6 feet to as big as Flatback Sliders, and are built to be far faster when traveling in sands. Like the King Taijitu, they have a head on each end of their body

    Their defenses include bone plates, hooks and acidic blood. Their attacks include spikes for teeth and are capable spitting acid.

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  • Sentry 616

    Weapon Gushing

    July 14, 2019 by Sentry 616

    So sometime when we're making original weapons or talking about the weapons of canon characters, we talk and gush about teh countparts IRL. So I made a little place for us to skip straight to the gushing about real things that go bang, boom, and various other onamontapeias of obliteration.

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  • ChishioKunrin

    Volume 7 Bingo

    July 10, 2019 by ChishioKunrin

    Finally got off my butt and made my Bingo card for Volume 7. It was kinda hard to figure out what I wanted to put on it, so I ended up just throwing things at it just to fill up the 24 squares. Basically, it's a mix of hopes, predictions, and cynicism. It's always so hard to figure out how I want to arrange everything.

    I'm hoping Watts will actually do something since he's been assigned to go to Atlas, after being so passive for the past few volumes.

    Still waiting for that Cheshire Cat character that Gray was so nervous about.

    Pleeeease, Dust stuff. We're in Atlas, we deserve some confirmations and clarifications about Dust.

    "Whitley does little to nothing" is a bit of cynicism.

    "Winter Maiden is fine; Ironwood knows where she is" is just an id…

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  • EmBELLEm

    New RTX stuff

    July 5, 2019 by EmBELLEm

    What do we have now,

    V7 announcement with new character designs

    and an animated short that I don't know if we're allowed to talk about.

    " We're so excited to announce the upcoming #RWBY comic series with @DCComics! The series will be worked on by writer @EvilMarguerite and artists @Mirkand and Arif Prianto." link

    Press release from DC Including release schedule, writers and artists

    Writer Marguerite Bennett and Artists Mirka Andolfo and Arif Prianto to Take on RWBY Comic

    The RWBY comics are set to launch digitally in late August, while the gen:LOCK comics will launch in September. The two series will alternate weekly, with two new digital chapters released every month that will later be collected as monthly print issues. DC Publisher and renowned comic …

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  • USSMarauder

    I've been thinking about the villages that we saw in central Mistral in Volumes 4 & 5. Team RNJR passed through 5 of them: The unnamed village in The Next Step, Shion, Higanbana, Oniyuri and Kuroyuri

    Kuroyuri does not appear to have been part of the Kingdom of Mistral, but was independent. Mistral police flights do not fly over it as part of their patrol route, and it was only the 'smoke' plume from the dead Nuckelavee that attracted by chance the attention of a pair of airships. As well, the Nuckelavee was still alive 10-12 years after the desctruction of Kuroyuri. I can understand the village being destroyed, but if Kuroyuri was part of Mistral I have trouble understanding why the Nuckelavee was not hunted down and destroyed shortly after…

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  • TheSDCSecretary

    Worm Grimm

    July 2, 2019 by TheSDCSecretary

    So in After The Fall Team CFVY encounters a worm Grimm called a Blind Worm and I am genuinely stumped on whether or not these are the same worm-like Grimm we see in the Chinese mobile game.

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  • Heliosluna

    The airship landed, the blonde boy running to a trash can on the dock and continuing to vomit. The group stepped out on the dock looking at the towering, castle-like building before them. “Beacon Academy,” Ivor stood in awe, “we finally made it.”

    The group was ecstatic that they made it to the place that would teach them about the thing they would do for the rest of their lives. All except for Vulcan. Beneath the wrappings, he grimaced. Another school, another chance to be harassed, he thought. Vulcan had a hard time making friends, Turkis, Ivor, and Laurel, were low key the only friends he had outside of his family. Frowning, he thought back to an incident from his childhood. He was in fourth grade at the time.

    “Do you have any idea what th…

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  • Heliosluna

    Long ago, before time had a name, there existed two brothers who created the world. The older brother ruled over creation, light, order, and destiny, while the younger brother commanded destruction, darkness, chaos, and coincidence. One day, the older brother created man, and gifted the world Remnant with a miraculous substance known as dust. Man worshipped the older brother, their creator, with great reverence. Unbeknownst to them, the younger brother lurked in the shadows, cultivating anger for his brother, as no one ever paid him any respect.

    One day, the younger brother got an idea. He took a handful of the dust, something man didn’t know existed, and corrupted it with his power. The substance became known in legend as shadow dust, a su…

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  • EmBELLEm

    The author of After The Fall is sharing one line from the book each day until the book comes out on the 25th.

    • Day 1: "Of all the things listed in Velvet’s mental list of 'cons' about Vacuo, number one was the lack of anything to include under 'pros.'"
    • Day 2: "More of the dark, deadly creatures poured into Beacon with every passing hour, faster than they could be destroyed. The monsters were the stuff of nightmares, all shadow and bone, fire and fury."
    • Day 3: "The First-years had been at Beacon for barely a day, and they were all about to die."
    • Day 4: "Fox wondered what Ozpin had been thinking when he decided to throw a blind boy off a cliff."
    • Day 5: “Fortunately, I had this broken wagon,” Slate went on. “I stayed with it and hoped for the best.…

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  • Glitchee123z

    Okay so everyone hates Volume 6, that’s not a secret.

    But there have been some claims and criticisms made towards the series that I thought I should address, some debunk. Some of these criticisms I actually believed back when I rid the Volume 6 hatewagon for a bit.

    So let’s start this list off

    “The Brunswick Arc was filler!”


    This one I generally don’t get.

    ...what exactly was filler about it? If it were filler, it would have no connection to the main plot whatsoever when it does. Weiss started to question the mission, Qrow was depressed, everyone needed time to process the fact that Salem couldn’t be killed before moving on. The only problem I have is that nobody seemed to doubt the mission, only doing so under the influence of the Apathy, b…

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  • Megadracosaurus

    After Adam's loss at the Battle of Haven and his death at the end of volume 6, a lot of people were pissed off. They claimed that Adam had been nerfed, so that Yang and Blake could kill him for Bumblebee-related reasons or something like that. Or, as one viewer claimed, for a feminist agenda.

    However, this bakes the question: was Adam actually nerfed? The answer to that is quite simple, really. He wasn't. And there's quite a bit of evidence to suggest he wasn't. But first of all, why do people assume Adam was a badass, skilled warrior anyway?

    I'm gonna start off by quoting Alhazad2003

    I'd say a lot of people are still seething because they thought Adam was more than he turned out to be, they bought into his style and never noticed his lacking…

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  • EmBELLEm

    Found some more pictures from what I'm assuming is the game's page. I can't read logograms. Tbh, I don't even know if all of this is from the game.

    I don't really know what's going on with this game or how much of it we put on our wiki, but I just found these if we need them.

    A Beowolf and Petra Gigas Boss

    El Paso Comic Con Oscar and Ozpin

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  • Nurse Puppo

    it's been a while since i joined but i enjoy being on this wiki, everyone is friendly and it's fun to find out more about RWBY and all the other stuff

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  • EmBELLEm

    Some stuff from RWBY After the Fall Prologue, Chapter One, and a bit of of Chapter 2 were released. I collected some info here. And Forum It has really good worldbuilding. Nicely describes Vacuo


    • Fox's semblance is telepathy. They have a shared chat in their heads during fights.
    • Fox is from a Vacuan tribe called Kynete
    • Fox's weapons are named Sharp Retribution
    • Velvet's weapon is named Anesidora, (Ancient Greek: Ἀνησιδώρα) was in Greek and Roman mythology an epithet of several goddesses and mythological figures. The name itself means "sender of gifts".
    • Coco enhanced her bullets with Aura, could be her Semblance, could jut be an Aura ability.
    • Coco has a little brother.
    • Coco is a fan of Glynda


    • Professor Rumpole - Probably Rumpelstiltsk…

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  • ChainsawAddict

    Ok, we all know about the allegations regarding Grow Branwen's voice actor Vic Mignogna and sexual misconduct, and that RT has cut all ties with him (can you blame them?), and made a problem that is summed up with one simple question below.

    WHO is going to be Qrow's voice actor in the later seasons?!

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  • FoxPerson783

    I Don't Know

    March 12, 2019 by FoxPerson783

    I am just doing this for a badge.

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  • HazelQuill7445

    Hey everyone!

    Just dropping by to let you all know that I will be going to RTX this year! If anyone else is going and wants to touch base, drop me a line!

    It's gonna be a great, hopefully exhausting because we'll be having so much fun, time.

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  • Iceberg's BlackSun

    A Rant

    February 13, 2019 by Iceberg's BlackSun

    Okay, so this has been a continuous problem for me:

    No please, answer that, I'm really confused. I have NEVER requested someone for their personal opinion on something and then deliberately gotten into aggression. Nah, y'all just get on my case, talk filth, and then say I'm out of line.  I'm really sick and tired of it.  PLEASE stop disputing with over MY NOTIONS. You can agree with, or be wrong, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I'm joking, I never assume that I'm right, unless I have several pieces of evidence to back me up on it. 

    Not to mention that no matter what I say, SOMEONE always has something to argue with me on. Y'all need to try to be better. And not everyone does this, I've met very nice people here, but a majority of things I say here, there is alw…

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  • MetallicArcher

    So, as the title says, I found a set of three GIFs supposedly from a scrapped JNPR vs SSSN Poser sequence. Plus a GIF of a Neo vs Yang animation.

    I wanted to share them:

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  • USSMarauder

    In Volume 6, we have three story threads, each with its own timeline.

    -The story thread of RWBY/JNPR/Oscar/Qrow/Maria, which I'm going to call the 'hero' thread

    -The Cinder thread

    -The story thread of Hazel/Emerald/Mercury/Watts/Tyrian/Salem, which I'm going to call the 'villain' thread

    This blog will break down the timelines of each. As in my previous timeline blogs this will be a 'minimum' timeline, in which all unknowns will assume to be as short as reasonable.

    The Hero thread.

    This thread starts off two weeks after the Battle of Haven (BoH), as Qrow says in his letter to Ironwood. Much of this thread happens nearly continuously, with very small gaps.

    6.1: The story begins at the Mistral Central Station. Daylight is flooding through the window…

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  • 愛 日音

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  • ChishioKunrin

    In light of the increasing frequency of shipping discourse, I've made a warning announcement thread, but it seems that Fandom has removed the Highlight Thread function. Please see the linked thread and keep in mind the civil behavior rule. Remember, the rule applies to RWBY's crew as well as fellow wiki users.

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  • Rin-alto

    What's next. Where does RWBY, JNPR,CFVY end up next? And I haven't heard from CVFY in forever! 

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  • USSMarauder

    Ships in RWBY, Part II

    January 14, 2019 by USSMarauder

    Now I'm going to talk about the similarly designed ship seen in V4E12, "No Safe Haven" that Yang sails to an unnamed port in western Anima as part of her search for Raven. We don't know if Yang boarded this ship in Patch, in Vale, or if she rode Bumblebee across Eastern Sanus to a small port.

    At first glance this ship looks the same as the Pride-class ship, but it's not. A very similar design, but it's smaller. There is no top deck with a bridge, there are eight large windows along the lower hull instead of ten, and it looks like there is no battery of side guns. It's possible that this ship travels only through waters that are so regularly travelled that protection from the Grimm is handled by naval forces of the Kingdoms, and other than a…

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  • USSMarauder

    For this blog post, I'm going to talk about something that has never been covered before in RWBY. Ships.

    (Y'know, boats. Why, what did you think I meant?)

    As always, this is mostly non-canon, based off of observations, real life, and some logic.

    First off, I dislike calling it 'the Ship', as it's called on the Wiki, so I'm going to refer to it as a Pride-class ship. This is based on the reference in V4E12, "No Safe Haven" with Yang holding a photo of a similar ship, with her thumb partially covering the name 'Pride _____'. Names like ''Pride of Mistral' or 'Pride of Vale' wouldn't be that unusual in our world, so I'm going to run with it.

    Pride-class ships are small passenger vessels travelling the oceans of Remnant, connecting the four kingdoms a…

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  • Glitchee123z

    Me make blog

    January 13, 2019 by Glitchee123z

    Hello there.

    Sorry for wasting your time. This is just a test blog I made for whatever reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Umbrellish


    January 12, 2019 by Umbrellish

    Name: Rings of Nature

    - Wielder: Ben Kori 

    Maker/Smith: Ben Kori  

    Classification: Fingerprint Triggered Dust Rings (FTDR)  

    Weapon Derivation: Rings of power (Tom and jerry tales) 

    Form 1 Design: The four rings have a thick band with a square surface surrounded by a lining with four pointed diamond shapes on each diagonal side, which holds the dust crystals.  

    Form 1 Aesthetics: All the four rings are black colored and each square surface have a symbol of the elements.   

    Dust Usage: 

    • Ice Dust for conjuring or constructing ice attacks  
    • Fire Dust for conjuring or constructing fire attacks and can also increase firepower
    • Lightning Dust for conjuring lightning and stunning or electrocuting enemies
    • Air Dust for conjuring or constructing air …
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  • Fyrstknight777

    Ok, I just started watching last week and made it to the end of 3. I know a lot of others have porbably asked this, but why kill off Pyhrrra? She was in my opinion a great asset to the whole group! They could have seriously injured her instead, coma, lost the leg, life hanging in the balance and gotten the same result from Ruby!! I have not done this before but with her death I A\M DONE W THIS ANIME!! I usually will watch more most times when things like this happen BUT NOT THIS TIME! They did not have to kill her to get results, It was just plain STUPID!! I know A lot feel like I do! We WERE LET DOWN!! I hope others stand with me and do not watch this any further! The creators of this should be ashamed of going that route, if they wanted …

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  • CreatorTheta

    How dead is RWBY?

    January 6, 2019 by CreatorTheta

    Yeah, I'm an old fan of RWBY.
    As in, right from the Red Trailer.

    However, I lost a massive amount of interest in the show at certain points, with the final point being Pyrrha's Death. (I personally felt that Pyrrha's Death, was a magum opus in how to ignore good writing and more importantly, is an example of "I'll make the character stupid for the sake of the story" rather than the character naturally being that way as apart of their personality.)

    The show's writing was bleeding everywhere and the pacing became a disaster.  Characters became highly inconsistent or were rushed or just cliche. And with SO MANY wasted oppotunities for interesting character arcs. (Yang is a great example of wasted potential, with having a compelling arc after los…

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