Ai Allwen Ai Allwen 26 days ago

Crazy world

A young adult that’s just trying to get by in this crazy world, live step-by-step so confused of where to go, nothing simple ever comes up but that’s how life is supposed to go, having to wonder how it would end but and realizing that’s the easy way out nevertheless finding stuff to do and stuff to love to keep moving forward and never look back

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Johndoe-m9 Johndoe-m9 19 August

Locked and Unknown Semblances Theories

  • 1 Oscar Pine, Semblance: Internal Clocking, Type: Movement, Target: Self
  • 2 Mercury Black, Semblance: Rhythm, Type: Movement/Intelligence, Target: Self
  • 3 Penny Polendina (What-If), Semblance: Aura Blade Works, Type: Creation, Target: Others
  • 4 Sage Ayana, Semblance: Blowback, Type: Offense, Target: Self/Others
  • 5 Nolan Porfirio, Semblance: Incapacitation, Type: Offense, Target: Others
  • 6 Ilia Amitola, Semblance: Misclassification, Type: Stealth, Target: Around Self/Others
  • 7 Vernal, Semblance: Cassowary Dance, Type: Speed, Target: Self
  • 8 White Fang Lieutenant, Semblance: Aura Shell, Type: Defense, Target: Self
  • 9 Joanna Greenleaf, Semblance: Reinforcement, Type: Effect, Target: Objects/Others
  • 10 Kobalt, Semblance: Lethal Tempo, Type: Offense, Target: Others
  • 11 Ivori…
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Johndoe-m9 Johndoe-m9 14 August

How Battle of Haven would’ve gone differently

Opening: As Team RNJR, Yang, Weiss, Qrow, and Oscar confront Raven and Lionheart when they are revealed to be cooperating with Salem's forces, Mercury suddenly pops out of one of Haven's doors, shooting Steam Dust at the group. Ruby and Yang rush to attack Mercury and the group tries to interfere, only for Emerald to enter and fire at them as Lionheart and Raven barrage them with Earth and Ice Dust. As Mercury taunts Yang about her frame-up, the sisters continue blocking and attacking Mercury until Raven opens up a portal that blasts Ruby with a fireball and Emerald briefly distracts Yang with a hallucination of Mercury performing a different attack. Yang gets pushed back and sees Mercury attacking again, but she smashes the ground with he…

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Johndoe-m9 Johndoe-m9 2 August

Watts vs. Cinder

"Watts vs. Cinder" is a battle that occurred in "Ultimatum" where Arthur Watts roasts Cinder Fall on the rooftop of a building in the City of Atlas.

After Cinder breaks out Watts from prison during the Battle of Atlas, the two recuperate on top of Atlas' buildings. After seeing Monstra being destroyed by a massive explosion, Cinder attempts to contact their allies who were still inside Monstra but to no avail. When she receives no response, Watts prompts that they need a new plan of action with Salem out for the time being. Cinder tells Watts that the plan is still that he will bring Penny Polendina to her so that she can steal the Winter Maiden powers from her. Realizing there has been a misunderstanding, Watts clarifies that he simply inf…

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Johndoe-m9 Johndoe-m9 28 June

What the hell?

It seems that I can’t comment on the the wiki articles even though I’m not blocked and still have the ability to edit pages. More specifically on Anthony Sardinha. Did somebody tampered with my profile?

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Marshenwhale Marshenwhale 13 May

The Semblance Mugs Ruined My Life

So I recently added Mugs to for each Semblance so I could put them on this page. And I just want to break down the process of doing this.

  • 1 Part 1: How do you make mugs?
  • 2 Part 2: Implementing the mugs; trouble with the themes
    • 2.1 Part 2.5: The Semblances not in the show
  • 3 Part 3: Conclusion
  • 4 Annotations

So how exactly do you make a mug? Well in order to do it you make a cropped image for the mug, than make a template that is an infoicon which you can only do in the source editor, then you must put in the image, the page link, and the color hex. And then you must go to the page you want to put the mug in and input it, which is sometimes only possible in the source editor.

So to do this I had to make a bunch of cropped images, the finished album of wh…

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NVDelta NVDelta 3 May

Semblance Template

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Marshenwhale Marshenwhale 27 April

The Grimm Campaign Side Characters & Minor Character Page Cleanup

Several characters from The Grimm Campaign definitely warrant their own pages, right now the characters I'm thinking are:

  • Lemon
  • Alabaster
  • Taupe
  • Daff
  • Team SMMK
  • Taskmaster
  • Vermillion Raddock

Let me know if you agree, disagree, or think there are other characters that could get their own page.


On another note, the minor character pages in general could use a lot of work, many things are left out, typos, ect. So I might take a day to go through and edit out any errors that I see, as well as just organize the pages.

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NVDelta NVDelta 26 April

More Heights Based on Concept Art!

Okay! Death Battle released the Blake preview, and basically the Nevermore got scaled incorrectly to be 289 meters long (i.e. nearly three times the size of Godzilla, which is simply isn't). So! I decided to do the math for its length myself and went on a several hour long rabbit hole in calculating the heights for various things in RWBY!

Before we do the Nevermore, let's start with our main antagonist, shall we?

From the commentaries and companion book, we know that Hazel Rainart's height is 8'0" (2.4 meters), which we'll be using as an early scale. Hazel is featured in concept art alongside Salem and Emerald in the concept for the former's throne in the roof of the mouth of Monstra. However, in the concept art, Emerald is scaled incorrectl…

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Vkim1 Vkim1 25 April


I have a feeling that Salem will die sometime or another. :l

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Marshenwhale Marshenwhale 25 April

Team SAFR & The Grimm Campaign

I've noticed that these pages need a lot of new info, I'm currently watching the Grimm Campaign and taking notes so I can create adiquete semblance pages, as well as picking out quotes that should go at the top of those pages.

I'm also trying to find good quotes for Pike, Asher, and Arrastra, because right now they all just have RWBY Twitter quotes, unlike Asher who has a quote that he speaks in episode 2.

If anyone is interested in reading my notes you can see them here, but they aren't finished yet so don't add anything until I have completed the show, since they typically use their semblance once and episode meaning I'll likely have 3-5 times the information I currently have.

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Marshenwhale Marshenwhale 23 April

Weapon Update & Tyrian's Semblance

This is my first blog post so it will be relatively short.

I recently updated all of the character pages to link to character's semblances and be formatted in the same way to make them all look more organized. I would like to do something similar with weapons since each weapon has its own unique page. If I did this there would be a section and link to a characters weapon, even on more minor characters. For example, this is what it would look like for Flynt Coal:

Flynt's primary weapon is his Trumpet.

With his trumpet, Flynt is able to not only restrict Yang and Weiss' movements purely through the sound waves it produces, but also boost the movement speed of his teammates. Likewise, he can use the sound waves to redirect attacks or hazards, as …

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Mouseyboy221 Mouseyboy221 13 April

Volume 8 Sidelining the Protagonists

Does anyone else feel writers of Volume 8 sidelined 75% the titular characters to develop the secondary/supporting cast? What do Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Nora, and Penny do? They sneak in to the Atlas Military compound and hack into it’s computers. Afterwards, they spend 4-5 episodes at the Schnee Manor drinking tea, they do nothing until Penny, and the Hound show up. I get it, it was to make sure Nora was nursed back to health, and Team RWBY are fugitives. So showing their faces in Atlas would get them arrested. But why not have Ruby and Blake do some reconnaissance, gather intelligence on the situation. Instead of basically waiting around for something to happen. Yang along with Team JNR and Oscar do some much more stuff this volume than the …

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BlazingWolfJanne BlazingWolfJanne 6 April

Making a case for SPOILER's return

I, like many others, watched the Volume 8 finale when it released. Honestly, I was so nervous for what would happen. And while I really enjoyed the finale at first, I slowly came to a harrowing realization.

I loved Penny Polendina. And now she's gone. And since she became human, no repair's going to bring her back to life.

However, I began to think about a couple of things. And suddenly, a nagging feeling inside me is convincing me that Penny will return.

I know that this may sound controversial, but I want you all to hear me out.

As all of you probably know, Penny is based off of Pinocchio. And there are some elements from both Carlo Collodi's original book an Disney's film from 1940 that could possibly tie into Penny's possible return.

All ri…

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Kaibokan Kaibokan 19 March


what goes well with pizza?????????????????

pepperoni, cheese, sausage, pineapple, bacon, chili peppers, or something else?????????????????

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Jackson the Emperor Jackson the Emperor 15 March

My issues with the fandom

Sometimes, I really wish my love for RWBY and the community wouldn’t be challenged by the idiocy and hostility of RWDE and the hatedom….

As well as some parts of the fandom itself....

No, really. This community can be....incredibly stressful sometimes.

I get that people do not like certain things about the show. There are some things I either don't like about it either or think could've been improved on.

So why is it that some people can't learn to be respectful and civil about it?

There are people who, simply because they don't like RWBY or the way it's going, make up lies and/or death threats about CRWBY and Rooster Teeth as a whole.

Some even go as far as to make lies and/or mock Monty's death.

It's disgusting. And cowardly.

Just because you do…

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Midnight Blaze V Midnight Blaze V 8 March

Salem's Curse

Salem was cursed so long ago by the God of Light for briefly turning his brother, God of Darkness, against him and attempting to disrupt the balance of life and death to get Ozma back. For these transgressions, she was cursed to live forever unless she learned to understand, appreciate, and respect the balance of life (I Apologize if I got that wrong).

I take that to mean, that in order to be freed from her immortality, Salem would have to repent by truly and sincerely respecting Life in a way that she acknowledges the importance of balance and death. Death is as natural as Birth and it's part of the cycle of Life. I'm sure there's more to it however, since Salem has lived for so long she surely has thought about these things at least once…

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Hoang-Anh12345 Hoang-Anh12345 4 March


Blog Post

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Jackson the Emperor Jackson the Emperor 28 February

RWBY: Grimm Guardians

Weapon Spirits. They are the manifestations of one's weapon and exist to defend their wielders; becoming their guardians. However, some are special as most are either ghosts from the wielders' past and even Grimm.

This is the tale...of the strongest Weapon Spirits of Remnant. Guardians whom are part of their wielders' past...and are Grimm.

A canon-divergent AU, where the weapons of Team RWBY have spirits and have bodies to protect their wielders. However, they all hold their own mysterious secrets.

WARNING: This fic contains mature themes, such as violence, swearing, death, etc. However, this is its SFW release. Everything NSFW is up on my archiveofourown page.

Here is the link:

  • 1 Bios
  • 2 Character Referenc…

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Shadow Dedede Shadow Dedede 17 December 2020

What if Oscar dies

Then who will he reincarnate with?

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Masma93 Masma93 26 November 2020

Does Raven know anything about Summer's death

Do you think that it's possible that Raven know something about Summer's last mission that Qrow and Taiyang do not ?

Raven's Semblance of course allows her to create portals to the people she has bonded with whenever they are family members of friends or other persons she is close to emotionally though it's also possible that it allows her to feel when they are in danger because I do not see any other logical explanation on how she knew that Yang was in danger in Volume 2 and to create a portal to save her in time.

Do you think that Raven was here when Summer died ? Could has she created a portal to her when Summer was in danger but arrived too late to save her ? Or did she choose to ignore it because she felt that Summer could handle the s…

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Sentry 616 Sentry 616 28 October 2020

Backup 2 of good posts

Just going to use this to back up my good posts if I feel paranoid about losing them.

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RaijinRising RaijinRising 27 September 2020

RWBY Music Compilations

I just finished a series of musical compilation pieces for Team RWBY, Ironwood and Penny. Check it out if ya want here

It was super fun to go through characters' themes or pieces that relate to them and put them into a larger piece.

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Ebro4920 Ebro4920 17 September 2020

My First Blog on the Wiki

Hello there, this is my first attempt at a blog post on the wiki! I am a huge fan of RWBY and I am glad I started watching this show all the way back in July 2016. Honestly, I really don't get why there are a whole lot of people out there who just want the creators to get fired and blame them for everything after volume 3. Too much toxicity can be a very bad thing for someone's mental health and I believe a lot of those people have that problem.

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NVDelta NVDelta 17 September 2020

Mole Grimm

The Mole Grimm (unofficial) is a mole-like Creatures of Grimm that can track the scent of those it targets. It is set to debut in Volume 8.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 History
  • 3 Powers and Abilities
  • 4 Image Gallery
  • 5 Trivia
  • 6 References

The Mole Grimm has a short, wide snout with its teeth overlapping over its jaw. The Grimm lacks eyes, and has a pebble-like spine.

Salem uses the Mole Grimm to track somebody by giving them the Relic of Knowledge to identify their scent.

The Mole Grimm appears to be capable of tracking targets through long distances with a highly developed sense of smell.

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ChishioKunrin ChishioKunrin 17 September 2020

Pre-Volume 8 Thoughts

So, we have an officially-released teaser trailer now, after the small teaser clips that people got to uncover with the RWBY app. I have some thoughts on Volume 8 and what has been revealed to us thus far, so I kinda wanted to put my thoughts down into words, I guess.

  • 1 Two Days?
  • 2 Go to the Crater??
  • 3 Analyzing the Teaser Trailer
  • 4 The Marigolds
  • 5 Jail Bird Breakout
  • 6 Bingo Card?

There was that thing a while back about Volume 8 taking place over the course of only two days. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it, but after some thought, it's an interesting idea that could work.

Basically, we have a lot of characters who are spread out from each other during a time where there's probably going to be a lot to deal with, what with Salem being right th…

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Neela Goldflower Neela Goldflower 9 September 2020

My RWBY Teams and OCs

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NVDelta NVDelta 20 August 2020

Hazel's Fists

Punchy Bois is Hazel Rainart's weapon of choice.

They're fists.

Sometimes with Dust, usually fire or lightning. They punch.

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NVDelta NVDelta 13 August 2020

RWBY Choir Intended Meanings

Noticing repeating words in the intended meanings with the VOXOS Epic Choir software used for the Vol. 7 OST, so I thought I'd compile the gibberish and try to copy down all the words used because I'm bored and need something to do while watching a movie.

The intended meaning for the piece is not canonical representation or reflection of any presumed insight about the characters, nor is it a language.

  • O - "O" is used for "oh" and "of"
  • Mis - My
  • Atasa - Atlas
  • Vi - used for "We", "Will" and "With"
  • Vota - Float
  • Ine - In (the)
  • Aira - Air
  • Frayât - Freeze
  • Ne - No
  • Sia - Sir
  • E - And
  • Décri - Decree
  • Nus - Us/Our, also used for "noose"
  • Vos - For
  • A - All
  • I'ra - Hear
  • Voso - Voice
  • Mata - Mantle
  • cri'i - crying
    • Cri - cry
    • -'i - -ing
  • Otu - Out
  • Nu - Now
  • Ca'Ravoti/Ravoti - Gravity
  • Mai-…

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NVDelta NVDelta 7 August 2020

Allusions Page

Allusions are a common feature that are used to call to mind a reference that connects to a character, location, creatures, etc. They are shown to have an impact on the character's influence in the story, and can be seen through actions, designs such as emblems, and names.

Some characters may share a connected allusion theme within their group – such as Team RWBY having a connecting theme of alluding to fairy tale characters, or Salem's Inner Circle sharing the theme of taking well-known "hero" characters and changes their stories to make them turn into villains. from the fairy tale of the same name, which follows Team RWBY's theme of fairy tale allusions. This allusion has had the following influences on the character and show:

    • Ruby wears a…
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Sentry 616 Sentry 616 22 July 2020

Warframe Weapon hybrids

It seems I could not resist making another game weapon blog, but this time, there will be a twist. I will apply RWBY to another franchise's design. I will try to not pick weapons from the Tennos' arsenals for RWBY characters, but instead I will hybridize and alter warframe weapons to fit RWBY design sensibilities.

The Tenno are masters of gun and blade, but they have so few that are both. And while I'm waiting on DE, I'll have some fun with this.

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NVDelta NVDelta 21 July 2020


am gonna sleep, but my to do as of July 21 3am for BTD:

character histories



character affiliation










-arslan, bolin, reese

-nebula, octaiva


god save my soul

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NVDelta NVDelta 7 July 2020

RWBY Character Heights Based on Concept Art

  • Sienna Khan- 6'0" (1.83 meters)
  • Corsac Albain - 6'0" (1.83 meters)
  • Fennec Albain - 5'5" (1.65 meters), no ears
  • Vernal - 5'8" (1.73 meters)
  • Whitley - roughly 5'2.5" (1.59 meters), Whitley's between 5'3" and 5'2" so I grabbed the middle
  • Kali Belladonna - 5'6" (1.68 meters) minus ears
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SnowyGamer89 SnowyGamer89 1 July 2020



Only 3 spots

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Rebinreburst Rebinreburst 21 June 2020

How can I shitpost properly?

How can I make it more obvious that I am shitposting without directly saying so?

Today I wrote what I believed to be a well crafted shitpost. While it did not directly state that it was a shitpost, I believed it was obvious enough to anyone who was paying attention to the actual post.

I believe that directly stating that something is a shitpost ruins the effect and makes it pointless in the long run.

A good shitpost is supposed to provoke thought and genuine discussion, in a manner similar to previous art movements such as Dadaism. My post did neither.

Can any more experienced shitposters offer any advice?

(In case it wasn't obvious, this is also a shitpost)

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Rebinreburst Rebinreburst 20 June 2020

F My Hero Academia

Watch the clip to understand: User blog:Rebinreburst/F My Hero Academia

Edit: Dudes it's a shitpost. I thought it was pretty obvious that this was low-quality bait with the whole youtube clip and obvious dramatization.

My Hero Academia doesn't deserve to be publicized.

In the Sports Festival Arc, one of the main characters, Katsuki Bakugo is dehumanized and abused by the teachers of UA, a heroic institution.

For those of you who are unaware, Bakugo is the foil to the main character- he's aggressive, hypercompetitive, short-tempered, and rude. Because Bakugo bullied and suicide baited Midoriya, the main character, for not having a superpower, people naturally disliked him (despite his current popularity).


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NVDelta NVDelta 13 June 2020

The Warrior in the Woods (Character)

The Warrior in the Woods is the titular character of a Fairy Tale of the same name. In the story, she was a Silver-Eyed Warrior who protected a village outside a jungle from the creatures of Grimm. She was killed by an unknown force, unsure whether it was human or Grimm. 

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 History
  • 4 Powers & Abilities
    • 4.1 Silver Eyes
    • 4.2 Weapons
  • 5 Image Gallery
  • 6 References

The Warrior in the Woods was a dark-skinned girl who had black frizzy hair with white streaks due to age and Silver Eyes.

Originally, she wore a threadbare, tattered black cloak over a loose gray blouse that might have been white once, and her leggings that were covered in mismatched patches, these clothes having been unwashed and worn for a long time.

Over time, her hair grey m…

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SteampunkGilly SteampunkGilly 1 June 2020


Just watched the rest of volume 7!  Now I am all caught up and ready for volume 8!

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SNSPHX SNSPHX 21 April 2020

RWBY post V7 alive characters poll

Don't know if one of these exist right now...

I made a character poll, just because...

Here goes.


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SNSPHX SNSPHX 15 April 2020


Okay. This is just something I've been wondering...

So on the RWBY Wiki, I've seen all sorts of people who like all sorts of characters. I've seen people dislike Ruby for being too "seigi protagonist," seen people dislike Weiss, seen people dislike Yang, I, myself, am not a great fan of Blake... the list goes on. But one character I've seen little controversy about is Qrow. 

(Qr is my favorite character. Even though I'm writing this.)

So what I would like to know is if there's anyone who dislikes Qrow, as the character himself, not about where the plot carried him or just... Ignore V7 for me, please. I've heard enough.


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SNSPHX SNSPHX 5 April 2020

Volume 8 Bingo!

I tried to do this...

You know... Might be a bit early to do it?

Aah whatever.

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RaijinRising RaijinRising 5 April 2020

"RWBY Re-Scored" - New Series!

Hey everyone. It has been quite a week... I just finished uploading 24 videos to my YouTube channel. Link to the playlist here.

I hope you're all doing well in these crazy times. Fortunately at least for me, I have a lot of time to sit and edit these videos together.

I re-edited all of RWBY Volume 1's scores into the format that we know now, where the newer RWBY scores are segmented by events and not by episode. I hoped that people would find this interesting and listen to some of RWBY's older music that maybe they never did because it wasn't formatted like the newer ones are. There are some real gems in the early tracks, and I tried to get them more visible.

Some of my personal favorites are "Between Black and White", which is for the score d…

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Tawheed B. Rafsan Tawheed B. Rafsan 3 April 2020


This may sound like an old topic, and some ppl here may say i am annoying. But as much as i kinda appreciate the bumblebee ship, i don't support whiterose ship at all. Like i mean i don't see that kinda behavior either in Weiss or Ruby but i kinda see it in Blake and Yang tho. Plus Ruby’s character as of volume 7, i don't think whiterose ship will work exactly( maybe she had lain her head on Weiss’s shoulder at the final ep.) but this just doesn’t suit either her or Weiss. I dont want roosterteeth to bring that kinda bonding like they did with Bumblebee( which is yet to be developed fully). So Whiterose should remain as a fanfic. Otherwise, it just doesn’t suit either Ruby or Weiss(its completely my opinion tho). I love Ruby’s character as…

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Rebinreburst Rebinreburst 1 April 2020

Differences between Dust forms (crystal vs powder): Archive

I believe that dust users who focus on a single dust type would be better off using dust infusions, dust based mechanisms, or small crystals. ___________________________________________________________________________

It's true that increasing the surface area of a reactant speeds up the reaction. In this case, the faster it is, the more volatile and "powerful" it is.

It's like lifting a box vs pushing it up a ramp- there are scenarios where lifting a box is simply better than pushing it up a ramp. It would be foolish to say that ramps are not effective, as they provide a degree of safety to avoid injury.

However, explosiveness doesn't make powdered dust viable- if that were so, then Nora's grenades, which are way more explosive, would be way…

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Rebinreburst Rebinreburst 1 April 2020

How RWBY Fails at Team Roles: Archive

Just adding this to my "archive". Nothing new.

If you don't understand the roles:

As it is, only Weiss has grown in her role- the controller. Also known as the caster, the controller tends to indirectly help allies in combat by impairing the enemy's action economy. The controller is the most-neglected role period, even more so than supports. 

Weiss's most notable abilities stemmed from ice dust, which allowed her to freeze enemies in place or control the areas they could access.

AOE's are valuable in terms of efficiency as their efficiency goes up the more enemies are in an area. This allows you to attack more enemies within a standard action, often inflicting valuable status eff…

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Bluethunder25 Bluethunder25 22 March 2020

How Jacques Should Have Been Written Part 1

OK so, it's no secret that I have actively and constantly expressed my distain for the recent events that have taken place in RWBY. Specifically, the events surrounding the character of Raven, Adam, Jacques, Cardin, and Cinder. The way these characters were written just feels like a complete waste and quite frankly, I could do better if given the reigns. So in these next few articles, I will write how I feel these characters could've been or could be written and I'll start with ole Papa Schnee himself.

Now with these articles, instead of wasting time with paragraphs, I thought I would do something different. In order to illustrate how these characters could've been written, I will simply take a scene with them from the volume and rewrite it…

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NVDelta NVDelta 20 March 2020

Bertilak's Mace

Bertilak's Mace is Bertilak Celadon's weapon of choice.

Bertilak wields a large, chained mace in battle. The mace is described to be a dark black in color, having grown rusty over time. It doubles as a pistol with explosive rounds, but it can only fire one bullet at a time before having to be reloaded.

In RWBY: After the Fall, the weapon was subsequently broken in a battle with Fox Alistair when Bertilak had tried to kidnap Edward Caspian while under a job for his employer, the Crown.

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LTBrooks LTBrooks 18 March 2020

R.P.D. Personal files: LT Spaz

  • 1 R.P.D. Personal files: Subject: LT Spaz AKA James Courier
  • 2 About
  • 3 Personality 
  • 4 Semblance
  • 5 Weapon

Race: faunas(Fox) Height:7,4, Age: 29, status: Active

LT Spaz AKA James Courier was the fastest Person in Menagerie if not in remnant without a speed semblance until an accident with a Death stalker Grimm in a settlement in Vale took of his legs. After being refused help from any hospitals from ether not having enough resources or because of his Race, his live became miserable. Found living in a small hut in Menagerie in a wheelchair I made him a promise that I'd give him back his legs for a small favor. As a man who spent his entire life running for fun and as a career he insistently took it. After seeing what we do at the R.P.D. he desited to joi…

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Malifecent17 Malifecent17 11 March 2020


I put together a team that would be awesome. Team PINK.


Penny Polendina

Ilia Amitola

Pyrrha Nikos

Neon Katt

I love these guys put together. Does anyone agree?

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SNSPHX SNSPHX 11 March 2020

Another blog post

This is another blog post.

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