Blake vs. White Fang Lieutenant is a battle that occurred in Vale. It was depicted in Chapter 18 of the manga. It was not portrayed or referenced in the main series.

Preceding Events[edit | edit source]

The White Fang Lieutenant appears with Neo in Vale as they prepare to attack Ruby until Blake and Yang intervenes and split them up.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

As Blake continues to fight her former ally she dodges his weapon using her Semblance. After failing to surprise the Lieutenant, the man grabs Blake in a chokehold and calls her a traitor for standing against them. Suddenly, it turns out the Lieutenant had actually grabbed Blake's clones, which then vanishes. The real Blake uses her Semblance to make two more copies that bind his arms to trap him. Yanking both arms back and making him drop his weapon. As Blake charges at him with her ribbon coming undone revealing her Faunus trait, she tells him that she has to fight because they are kin. The Lieutenant later breaks free from the bonds and attempts to grab her as he tells her to shut up. Later, Blake defeats the Lieutenant off-panel and ties him up, leaving him to be taken in by authorities.

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