Hello, Kitty Cat. Ya miss me? You know, we really oughtta stop meeting like this. People are gonna talk.
—Roman taunting Blake when she enters his train car

"Blake vs. Roman" is a battle that occurred between Blake Belladonna and Roman Torchwick on the White Fang cargo train.

Preceding EventsEdit

When Weiss Schnee, Blake, and Yang Xiao Long enter the train cars to locate bombs, Weiss gives Blake a cartridge of Dust for her weapon, Gambol Shroud.

Neopolitan and the White Fang Lieutenant are waiting in the cars to stop them; Yang and Weiss stay back to fight them respectively, leaving Blake to go on ahead. Roman is waiting for her in the next car. He greets and taunts her, prompting her to charge and initiate the fight.

The FightEdit

Blake feints and uses her Semblance combined with dust to create a fiery shadow of herself. Roman strikes it and it explodes, propelling him into the air. Blake jumps up and delivers some midair strikes to knock him down, then lands in a fighting stance.

Roman fires a blast from the Melodic Cudgel, and Blake uses dust to create a stone shadow of herself to take the blow. She leaps overhead and prepares to strike, only to feint again and create another shadow of herself with her Semblance. Roman blocks a flurry of attacks from Blake and tries to strike her with an overhead blow, but she dodges back and creates a frozen shadow that traps his weapon. As he tries to retrieve it, Blake performs a vertical slash that sends a shockwave down the train car, destroying the ice sculpture and knocking Roman into the door where he drops his weapon.

Before Roman can stand up, Blake steps on his chest and holds her blade to his face. He tries to defend himself by saying they are on the same side, since he saw her at the White Fang Faction Meeting. She responds by lowering the blade to his neck. Roman taunts her by questioning whether the bow she wears will make people forget she was involved with the White Fang. Before she can respond, Weiss is knocked through the doors unconscious. Blake kicks Roman in the head, knocking him out before going to help her teammate.

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