Season 1Edit

Cat BurglarEdit

Seriously, guys? Seriously? You're gonna call me a cat burglar just because I'm part cat? That's real mature. You know, I have half a mind to report you guys to Glynda. What you're doing is profiling. You all disgust me!
—Blake, stealing object awhile talking to her team
Really? Do you expect me to roll around the floor and play with it?
—Blake to Yang

Little Red Riding HoodEdit

Just get in bed, grandma.
—Blake, to Yang
Wow, what an insensitive thing to say to your loved ones.
—Blake, to Ruby
Okay, you're just a rude little brat. I'm gonna kill you
—Blake, to Ruby

Big VacationEdit

Ugh, that test was brutal! Must... rest... brain.
—Blake, after she exhaust herself taking a test
If you tell anyone about this, I will shave your butt.
—Blake to Zwei
I want all the fish.
—Blake, on what she expects out of a beach vacation

Roman's RevengeEdit

Oh, there you are. It's always weird when these shadow clones don't vanish.
—Blake, about her shadow clones

Security WoesEdit

Yeah... life and death.
—Blake to Weiss, while reading her book

The One with a Laugh TrackEdit

That's the cheesiest thing I've ever heard. OK.
—Blake, accepting Sun's offer to go to the gun show with him

Season 2Edit

Director OzpinEdit

I wouldn't be if Yang hadn't knocked everything over.
—Blake, complaining about Yang at fault for ruining the intro

Geist BusterEdit

I'm just so excited that my friends are finally learning to appreciate literature.
—Blake, to Ruby and Yang
Why have you betrayed me, books?
—Blake, about the books attacking her and her team

Magic ShowEdit

What's your face supposed to mean?
—Blake to Mercury

Super BestiesEdit

I'll tell you what happened. You and Weiss obviously have weak minds and are easily manipulated.
—Blake to Yang, about her and Weiss being manipulated in their sleep by Ruby
I can't believe my favorite author is here signing books. He wrote the Howling at the Moon series. It's about a beastly protagonist who can never reach the object of his affection. It's so romantic. So tragic!
—Blake to Ruby, about meeting her favorite author
—Blake, after finding out that her favorite author was actually Zwei

Season 3Edit

Teenage Faunus Ninja CatgirlEdit

I will not fail in my mission.
—Blake, about her important mission

Mysterious Red ButtonEdit

I feel suffocated by the weight of my past mistakes and the hurt I've caused my friends. If only there was a way to atone for what I've done.
—Blake, about her dark pasts and if there another way to atone her sins
Sky fish? Score!
—Blake, after receiving a fish out of nowhere

Kids vs Adults vs PupsEdit

Ugh, all I do is mope. But I'm too young to know how tough life really is. What's my problem? Who knows...
—Winter's image of Blake
I'm a chew toy.
—Zwei's image of Blake

Play With PennyEdit

Yeah, maybe something related to silver eyes?
—Blake to Ruby

RWBY DreamsEdit

Ugh! People make terrible fish!
—Blake to everyone

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