RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

Didn't see me, did you?
—Ribbon Blake
I strike from the shadows.
—Shadow Blake

RWBY: Grimm EclipseEdit

Better and better.
—Blake's character taunt
They never saw it coming.
—Blake, after using her finishing move
Did I look like I needed help?
—Blake, after performing a Team Attack


Chapter 1Edit

So the company's business relies on something they don't understand.
—Blake, in response to Weiss talking about Dust's unknown origins

RWBY: The Official MangaEdit

Chapter 1Edit

You want to sqawk about pride? Try looking at yourself first. Unless you enjoy making a fool of yourself. That's your choice.
—Blake, to Weiss

Chapter 3Edit

It's hard to tell which is the bloodthirsty beast.
—Blake, to Yang after she defeats an Ursa

Chapter 4Edit

Surprising. T didn't think you were the type to help out at a time like this.
—Blake, to Weiss as they prepare for final blow on the Nevermore
I could see... Her trust in you in her eyes. You're at odds with each other, so for her to lock at you like that... It's no small thing, I have to say. So I chose to have faith as well.
—Blake, to Weiss awhile talking about Ruby

Chapter 5Edit

You're no ordinary selfish princess, that's for sure.
—Blake, to Weiss

Chapter 6Edit

People like you... are to blame for what group does...
—Blake, to Weiss about how the Humans are the reason why the Faunus do horrible things
We only ever... wanted to be treated equally!!
—Blake, to Weiss about how her kind wants to be treated equally

Chapter 7Edit

"Fangs of pure white need not shed blood." That's the true meaning behind the White Fang. Behind the name.
—Blake, to Sun about the true meaning of the organization
I became a member as soon as they allowed me. They were like family. I was so proud. But sooner or later, cracks started to form. one after the other. Before I knew it... The White Fang I knew and loved... was gone from this world. My strength... isn't meant for killing others. I want to use it to protect.
—Blake, to Sun about her past as a former member of the White Fang
Listen, my comrades!! Stop taking orders from this rotten man!! Take back your pride as members of the White Fang!!
—Blake, reasoning with the White Fang members

Chapter 8Edit

I'm sorry too. Thank you... All of you...
—Blake, thanking her team for accepting her for who she is

Chapter 9Edit

I'm a student of Beacon. Not a huntress. We have headmaster Ozpin and many capable huntresses here. If I take matters into my own hands... It might just make more trouble for everyone... Plus... I could never... get you guys involved......
—Blake, to her team
Fine. We'll do it together...
—Blake, to her team after she agreed to let them help her

Chapter 10Edit

Members of the White Fang wear these, yes. That's the rule. If we want any hope of infiltrating their big meeting, we need to do this.
—Blake, to Sun about the plan
I may have been wrong... I thought... taking down Roman would stop all this... I believed that... But... It's not looking that way anymore...
—Blake, to Sun

Chapter 11Edit

With All of them here for me... I can become... the real deal!!
—Blake, to Roman

Chapter 15Edit

Someone who fights against wickedness... that cannot be allowed to roam free.
—Blake's reason why she wants to become a Huntress, to Roman

Chapter 18Edit

It's because we are kin...

DC ComicsEdit

Chapter 4: "Blake: Part One Intoxication"Edit

I ran. Again. Ruby, Weiss... Yang... It was the only way to save them. To save anyone I get too close to. So many times, I should have been afraid when I wasn't. If only i had run back then... The night I saw the real Adam Taurus.
—Blake's inner monologue about after abandoned her team
We fought together, mission after mission. Rescued Faunus behind enemy lines, freed prisoners from Schnee Dust Company Mercenaries. It was like being in a whirlwind, a riptide... It was intoxicated.' Though I should have been... We should have run away and left it all behind.
—Blake's inner monologue about her relationship with Adam
I promised you, Adam... I'll never be afraid of you.
—Blake, to Adam promising she will never be afraid of him
Is that what I am? Poison? Do I poison everyone around me? Do I think I can save people, only to live to see how much worst they become for ever knowing me?! You can't do that again, Blake. Can't ever get close to anyone, ever again. Ruby and Weiss and... Y-Yang.. This is the only way to save them. I wish I been afraid.
—Blake's inner monologue about abandoning the people she loves is the right way to protect them

Chapter 5: "Weiss: Part One Look At Me"Edit

Weiss. You and Cardin have been in each other's crosshairs since well before Cardin targeted either of them. I think as little of Cardin and his behavior as Ruby, Yang, Nora, Ren-- As anyone does. But I think quite a bit more of you. And I really think you should examine how comfortable you are with the tactics you used today. I hope that book was worth it.
—Blake, to Weiss

Chapter 8: "Blake: Part Two The One That Got Away"Edit

Mom... I let everyone down. I ran out on you and Dad, and then I found the--then best friends, Ruby, Weiss and Yang-- And I-- I ran out on them again! How can anyone still love me?! I don't deserve you.
—Blake, to Kali

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