"Black" Trailer

Don't be so dramatic...
—Blake, to Adam Taurus
What about the crew members?
—Blake, to Adam
Are you sure?
—Blake, to Adam as the latter tells her to buy him time
—Blake, as she abandons Adam

Volume 1

The Shining Beacon

Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company: one of the largest producers of energy propellant in the world... The same company infamous for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners.
—Blake, explaining to Ruby Rose who Weiss Schnee is and her future company

The Shining Beacon, Pt.2

Aren't you that girl that exploded?
—Blake, to Ruby
Yes - it's lovely! Almost as lovely as this book... That I will continue to read... As soon as you leave...
—Blake, failing to get Ruby and Yang Xiao Long to let her read her book in peace
Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale.
—Blake, commenting on Ruby's optimism

Players and Pieces

Did your sister just fall from the sky?
—Blake, talking to Yang about Ruby
Did that girl just ride in on an Ursa?
—Blake, after seeing Nora Valkyrie
Did she just run all the way here with a Death Stalker on her tail?
—Blake, after seeing Pyrrha Nikos
It's tougher than it looks!
—Blake, about the Nevermore

The Badge and The Burden

(lifting her suitcase) We still have to unpack. (the suitcase opens, spilling its contents) Aaaand clean.
—Blake, explaining Team RWBY's first mission to Weiss
It does seem efficient.
—Blake, on Ruby's idea of bunk beds
—Blake, with Yang

The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2

Fight well!
—Blake cheering on Weiss


He's not the only one.
—Blake, commenting on Cardin Winchester

Jaunedice, Pt.2

Perhaps, if he'd paid attention in class, he wouldn't have been remembered as such a failure.
—Blake, remarking on General Lagune's failure to Cardin

The Stray

The White Fang is hardly a bunch of psychopaths. They're a collection of misguided Faunus.
—Blake, defending the Faunus
Stop calling him a rapscallion! Stop calling him a degenerate! He's a person!
—Blake, defending Sun Wukong
There's no such thing as pure evil! Why do you think they hate Humanity so much? It's because of people like Cardin - people like YOU - that force the White Fang to take such drastic measures!
—Blake, defending the White Fang
Well maybe we were just tired of being pushed around!
—Blake, accidentally revealing her Faunus identity
So... you want to know more about me.
—Blake, to Sun

Black and White

We were being treated like equals, but not out of respect. Out of fear. So, I left. I decided I no longer wanted to use my skills to aid in their violence. Instead, I would dedicate my life to becoming a Huntress. So here I am, a criminal hiding in plain view, all with the help of a little, black bow.
—Blake, telling Sun why she left the White Fang
No, I think deep down I knew. I just didn't want to be right.
—Blake, on her suspicion on the White Fang's activities
Brothers of the White Fang! Why are you aiding this scum?
—Blake, to the White Fang with Roman
Weiss, I want you to know that I'm no longer associated with the White Fang. Back when I was with the-
—Blake, explaining herself to Weiss

Volume 2

Welcome to Beacon

I was raised outside the kingdoms. If you can't fight, you can't survive.
—Blake, to Ozpin on her upbringings
With all due respect, you need to start taking some larger strides. Until then, I'd rather avoid any unnecessary attention. I want people to see me for who I am, not what I am.
—Blake, to Ozpin on keeping her identity a secret
And we may never be ready! Our enemies aren't just going to sit around and wait for graduation day. They're out there, somewhere, planning their next move, and none of us know what it is, but it's coming! Whether we're ready or not!
—Blake, to Team RWBY regarding the White Fang

A Minor Hiccup

The White Fang has regular faction meetings to hand out orders and recruit new members. If I can get in, I can hopefully find out what they're planning.
—Blake, on infiltrating the White Fang

Painting the Town...

The masks are a symbol. Humanity wanted to make monsters out of us, so we chose to don the faces of monsters.
—Blake, explaining the White Fang mask to Sun


I don't have time for a stupid dance. I thought YOU of all people would get that.
—Blake, rejecting Sun's invitation to the dance

Burning the Candle

You don't understand! I'm the only one who can do this!
—Blake, to Yang
I knew you'd look better in a tie.
—Blake, to Sun

Field Trip

Please keep it away from my belongings.
—Blake, towards Zwei

Search and Destroy

There's too much wrong in this world to just stand by and do nothing. Inequality, corruption... Someone has to stop it.
—Blake, to Bartholomew Oobleck on why she wants to become a Huntress

Mountain Glenn

When I leave the Academy, what will I... how can I undo so many years of hate?
—Blake, regarding her future
I was born with the ability to leave behind a shadow of myself - an empty copy that takes the hit while I run away!
—Blake, to Yang

Volume 3

Round One

But she could!
—Blake, when Yang politely tries to decline Pyrrha's offer to pay for their meal
Let's see. Grimm invasions, violent extremists, a destructive sociopath...
—Blake summarises the events of the previous two semesters

New Challengers...

Neptune's... afraid of the water.
—Blake, on why Neptune is in shock before the battle
Emphasis on dork.
—Blake, referring to Sun


I want to believe you...
—Blake, when Yang asks her if she believes her
I had someone very dear to me change. It wasn't in an instant, it was gradual - little choices that began to pile up. He told me not to worry. At first, they were accidents, then it was self-defense. Before long, even I began to think he was right. This is all just... very familiar. But you're not him. And you've never done anything like this before. So... I want to trust you. I will trust you. But first, I need you to look me in the eyes and tell me that he attacked you. I need you to promise me that you regret having to do what you did.
—Blake explains her reasoning for doubting Yang

Heroes and Monsters

I'm not running.
—Blake, to Adam
I never wanted this! I wanted equality! I wanted peace!
—Blake, to Adam

End of the Beginning

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
—Blake, to Yang

Volume 4

Of Runaways and Stowaways

Won't be needing this.
—Blake, as she drops her bow into the ocean
Have you been following me?!
—Blake, to Sun


That's not the point, Sun! We asked to be equal, to be treated just like everyone else! Instead, we were given an island and told to make do. So we did the best we could. We came together and we made a home where any Faunus could feel welcome. But this island, this town, will always be a reminder that we're still not equal. That we're still second-class citizens.
—Blake talks about Menagerie to Sun
Who says I'm done fighting?
—Blake, to Corsac and Fennec Albain

A Much Needed Talk

I should have left the White Fang with you and Mom. I should've listened to you, and I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
—Blake, to Ghira Belladonna
I told you, I'm not here to fight the White Fang, I'm not here to fight anyone. I'm here to rest, to figure things out, and to see my family.
—Blake, to Sun, about her reasons for being in Menagerie

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

No, no, no, not again, please! Help! Somebody! Hold on, Sun, just hold on.
—Blake, after Sun is wounded

Taking Control

Shut up! Do you think I like being alone? Every day... every day I think about them! Ruby, Weiss, Yang... they were my friends! I loved them like I never thought I could love anybody. And I hope they hate me for leaving.
—Blake's reason for leaving her friends behind, to Sun
Everyone thinks they can help me, but they can't. You saw Ilia last night and she's not even the worst! No. No more. They're better off without me. I made my choices and I'll deal with the consequences because they belong to me.
—Blake, to Sun
My hero.
—Blake, to Sun
We're not going to destroy the White Fang. We're going to take it back.
—Blake, to Sun and her parents

Volume 5

Welcome to Haven

You're going to have to make me.
—Blake rejecting Ilia's advice to flee Menagerie

Necessary Sacrifice

Whatever happens at Haven is going to affect them whether they like it or not. If Adam gets his way and Haven falls, it's only going to make things worse for the Faunus. Everywhere.
—Blake on the consequences of Adam's impending assault
At first I thought Adam was "justice", then I thought he was "passion". But over time, I realized I was wrong. He wasn't any of those things. He was "spite". Not "hatred", not "rage", "spite". He won't accept equality, only suffering for what he feels the world did to him, and his way of thinking is dangerously contagious.
—Blake on seeing the truth about Adam
It's about time I saved my friends for once.
—Blake, vowing to save Ilia

Alone Together

Ilia, I know you're scared, but you don't have to be. My family and I, we can keep you safe.
—Blake, to Ilia
Because we're trying to protect people?! In what world do you live in where attacking the innocent is the right thing to do?!
—Blake, to Ilia

True Colors

Humans didn't do this. We did this. Faunus. We did this to ourselves. We're just as capable of hate and violence as the humans but I don't think any of us would jump at the chance to point that out. So why are we letting Adam do it for us? By doing nothing and staying silent, we let others speak and act in our place. And if we're not proud of the choices they make, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

This is the message Adam Taurus will bring to the world if no one stops him. But we can stop him! You have to understand that all of you are looking for simple answers to a very complicated problem, and I can't give that to you. I don't know how to make hate go away, I don't. But I know that this kind of violence is not the solution.

I understand that to ask you to leave your homes and protect Haven Academy is asking you to put your lives at risk, but that's what's at stake. So I'm going, and I'll stand by myself if I have to.
—Blake, giving a speech to the Faunus of Menagerie


This isn't what's right for the Faunus! Stop what you're doing and we can end this peacefully.
—Blake, to Adam

Haven's Fate

I'm here for Haven, not you.
—Blake, to Adam
You can try and make me regret coming here, Adam, but honestly... I've got more important things to deal with.
—Blake, to Adam

Volume 6

Volume 6 Adam Character Short

Was it? This wasn't the first time humans have died on missions you led. How many more accidents are there going to be?
—Blake, to Adam

The Coming Storm

If he went back to the White Fang there would have been serious consequences. But, he never really liked people telling him what to do. Adam's strong, but his real power comes from control. He used to get in my head, make me feel small. But now I see he just wanted to pull me down to his size.
—Blake, to Yang about Adam
Hey, I'm not leaving. And if we ever see him again, I promise I'll be there. [...] And I'll protect you
—Blake, to Yang

Stealing from the Elderly

Leave me alone!
—Blake, to Adam
You stalked me across Anima! I don't want anything to do with your life!
—Blake, to Adam
Let go of the past, Adam. Do it for yourself.
—Blake, telling Adam to let go of the past and move on

The Lady in the Shoe

I'm not alone.
—Blake, to Adam before Yang comes to her aid
She's not protecting me, Adam. And I'm not protecting her. We're protecting each other.
—Blake, to Adam

Seeing Red

I don't have a choice. I have people who actually care about me, and I promised I'd never leave them again. So I'm not dying now.
—Blake, to Adam
You know it's so much more than that.
—Blake, to Adam
I... I am not going to break my promise, I swear.
—Blake, to Yang after their battle against Adam

Volume 7


Team FNKI invited us out dancing. Yang and I thought it would be good to get our minds off the election.
—Blake, to Ruby

Worst Case Scenario

I'm not sure there are many good options left for any of us anymore. Keeping secrets, taking lives? It makes you wonder how far we're gonna have to go to keep doing the right thing.
—Blake, to Yang about keeping secret about Salem
I know. But next time, I wanna make sure we don't have to, and I can tell you, ambushing a Huntress who's just trying to help isn't an option I'm thrilled about choosing.
—Blake, to Yang


But we're nowhere near finished evacuating everyone! You'd be leaving Mantle to die.
—Blake, to Ironwood

With Friends Like These

You're betraying the people you've sworn to protect!
—Blake, to Elm and Vine about they are willing to abandon Mantle under Ironwood's orders

Volume 8


Ruby's right. The Happy Huntresses are handling the evacuation better than we could. And there's a bigger picture.
—Blake joins Ruby's Group
Hey, we're still united.
—Blake to Ruby


When you've been at someone's side for so long, after a while they become a part of you. But that's just it, they're only a part of you. Don't forget about the rest.
—Blake to Nora


If you're worried about Yang, you could always try calling her.
—To Ruby


I know you don't always know what to do, but that's never stopped you from doing something. I was like that as a girl, but time and... a lot of other things, took their toll on me. Then I wasn't sure if that kind of girl could actually survive in the world... until I met you. It was a little strange at first because you were younger, but I've always looked up to you, Ruby. And I still do.
—Blake motivates Ruby
Why did it get more disgusting?
—Blake fights the Cenitaur
I don't know if you can hear me, but I need you, Ruby. We all need you.
—To Ruby


I think after everything that's happened here, we understand. Trust is..
—To Ozpin


—Blake's reaction when Yang falls into the void.

The Final Word

—Blake and Penny share horror at Ruby's fall

About Blake

Lately, you've been quiet, antisocial, and moody... which I get is kind of your thing, but you've been doing it more than usual.
—Weiss, to Blake in "Welcome to Beacon"
Always sunshine and rainbows with you...
—Sun, ironically, to Blake in "Painting the Town..."
The entire time Blake was at Beacon, she was afraid to open up to people. She tried to keep her past separated from us. She tried to protect us. Eventually, those walls she put up came down. And the moment they did, the one thing she was afraid of actually happened. The universe proved her right.
—Weiss to Yang, about Blake in "Alone Together"
Because I run away too much.
—Blake to Ilia, on why she did not leave Menagerie in "True Colors"
She's learned a lesson that evaded me until I was much older - that there is strength in forgiveness.
—Ghira to Saber, after Blake allows Ilia to travel to Haven in "True Colors"
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