Episode 16 - "Black and White"Edit

  1. In the previous episode, "The Stray", Blake Belladonna is sitting in front of the corner of the shop. However, in this episode, Blake and Sun Wukong's seats are changed and the one whose back is in front of the corner is Sun.
  2. Audio - At 1:05, during the flashback sequence, the audio is not synced with the video. This is only present in the DVD. (Clip Needed)
  3. Model - Blake's reflection is inverted on her cup of water around 2:05.
  4. Animation - At 3:37, Penny Polendina is seen with her hands on her hips and is facing Ruby Rose, but at 3:38, one of her hands is at her side and she turns to face Ruby.
  5. Animation - At 4:05, Sun's model is incorrectly placed over Blake's in the DVD and iTunes edition. However, this problem is not present in the online version.
  6. Model - At 4:55, when Penny is asking Ruby questions about Blake, the texture of the sidewalk is unaligned.
  7. Model - At 6:50, Blake removes her bow to reveal her cat ears when addressing the members of the White Fang at the docks, but shortly thereafter at 7:32 is seen with it back on.
  8. Animation - When the Bullheads are shining the spotlights over the cargo from 5:47-5:50, the light beams do not reflect off any surfaces. The light beams are sometimes at improper lengths during this segment as well.
  9. Animation - At 8:26, the impact flash appears as if Blake's impact was a fully downwards motion, when it was blocked by Roman Torchwick halfway through the movement.
  10. Animation - At 8:26, in near the same instance, Roman blocks as if the blow impacted his left side, when it actually impacted his right side.
  11. Animation - At 8:28, Another impact flash appears one to two seconds before the impact actually occurs.
  12. Animation - During this entire sequence, up until Ruby shows up, the background building's location and design changes between shots.
  13. Model - At 8:59, Crescent Rose is held almost perpendicular to Ruby, but at 9:03, it is diagonal.
  14. Model - At 9:08, when the flare approaches Ruby, Ruby is not actually holding Crescent Rose.
  15. Animation - At 9:09, just after Ruby has been hit by Roman's flare, a constraint cube can be seen in her hand.
  16. Animation - At 9:10, as she flies past Penny, another constraint cube can be seen in Ruby's hand.
  17. Model - At 9:10, Penny is seen without anything on her back but from 9:17 and onward she is suddenly wearing a backpack.
  18. Leftover Rendering - At 9:32, as Penny uses her weapons against the second White Fang member, the main blade embedded in his chest has a constraint cube present on the weapon's model.
  19. Model - In the scene between 10:41 and 12:05, the police cars often change their position and the direction they're facing.
  20. Model - At 11:03, the police cars in the background have a distinctly different model to every other shot.
  21. Text - In the credits section, Sun's name is spelled "Wukon", contradicting the previous episode's credits.

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