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The Black Cargo Train (unofficial) is a train that runs through Forever Fall and is the main location for the "Black" Trailer. Blake Belladonna and Adam Taurus infiltrate it as part of an apparent sabotage operation.

Chapter 3 of the manga reveals that Adam planned to hijack the train to steal Dust for the purpose of "helping those living underground".


On the outside, the train is dark-gray, with black in some areas. The inside is similarly colored and hosts red lights, possibly sensors, mostly given off by the robots, which give the interior a dull-red highlight. The front of the train has a light and collision buffer.

The train is shown to be unusually wide, crossing a double set of two tracks. This is backed up in interior sets of the boxcars, which are clearly far wider than conventional rail-cars.


The train carries many crates both in boxcars and on flatbed cars. Inside the boxcars are crates with the distinctive logo of the Schnee Dust Company and two types of automated security systems: the Atlesian Knight 130's and a Spider Droid. The Atlesian Knight-130s appear to be activated by laser tripwires, which can be seen flickering around Blake and Adam once they enter the boxcar.


Although the train's security system is automated, the train does have a Human crew. Blake expresses her concern that using "explosive charges" would endanger them; however, Adam shows no concern for them.



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