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The Black Cargo Train (unofficial) is a type of train that is used throughout Vale. The first was seen in the "Black" Trailer running through Forever Fall and was the main location for the short. Blake Belladonna and Adam Taurus infiltrate it as part of a sabotage operation.

The second is seen in "No Brakes" going through an underground tunnel leading from Mountain Glenn to Vale. The White Fang, lead by Roman Torchwick, lead Grimm to Vale to destroy it.


Train interior

On the outside, the train is dark-gray, with black in some areas. The inside is similarly colored and hosts red lights, possibly sensors, which give the interior a dull-red highlight. The locomotive of the train has a light and collision buffer, and it resembles early diesel locomotives of the 1940s and '50s, such as the ALCo RS-3.

The train is shown to be unusually wide, crossing a double set of two tracks. This is backed up in interior sets of the boxcars, which are clearly far wider than conventional rail-cars. The train features both boxcars and flatbed cars.

"Black" Trailer

The train in the "Black" Trailer was transporting cargo through the forest of Forever Fall. The crates inside the boxcars bear the logo of the Schnee Dust Company. Blake and Adam attack it as part of a White Fang mission with the goal of planting bombs and blowing it up. They land on laser tripwires and trigger the automated security systems: the Atlesian Knight 130's security robots. After dispatching many robots they try to continue with their mission to blow the train and its cargo up. Blake expressed her concern that using "explosive charges" would endanger the human crew, however, Adam showed no concern for them. After that they were attacked by a much larger Spider Droid. After a difficult battle Adam defeated the Spider Droid with his Semblance. Blake then cuts the train leaving Adam behind.

Chapter 3 of the manga revealed that Adam planned to hijack the train to steal Dust for the purpose of "helping those living underground".

No Brakes

Roman Torchwick and the White Fang moved to the underground city of Mountain Glenn in Cinder Fall's next step to bring down Vale. Their plan involved using an underground train filled with White Fang soldiers, several Atlesian Paladin-290 prototypes and bombs to crash through to Vale city. The train would be throwing off bombs which would cause the cave to collapse and lead Grimm to the city. They carefully made the plan, but had to rush it as they were found out by Bartholomew Oobleck and Team RWBY. The train itself did its job and Vale was attacked by Grimm, but it got quickly take care of by the Atlesian Military.