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Bianca is a member and leader of Team BRIR, introduced in "RWBY: Arrowfell".


Bianca has fair skin, short, platinum blonde hair boyishly spiked at the back with center unevenly parted bangs at the front and green eyes. She wears a two-tone white and grey sleeveless tank top and brown studded leather pauldrons that match her brown studded pants. The pauldrons themselves are connected with brass o-ring pieces that the leather wraps over, with brass studded tassels hanging at the bottom of the pauldrons, and a white cape hanging from the back.

The center o-ring that connects the pauldrons together hangs unsuspended on her collarbone, while a second o-ring where her midriff would be is sewn at the bottom hem of her tank top, fastening up a leather strap that holds her studded pants up.

She has a tattoo shared with those of her teammates' on the bottom of her right cheek.

Like the rest of her team she has golden spikes in her design, having them on her legs, pauldrons as well as on her segmented swords.




She alongside her team all hail from outside of Atlas. They traveled to Atlas and are involved in an as of yet unknown mission.

Powers and Abilities



Bianca's weapons are a pair of segmented sabers with a brown handle, presumably with a wooden finish if not outright made of wood themselves. The blades are slightly larger than average, with each segment possessing a bone white hue.


  • Bianca is Italian for white or pure.
  • The team has matching tattoos and thorn ornaments.[1] Bianca has a tattoo on her right cheek and an ornament on her shoulder plates.


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