RWBY: World of Remnant

Between Kingdoms

So, now you know more about the Kingdoms. But, what's between the big cities?

Alright, the easy answer is: Grimm. There's no reason to beat around the bush; they're out there, and it probably won't go well if you run into one. That's OK, 'cause you're a Huntsman—or, Huntress. And you've trained at one of the major academies, so you're probably fine. Just don't get yourself overrun by a pack of 'em.

Now, after a long day of killin' Grimm and savin' the world, you're going to probably want to stop at a small town inn. Small villages dot the land between the major cities.

You might ask: With the wilderness being so dangerous, why not just live in the big cities? Well, that life isn't meant for everyone. These small towns are founded by people that have a problem with the Kingdoms. Or don't want to deal with the Kingdom's problems. Or maybe just enjoy the simpler life and would rather take their chances in the wild than in a Kingdom.

It goes about as well as you'd think. If the founders are smart, then there's a good chance these towns can survive for the same reasons the Kingdoms continue to: natural barriers, strong defenses and stubborn citizens. If you don't have at least a few of those, then the chances of a town lasting more than a year isn't great.

Unfortunately, it's not just the Grimm runnin' around ruining towns. Wandering bandits are another threat. These groups of usually fairly-skilled fighters travel the lands, never settling in one place. They often prey on convoys sending goods between Kingdoms.

That's not all. These raiders will often wait for a town to be at its weakest—maybe after a Grimm attack or while its fighters are out hunting before finally moving in at night and striking. Bunch of jerks.

Worst part is, if the Grimm haven't attacked before, you'd better be damn sure they will now. And you can't exactly have bandits raid your town without at least a few negative emotions. This is also why bandits never stay in the towns they conquer. With attitudes like the ones they have, Grimm tend to be pretty interested in them as well. As long as they keep moving, they've got a better chance of survival.

Besides these small towns, the areas between Kingdoms really depend on the continent. Harsh deserts, icy tundras, lush forests, you name it. At this point, pretty much every inch of Remnant has been mapped out. Although there are some areas that no one's gone into and come out alive.

And, of course... somewhere out there... is where she is.

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