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RWBY: After the FallEdit

Chapter OneEdit

I'm sorry you were in my way. Now run along, piggy
—Bertilak's first words, displaying a racist attitude towards the Faunus
Well, well. What do we have here? Not every day you see new Huntsmen in these parts.
—Bertilak is introduced to Team CFVY
You're tougher than you look. I'm surprised you're alive.
—Bertilak to Slate
Theodore had it in for me
—Bertilak once Carmine Esclados claims he barely graduated

Chapter FourEdit

The important thing is not going off on your own without telling us. Especially not into the damn desert in the middle of the damn night.
—Bertilak to Edward Caspian
Edward wants to cross the desert, so that's where we're taking him. And I'm tired of you young punks acting like you know better than us. We've been Huntsmen for a long time, ever since you kids were in diapers.
—Bertilak on his experiences, to Team CFVY
I'm just saying, we have a lot of experience. And I'd be happy to show this brat just how little he knows about fighting and survival in Vacuo. I don't think he's got what it takes to be a real Huntsman. None of you do.
—Bertilak to Fox Alistair and CFVY

Chapter SixEdit

You should have said something. It's important to share this kind of information with the people you hired to keep you alive!
—Bertilak when he learns of August Caspian's fake Semblance
You aren't the boss of me either, Carmine.
—Bertilak threatens Carmine
Let's make this perfectly clear. The old man will not be going with you, no matter what it takes.
—Bertilak to Velvet Scarlatina

Chapter ThirteenEdit

Get up, so I can finish you off fair and square.
—Bertilak attacks Fox
My boss is interested in people with powerful Semblances. Like someone who can create mood bombs and trigger Grimm attacks. But it looks like I got the wrong guy. I thought something was up with those two. Well played, old man.
—Bertilak explains his true goals to Fox and Edward
You don't know them, but judging by your team's abilities, they probably have a nice fat file on you.
—The Bertilak on the Crown
It's easy for you to say, with all those lofty ideas Ozpin and Theodore drilled into your minds. 'Being a Huntsman is a calling and a privilege, not to be taken lightly.'
—Bertilak mocks the Headmasters
They're just words. You think your headmasters and professors are model Huntsmen? They're worse than all the rest of us. You want to know why I barely graduated? I was tired of being used as a tool.
—Bertilak's motives

Chapter EighteenEdit

You always think you're smarter than me! Well, look who's laughing now?
—Bertilak to Carmine

About BertilakEdit

Chapter OneEdit

A tall, broad man with a green Mohawk and matching goatee shoved Topaz aside. Coco registered the mace on his belt before she took the rest of him in. A brown hooded cloak made of coarse fabric draped over his broad shoulders. He wore a green chestplate over a dirty black tunic; his biceps bulged from the short sleeves, showing off a long scar stretching down his right forearm.
—A description of Bertilak's appearance

Chapter ThreeEdit

The Huntsmen were leaving anyway. We just tagged along. As long as we kept up with them, they didn't mind. Much.
—Amaranth to Yatsuhashi Daichi on Carmine and Bertilak
They aren't the sharing type. The Caspians hired Bertilak and Carmine for protection, and whatever their faults, those Huntsmen are serious about protecting them – from everyone.
—Slate comments on Carmine and Bertilak's suspicious behavior
Either Bertilak and Carmine aren't team players, which is odd for Huntsmen, or they're hiding something.

Chapter NineEdit

Not your fault, kid. Bertilak must have noticed and hurried after him. Bertilak kind of does his own thing a lot of the time, if you hadn't noticed. Too often, if you ask me. That's one of the drawbacks when it's just the two of you hunting Grimm, instead of a team with a strong leader to keep everyone in check. You'll see one day.
—Carmine awkwardly attempts to comfort August Caspian after Edward's disappearance

Chapter ThirteenEdit

I knew something was up with Bertilak and Carmine. I knew they weren't behaving like real Huntsmen.
—Edward Caspian
Bertilak and Carmine...they knew that we were causing those emotion bombs. I hired these fools to take us to safety, but over time, I realized they weren't taking us west at all, at least not directly. By the time I figured that out, though, we were already in the desert and the Grimm were following us – we needed the Huntsmen to survive. So I figured I'd try the distress call, see if it brought anyone in.
—Edward Caspian to Fox

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