They're just words. You think your Headmasters and professors are model Huntsmen? They're worse than all the rest of us. You want to know why I barely graduated? I was tired of being used as a tool.
—Bertilak Celadon

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Bertilak Celadon is a character from RWBY: After the Fall. He is a veteran Huntsman hailing from Shade Academy that was active in Vacuo. He served as one of the main antagonists of RWBY: After the Fall alongside his partner Carmine Esclados.


Bertilak is a tall, broad and muscular man standing at six feet and six inches tall. He is described as having a green mohawk and matching goatee. He wears a brown, hooded cloak and a green chest plate over a black tunic. Bertilak has a long scar along his right forearm.

During his battle with Fox Alistair, Bertilak's nose was broken.


Bertilak's personality is that of a bully - he is shown to be confrontational and hostile towards others, such as Team CFVY, and is easily angered due to his impatience and temperament. Bertilak is demeaning of others, being racist towards the Faunus.

He is very confident of his abilities branding himself as the best Huntsman in Vacuo.

Bertilak harbors resentment towards the Huntsman Academies, stating their ideologies and worldview to be "lofty", showing nothing but hatred towards his former professor, Theodore, as well as Ozpin.

Despite this, however, Bertilak is not entirely evil in his nature. Ultimately his allegiance to the Crown is purely based on a monetary need and he doesn't have much loyalty towards the group. Bertilak also recognizes how irredeemably evil Carmine is in comparison to himself, and makes it a point to hunt her down. He is also willing to help Sun Wukong and Velvet Scarlatina without holding any resentments, despite having been enemies with them in the past, and claims to have liked Velvet even after they had been enemies. He is still reasonable, unlike the rest of the Crown.


Bertilak enlisted to train at Shade Academy, in Vacuo. There, he and his partner, Carmine, graduated and became fully fledged Huntsmen.

At some point, an unknown hirer approached the two with a job offer involving trafficking people with highly potent Semblances for an as of yet unknown reason. The two of them accepted and targeted Edward and August Caspian, with the goal of encoring to two from the settlement of Sumire in Vale to Vacuo in order to obtain a Semblance that allowed the user to create massive mood bombs that would trigger Grimm attacks. Under the belief Edward Caspian was the user of this Semblance, Carmine and Bertilak set the guise that they'd be selling their service to provide Edward and his grandson, August Caspian, safe protection from the Grimm into Vacuo.

In order to maintain the disguise of noble Huntsmen, Carmine and Bertilak defended the settlers of Tuff from the Grimm, gaining the trust of their mayor, Slate. The group traveled to Schist, and then Gossan, collecting more and more people to defend, and as such more protection fees from the travelers. Carmine and Bertilak met Team CFVY in the settlement of Feldspar, who had received a distress call from Gossan due to a Grimm invasion.

After a Grimm attack in Feldspar, Carmine and Bertilak helped CFVY lead the settlers to safety without any casualties, and agreed to take them to safety in Coquina, but turn on them when a sandstorm blew over, allowing for an opportunity to complete their original objective. Bertilak attempted to kidnap Edward but was then defeated and arrested by Fox in a battle inside the sandstorm. His nose was broken and weapon was destroyed in the process.

En route back to the group they ran into Yatsuhashi Daichi who used his Semblance on Bertilak at Fox's suggestion. Bertilak regained consciousness during the fight between Carmine and Yatsuhashi, now believing she attempted to double-cross him. Using his damaged weapon, Bertilak aided Team CFVY and Edward in fighting her. Afterword the pair were restrained and handed over to Coquina's authorities.

Following their incarceration, Carmine and Bertilak quickly broke out of prison and escaped into Vacuo.[1] Upon their return to the Crown Bunker, Carmine blames Bertilak for their failure, betraying him as he's the only one to be punished. Gillian Asturias begins to use Bertilak as an Aura, decommissioning Bertilak for nearly a month.

When the Crown launches its attack on the city of Vacuo, Velvet, Sun, and Octavia Ember enter the bunker, and find it to be mostly abandoned. While Velvet and Octavia look for Gillian and Carmine in the bunker, Sun helps the Aura vessels escape. As he does, an awoken Bertilak approaches him, insisting he has no reason to fight Sun, telling him he would much rather save his strength to take revenge on Carmine for stabbing him in the back.

As the two decide to continue on their way out of the bunker, Sun and Bertilak hear an explosion deeper into the hideout. When Sun calls out to Velvet, Bertilak laments her possible death, and claims if she had been fighting Carmine she was likely dead. They find a heavily injured Octavia and Velvet, and Bertilak comes across Carmine's sai on the floor. When Octavia tells him that she had killed Carmine, Bertilak laughs at the idea and leads them out of the bunker.

Outside, he gives Velvet and Sun the password to breaking the firewall placed in a local CCT relay tower, "Malik", and tells them he has no intention to help fight the Crown and informs them he's going to hunt down and kill Carmine on his own, disappearing into the desert.

Powers and Abilities


Main article: Bertilak's Mace

Bertilak wields a large, chained mace in battle. The mace is a dark black in color, having grown rusty, and doubles as a pistol with explosive rounds, but it can only fire one bullet at a time before having to be reloaded. He uses brute strength and dirty tactics against enemies, as shown by when he fought Fox. His weapon was subsequently broken in their fight. The weapon can still be used as a firearm even if the chain is broken.

Following Carmine's defeat in RWBY: Before the Dawn, Bertilak finds and claims her remaining sai as his own, using it for himself.


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Bertilak's Semblance allows him to generate heat, which radiates in waves close to him. He puts this ability to use by increasing a target's fatigue and exhaustion when they approach him too much. Bertilak can also use his Semblance to form glass out of sand, then manipulate the glass to form walls and barriers.



  • Bertilak alludes to the Green Knight, whose true name is "Bertilak de Hautdesert", is a character of the 14th-century Arthurian poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the related medieval work The Greene Knight.
    • His color scheme is primarily green and he is said to be a Huntsman of great skill and prowess, thus making him tantamount to the concept of a knight.
    • He is described by Myers as being close in height to Yatsuhashi, who has a case of gigantism. This could be a reference to the Green Knight being described as an exceptionally tall man who towers over the young Gawain.
    • Bertilak's weapon is a mace, which could reference the fact that the Green Knight is usually depicted as carrying a battle axe.

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  • Though Bertilak's eye color is not specified, it is noted to be a shade that goes well with the color green.[2]


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