Yang, keeping track of attendees at the ball

The Beacon Dance was a dance hosted by Beacon Academy as part of the upcoming Vytal Festival.

The dance itself and the lead-up to the event were the focus of the RWBY Volume 2 episodes "Extracurricular", "Burning the Candle" and "Dance Dance Infiltration".

Preceding Events

Team CFVY was initially responsible for organizing the dance, but they had to transfer those duties to Team RWBY after their mission ran longer than expected. RWBY took charge of decorating and preparing the ballroom, with Yang Xiao Long setting up large speakers for the music and Weiss Schnee selecting floor and table based decorations, such as doilies. Adding smoke machines to the ballroom was also up to consideration during preparations.

Blake Belladonna and Ruby Rose did not seem to actively participate, with the former preoccupied by her obsession with finding Roman Torchwick, and the latter being saddened while trying to help Blake.

The Dance

Team JNPR's dance routine

The dance was a formal affair, with both male and female students wearing dress attire. Yang was in charge of welcoming the guests, waiting at the entrance and greeting them as they arrived, before checking them into the guestbook. A pair of DJs resembling Daft Punk was in charge of the more casual dance music later in the party.

Both students and teachers took part, either dancing or simply enjoying the food, drinks and atmosphere.

The highlight of the night was when Jaune Arc, fulfilling an earlier promise to Pyrrha Nikos, changed his attire to a woman's dress and sneakers and offered to dance. The two of them, along with Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren, revealed their shared talent for dance by performing a choreographed dance routine to the song "Shine".

However, the Dance was used by Cinder Fall as a distraction to secretly upload a program to the Cross Continental Transmit System Tower in Vale. She was aided by Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black, who remained at the dance to keep track of those present.

After easily overpowering the guards standing watch, Cinder entered the CCT. However, by complete chance, Ruby saw Cinder on the way to the tower and decided to pursue her. She was unable to prevent Cinder from uploading the program, and her attempts to apprehend her were hindered by wearing high heels. Their fight was later interrupted by James Ironwood, whose arrival was used as a split-second distraction, allowing Cinder to escape.

Ruby explains to Ironwood what had happened confronting Cinder. Cinder herself joins the dance again, dancing with Mercury and the other students, who were oblivious to her success.

It is later mentioned in "Rest and Resolutions" that Nora spilled punch on herself at some point during the dance.