I'm not going to run away ever again. I'm running toward the fight wherever, whatever it is, it's the least I can do for my team. That's what Beacon is to me. It's the light that's leading me to where I'm supposed to be where I'm needed most.

The Beacon Brigade is a group consisting of students from Beacon, Haven, and Shade Academy. It was formed by Team CFVY as a comfort group to deal with the trauma from the Fall of Beacon, as well as from the relentless tormenting provoked by Vacuan students.


The Beacon Brigade is a comfort group hosted by Team CFVY in Shade Academy's dorm commons room. It provides a safe group in which the survivors of the Fall of Beacon can vent and get advice without being harassed by Vacuan students. The group would also meditate together, which was led by Yatsuhashi Daichi.

The Brigade would invite new members by voting amongst themselves.



Sometime between the events of RWBY: After the Fall and RWBY: Before the Dawn, Fox Alistair had the idea to form a “clan” for students who had survived the Fall of Beacon in order to have people to turn to whilst in Shade. Team CFVY appointed Velvet Scarlatina as the leader of the Brigade’s meeting, and they reached out invitations to Iris Marilla, Nolan Porfirio, and Team ABRN, where they would meet in the dorm commons to talk and meditate. The Brigade would invite new teams by voting amongst themselves.

RWBY: Before the Dawn

Nearly a month after his arrival at Shade Academy, Sun Wukong volunteered himself and Team SSSN to help Team CFVY in their task of finding and defeating the Crown, leading the Beacon Brigade to invite his team into a meeting for the group. At the meeting, the group talks about how to deal with the culture at Shade, namely the harassment the members of the Brigade had been facing from Vacuan students, who viewed the group as weak for having lost Beacon, or in Team ABRN's case, both Beacon and Haven. During the meeting, Sun mentions that Vacuans wouldn't trust the Beacon Brigade because the group was holding onto who they were and where they came from instead of where they were. Sun believed that the Beacon Brigade was holding onto the past and needed to let go and move on. Velvet makes a note of this. However, Sun's comments cause a heated argument between him and his teammate, Scarlet David, with the former storming out of the Brigade's meeting entirely.

Following Theodore's re-initiation process that shuffled the teams, the Brigade met once again, in which Sun comes to apologize for his previous behavior. He tries explaining his viewpoint that the group seems extremely elitist, pointing out even in name it suggests they don’t belong at Shade. Unlike other members of the group, he believes that the shuffled teams are a good idea, and allows for the Brigade to leave their past to move on. This nearly leads to an argument, until Fox, Yatsuhashi, and Nolan explain that the name of the group stands as a symbol for moving forward and not letting another tragedy like the Fall of Beacon happen again. Sun admits that maybe he was wrong to assume they were trying to be different from Vacuo rather, a part of it, stunning Scarlet. 

During a weapons training class, members of the Beacon Brigade, namely Arslan Altan and Coco Adel, defend Velvet from being beaten down excessively by Nebula Violette after the Huntress was ordered to do so by Xanthe Rumpole. Rumpole tells the group that she knows the threat that caused Beacon to fall is coming to Vacuo soon, and they have to prepare for that inevitability, taking her leave. 

After this, the Beacon Brigade splits into their individual teams, with some members aiding Team CFVY and Team SSSN in defeating the Crown. At the Battle of Shade, the Brigade is amongst the first students to come to the Academy's defense, facing off against the Asturias twins' Crownsmen. After the battle, the Brigade has earned respect in Vacuo, and later celebrates on their own.


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