Episode 10 - "Battle of Beacon"Edit

  1. Model - Scarlet David has two pistols.
  2. Model - Throughout the episode, Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang can be seen in staff form while a duplicate is Collapsed underneath Sun Wukong's shirt.
  3. Model - Throughout the episode, Scarlet has two pistols, one in his hand and one holstered on his hip.
  4. Model - At 3:08, Miló and Akoúo̱ can be seen on Pyrrha Nikos' back despite the fact that she lost them during the fight with Penny Polendina. They can be seen on her back again at 3:43.
  5. Position - At 3:11, the sword of Floating Array that pierced a piece of Penny's clothing is right next to her body, but in "PvP" it landed far away from her.
  6. Position - At 8:10, James Ironwood is shown to be jumping at a Beowolf, but at 8:11 he is shown to be running and then sliding under it.
  7. Model - From 8:39 to 8:43, Jaune Arc has two sheaths.
  8. Model - At 11:18, Gianduja is missing with only the strap over her shoulder.
  9. Model - The Atlesian Knight-200 that shoots an Ursa is seen with a rifle on its back, but later, no rifle can be seen on the back of any AK-200.
  10. Model - At 14:11, Atlas Soldiers are fighting a Death Stalker. However, a few seconds later, at 14:24, the Soldiers are replaced with AK-200s.

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