This crazy girl just showed up and attacked me.
—Oscar, to Team JNR about Neo

"Team JNR and Oscar vs. Neo" is a battle that occurred in "The Enemy of Trust" where Team JNR and Oscar Pine fights Neopolitan over control of the Relic of Knowledge while being pursued by Atlas authorities.

Preceding Events

Cinder Fall sends Neopolitan to steal Jinn's lamp from Oscar. She approaches Oscar as a different person before attacking him and stealing the relic in the process. Meanwhile, Team JNR are recalled by General Ironwood and go to pick up Oscar, only to find him missing from his room which shows signs of a fight. Neo disguised as Oscar goes to approach them but is punched by the real Oscar breaking the illusion and dropping the relic.

During this, unbeknownst to Team JNR and Oscar, Ironwood, who has fully snapped from his paranoia, has issued a warrant for their arrest and deployed several Atlas Soldiers to find and arrest them.

The Fight


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