Lucky shot. Ugh.
—Cardin when the match is declared over

"Pyrrha vs. Team CRDL" is a battle that occurred between Pyrrha Nikos and the members of Team CRDL in preparation for the Vytal Festival tournament.

Preceding EventsEdit

Pyrrha puts on her equipment in a dark locker room and proceeds down a hallway into the arena, as flashes of her battle with Team CRDL are shown.

While she is still exiting toward the arena, the scene cuts to her running and shifting Miló from rifle to spear form to confront Cardin Winchester.

The FightEdit

Eventually, Pyrrha launches her spear at Dove Bronzewing and then knocks Sky Lark to the ground. Cardin unleashes a short column of fire from the red Dust crystal in The Executioner before he and Sky attempt to double-team Pyrrha.

Pyrrha throws her shield, which hits Cardin in the face and bounces back to hit Sky as well. She then flips backwards through the air to land on Sky, incapacitating him. Dove and Russel Thrush rush her together, but she is able to drive them back as Cardin leaps in to smash at her with his mace.

Pyrrha opens fire with the rifle-form of Miló, but Russel defends Cardin, deflecting every shot with Shortwings. He and Dove charge at Pyrrha, with Russel leaping into the air and performing a triple somersault; however, the attack is easily deflected. Russel and Dove proceed to strike at Pyrrha together, demonstrating precision through their ability to avoid hitting one another during the attack. Cardin attempts to capitalize on the distraction but is unable to keep up with Pyrrha. Russel ducks in under Cardin for a surprise attack, but also proves himself unable to wear her down.

Dove moves in after Russel is knocked to the ground. After a couple of deflected swipes, he fires on her with Hallshott, but she is able to bull right through using her shield. Although he is able to avoid her attack, Dove finds himself knocked out of the fight by an errant swing from Cardin, who moves in for another assault. Pyrrha knocks Cardin into the air and then leaps to slam him into the ground.

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