—Neo, happy about stomping on her opponent

"Cinder, Mercury, Emerald and Neo vs. Unnamed Team" is a battle that occurred during the Vytal Festival tournament.

Preceding Events

The match is part of the Vytal Festival tournament, and would determine whether the team consisting of Cinder Fall, Mercury Black, Emerald Sustrai and Neo Politan or the unidentified team would move on to the following rounds.

The Fight

When Yang Xiao Long asks how Emerald's team is faring in the tournament, Emerald pauses momentarily before concluding, "Really well...". A brief glimpse of the battle is then shown. Emerald and Mercury are seen firing off a few shots from their weapons before Cinder kicks an unfortunate opponent through the air. He lands at the feet of a mysterious girl with black hair and green eyes, who circles around him menacingly. Her eyes change to pink and brown, which are Neo's signature colors, before she knocks her helpless opponent out with her boot.


  • Unusually, for this match, the arena did not seem to have any special biomes or simulated terrain.

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