These battle pages list all of the battles that have taken place during RWBY, in the order they appeared on the show.


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The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2Edit


Forever Fall, Pt.2Edit

Black and WhiteEdit

Volume 2Edit

Best Day EverEdit

Painting the Town...Edit


Dance Dance InfiltrationEdit

Search and DestroyEdit

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Volume 3Edit

Round OneEdit

New Challengers...Edit

It's Brawl in the FamilyEdit

Lessons LearnedEdit

Never Miss a BeatEdit


Beginning of the EndEdit


Battle of BeaconEdit

Heroes and MonstersEdit

End of the BeginningEdit

Volume 4Edit

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The Next StepEdit

Of Runaways and StowawaysEdit

Tipping PointEdit

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps BackEdit

No Safe HavenEdit

Volume 5Edit

Volume 5 Weiss Character ShortEdit

Volume 5 Yang Character ShortEdit

Dread in the AirEdit

Lighting the FireEdit

Alone TogetherEdit

The More the MerrierEdit

Vault of the Spring MaidenEdit

Volume 6Edit

Volume 6 Adam Character ShortEdit

Argus LimitedEdit

The Lost FableEdit

The Coming StormEdit

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Stealing from the ElderlyEdit

The Lady in the ShoeEdit

Volume 7Edit

The Greatest KingdomEdit

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Worst Case ScenarioEdit

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With Friends Like TheseEdit

The Enemy of TrustEdit

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