These battle pages list all of the battles that have taken place during RWBY, in the order they appeared on the show.


"Red" Trailer

"White" Trailer

"Black" Trailer

"Yellow" Trailer


Chapter 2

Volume 1

Ruby Rose

The Emerald Forest

Players and Pieces

The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2


Forever Fall, Pt.2

Black and White

Volume 2

Best Day Ever

Painting the Town...


Dance Dance Infiltration

Search and Destroy

No Brakes


Volume 3

Round One

New Challengers...

It's Brawl in the Family

Lessons Learned

Never Miss a Beat


Beginning of the End


Battle of Beacon

Heroes and Monsters

End of the Beginning

Volume 4

Volume 4 Character Short

The Next Step

Of Runaways and Stowaways

Tipping Point

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

No Safe Haven

Volume 5

Volume 5 Weiss Character Short

Volume 5 Yang Character Short

Dread in the Air

Lighting the Fire

Alone Together

The More the Merrier

Volume 6

Volume 6 Adam Character Short

Argus Limited

The Coming Storm

The Grimm Reaper


Stealing from the Elderly

The Lady in the Shoe

Battle Pages

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