Volume 1

Jaunedice, Pt.2

Now, while this must feel like ancient history to many of you, it is imperative to remember that these are relatively recent events! Why, the repercussions of the uprising can still be seen to this day!
—Oobleck, describing how the Faunus Rights Revolution is relevant to modern times
Dreadful, simply dreadful! Remember, students, it is precisely this kind of ignorance that breeds violence!
—Oobleck, regarding the discrimination against Faunus
You've worked hard to gain entrance to this school, and we only accept the best of the best, so I expect you to act like it. History is important, gentlemen! If you can't learn from it... you're destined to repeat it.
—Oobleck, lecturing Jaune Arc and Cardin Winchester on their classroom performance

Volume 2

Field Trip

Why hello girls! Who's ready to fight for their lives?
—Oobleck, to Team RWBY before leaving on their first mission

Search and Destroy

It's "Doctor" Oobleck. I didn't earn the Ph.D. for fun, thank you very much!
—Oobleck, to Weiss Schnee
Why, what a preposterous question, you silly girl! Why, history is the backbone of our very society! And the liver! And probably the kidneys if I were to wager!
—Oobleck, answering Weiss' question
As a Huntsman, it is my job to protect the people, and although I am capable of doing it with traditional weaponry, I believe I can make a much larger impact if I do it with my mind.
—Oobleck, to Ruby Rose on how he can be a more effective Huntsman
I am a Huntsman, Ruby, because there is nothing else in this world I would rather be.
—Oobleck, to Ruby on why he became a Huntsman

Mountain Glenn

My dear, we're not just looking for an underground crime network, we're looking for an UNDERGROUND crime network!
—Oobleck, to Yang Xiao Long

No Brakes

Decouple the caboose! It will kill us all!
—Oobleck, to Blake Belladonna atop the moving train

Volume 3

Round One

These certainly are some spectacular spectacles on which to spectate on! I don't think anyone tuning in around the world is going to disagree with me on that!
—Oobleck, as an announcer for the Vytal Festival tournament

New Challengers...

That concludes the matches for today. Please leave the Colosseum IN A CALM AND ORDERLY FASHION!!
—Oobleck, on the intercom system at Amity Colosseum

Battle of Beacon

Miss Rose, this day will surely go down in Remnant's history. I'd prefer it if my students could live to tell about it.
—Oobleck, telling the students to escape the battlefield

Volume 4


Despite popular belief, teachers do have lives outside the classroom.
—Oobleck, explaining to Yang why he and Port are visiting her father
The Branwen twins have always been... interesting, to say the least.
—Oobleck, on Qrow and Raven
Are we finally talking about the Goliath in the room?
—Oobleck, on Yang's missing arm
A piece of Atlas technology given out like that is rare indeed! Not to mention the effort it took to get it here. It seems a great many people want to see you returned to normal.
—Oobleck, to Yang about the value of what she has

RWBY Chibi

Astonishing! I have never encountered such smartitude...
—Oobleck in Jaune's dream
So, in conclusion, read a book! Because no matter the problem, books fix everything!
—Oobleck adds more words to the above advice
You know, people often ask me about shortcuts to make life easier. "Life hacks", if you will. To which I respond... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! There are no shortcuts in life! Your rivals are always at your heels! You want to survive?! Study hard! Work harder! Constantly improve yourself! Never rest! NEVER REST! Your time in life is limited! You must grab mortality by the throat and laugh in its face! "Ahaha, I laugh in your face, mortality!"
—Oobleck's words of wisdom

RWBY: The Official Manga

Chapter 6

Amend your ignorance, and produce for me a 30-page essay by next week on the role of race in society from a historical perspective!
—Oobleck, to Jaune for giving the wrong answer
My fine students... The future is no more than the accumulation of the deeds and misdeed of the past! This is the ultimate truth! Know this! Those who take the past lightly have no future to speak of.
—Oobleck, to everyone
A perfect answer, Nikos! Brava Brava!! From you, I'd like 30 pages on the fundamental societal issues suggested by the White Fang's existence, as well as potential solutions!!
—Oobleck, to Pyrrha

Chapter 14

However, excess adrenaline can stimulate the nerves more than is necessary, leading to fatigue and loss of focus. As professional, we hope to bring our mission to and assured and swift end. Tothat end, a Huntsman must maintain presence of mind. You have already demonstrated yourselfves lacking, and you ought to reflect on that. If this were one of my lectures, I would demand a 50-page report on the effects of breathing techniques on autonomic nerves, but alas, you are excused today. Why? Only because this mission is upon us. Now then! Are you prepare?!
—Oobleck, to Team RWBY
How rude!! I stand before you!! And it is Doctor Oobleck to you. I did not earn my doctorate just for giggles.
—Oobleck, to Weiss after being offended

Chapter 15

I am Huntsmen and second, and an educator first. There is no mission more important than protecting the lives of my students.
—Oobleck, to Yang

Chapter 16

Allow me to state this clearly. Roman Torchwick... Do not look down on Huntsmen.
—Oobleck, to Roman
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