Throughout the production of a series, a lot goes on behind the scenes in regards to planning and design, which often go through multiple stages before resulting in the final version that is seen on screen. Some concepts and ideas can have an effect on the show and characters, and unexpected occurrences during production can also lead to changes and additions to the plans for the show.

Character Basis

Bartholomew Oobleck alludes to the character Bartholomew Cubbins from the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew and the Oobleck. This allusion has had the following influences on the character and the show:

  • His name is taken from the title of the book.
  • His hair is green, like the oobleck.
  • The fact that he prefers to be called "doctor", rather than "professor", may reference how the author, Theodor Seuss Geisel, authored his children's books under the pen name Dr. Seuss.


  • Initially, Oobleck had been intended to be a more boring and lethargic instructor, having originally giving a vibe alluding to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. This was later changed as Oobleck was needed to give exposition in an entertaining way. [1]
  • Gavin Free and Chris Demarais originally auditioned for the role.[2]
  • Over the course of Volumes 1 through 4, Oobleck's eyes have repeatedly changed colors.
    • Between Volumes 1 and 2, Rooster Teeth released a RWBY playing card deck, containing a card that depicts Oobleck with yellow eyes.
    • In Volume 2, his eyes are finally made visible in the show proper, and they are revealed to be green.
    • In Volume 3, his eyes are dark blue.
    • In Volume 4, his eyes are green again.
  • After Volume 3, Rooster Teeth changed animation software from Poser Pro 2013 to Autodesk Maya. With this change, the animation department also made all new models for RWBY. The Bartholomew Oobleck model was given a newer hair model that gives him the same hairstyle but is structured differently.
  • While Joel Heyman left Rooster Teeth, his voice was still used for Oobleck in RWBY Chibi's Neon Kobini skits due to his lines likely being recorded before his departure.

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