"Bad Luck Charm" is a song featured in RWBY Volume 4. It is incorporated in the RWBY: Volume 4 Soundtrack.[1][2]

The song plays in "Punished", when Qrow Branwen fights against Tyrian Callows. The song title alludes to Qrow's Semblance.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Is your reward for being near me.

Won't be your friend when I'm around.

Me for the tragedies that follow.

The situations that surround.

I'm a harbinger,
I cannot lie,
I will change the color of your life.

I don't mean to bring you pain,
But I will, just why, I can't explain.

I am no one's blessing,
I'll just bring you harm.

I'm a cursed black cat,
I'm an albatross,
I'm a mirror broken,

Sad to say,
I'm your bad luck charm.

I hang my head in constant sorrow

On every day you need the light

To see some fortune in tomorrow

Is what I am to every life

You should trust one thing
Take my advice
If you linger close
It's a hefty price
You and I are not the same
You don't want the burden of my name

I am no one's blessing
I'll just bring you harm
I'm a cursed black cat
I'm an albatross
I'm a mirror broken
Sad to say I'm your bad luck charm

A guaranteed catastrophe
A tear that's bound to fall
A sure train wreck
And you'll soon regret
The day I came to call

I'm a cursed black cat
I'm an albatross
I'm a mirror broken
Sad to say, I'm your bad luck charm

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the fight between Qrow and Winter in "It's Brawl in the Family", the commentary track describes his theme as taking inspiration from "Red Like Roses", but distorted and changed.
  • The song has been referenced multiple times in RWBY Chibi.
    • First in the episode "Coming Home to Roost", when an upbeat instrumental version of the song was used as a soundtrack for the short of the same name.
    • Again in "Cool Dad", when three different instrumental versions of the song were used during the "Cool Uncle" and "Cool Dad" shorts including the credits for the episode.
    • And again in the episode "Mortal Frenemies", when another instrumental version of it is used during the short of the same name.
    • Another upbeat version is also used in the episode "Tea Party" during the Leisurely Stroll of Doom skit.
    • Another instrumental version of the song is played during the two "QrowCrow" skits in the episode "JNPR Dreams".

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