August "Gus" Caspian is a character from the novel RWBY: After the Fall. He is the grandson of Edward Caspian.


August is described as a young man of around 11 or 12. He has short, curly black hair and a tan complexion. When Gus met Team CFVY he wore a T-shirt from the 38th Vytal Festival and jeans.

Upon enrolling in Oscuro Academy he was given the standard male uniform. Which consists of a thin vest worn over an athletic shirt and spandex leggings.


At first, Gus was a timid and shy young boy, who had a tendency to be defensive and secretive due to self-consciousness about his own Semblance and its negative effects. He is a convincing liar who uses his Semblance's effects to indirectly try to do good, as he does not like fighting.

August initially has strong adversities to becoming a Huntsman, but by the end of the novel, is somewhat more confident and less against the aforementioned field of work.

Powers and Abilities

Upon enrolling in Oscuro Academy, Gus has started training with his grandfather's disc-blade as a primary weapon.


Gus' Semblance allows him to amplify the emotions of those around him, whether positive or negative. However, he can only amplify emotions that the target is currently feeling, such as Bertilak Celadon's anger against Team CFVY.

Additionally, Gus is scared to use his Semblance, as he has not mastered control over it and he fears the amplified emotions would attract the Creatures of Grimm. His Semblance is considered to be very powerful if it were mastered.

As of RWBY: Before the Dawn, Gus has gained more control over his powers.


Gus was born in the settlement of Sumire in Vale, where his parents were killed due to a Grimm invasion around the age of 11. As a result, he was taken care of by his grandfather, Edward.

Edward hired Carmine Esclados and Bertilak to safely transport them to the settlement of Gossan, in Vacuo. The group eventually reached Gossan, but then moved to Feldspar as the original settlement was destroyed by Grimm, where they met Team CFVY.

During their travels, Gus' Semblance would have to consistently be blocked by his grandfather.

The Huntsmen-in-training lead the nomadic tribes to the settlement of Coquina, but when a sandstorm blew over, Carmine and Bertilak revealed their scheme to kidnap and traffic the Caspians to an unknown employer for their Semblances. Carmine kidnapped Gus but was prevented from completing her objective and arrested by Team CFVY. Edward and August arrived in the settlement of Coquina safely, along with the other travelers.

In RWBY: Before the Dawn, Gus has enlisted in Oscuro Academy in Coquina. He joins Team NOVA in a mission to restore a CCT relay tower, and informs Velvet Scarlatina that some of his classmates had gone missing after visiting The Mirage. He returns to Coquina after the mission.



  • His allusion is Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia.[1]

Color Naming Rule

  • August is the third month of summer, bringing warm colors to mind.
  • "Caspian" is a shade of the color blue, as well as the world's largest inland sea.


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