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The Atlesian Paladin-290[1] was a massive mechanized battlesuit developed by the Kingdom of Atlas' greatest minds in collaboration with the Schnee Dust Company.

The prototype version of the suit was first seen in "A Minor Hiccup", being introduced by James Ironwood. While the Production and Advanced versions were used during the Battle of Beacon.

Amity Arena reveals the inventor of the suits was Arthur Watts.[2]

Following the destruction of the Kingdom of Atlas, the remaining Paladins were all likely destroyed.



The Atlesian Paladin was enormous, able to take up an entire lane on a highway, its armaments notwithstanding. Inside there was a cockpit that houses and secures one pilot, with several holographic displays available to monitor the status of the Paladin and survey the surrounding environment.

The Paladin was equipped with at least two arm-mounted Dust cannons capable of rapid charging and firing, rear-mounted ten-tube rocket launchers, and twin-barreled anti-personnel automatic cannons attached to the aforementioned energy cannons. Under each Dust cannon is a fold-out arm area, which unfolds to form large fists for close quarters combat, presumably for dealing with large Goliath sized Grimm.

The Paladins used by the White Fang had the organization's emblem emblazoned on at least one side of their guns. These models were stolen by Roman Torchwick and redistributed to the White Fang forces in Vale.


The Atlesian Paladin seen in "Battle of Beacon" had a black and white color scheme and the symbol of Atlas emblazoned on both of its guns. This was presumably the finished color scheme for non-prototype models produced by Atlas.


The new Atlesian mech model seen in "Heroes and Monsters"

In "Heroes and Monsters" a new mech is seen. Unlike the other Atlesian Paladin models, this one had a bulkier frame with a large insectiod carapace-like "helmet" on its head. Additional armored plating was also added to the legs, shoulders, and thigh areas.

This new mechanized suit design is either the finished Atlesian Paladin, or an advanced Paladin.

Atlesian Paladin-06

Main article: AP-06

An industrial version called the AP-06 was introduced in "Amity". It is slightly larger, weaponless and is used for construction and heavy lifting in Atlas. Nonetheless, it is still very strong and durable, as it could take direct hits from a Manta, as well as hold it in place despite its power.


Prior to the start of the series, the Paladins had been developed by a team of Atlesian scientists in collaboration with the Schnee Dust Company. Amongst the minds working on the project included Arthur Watts, who later faked his death in an incident related to these models referred to as "the Paladin Incident". [3]

Vale attack

In "A Minor Hiccup", the Paladin was first seen being unveiled in the form of a hologram by Ironwood in a small presentation in Vale, who describes it and the Atlesian Knight-200 as the next step forward in military technology, with the Paladin being described by Ironwood as a powerful mechanical device that is still controlled by a Human.

Roman unveils the stolen Paladin at the White Fang rally

The Paladin was seen again at the White Fang Faction Meeting, in "Painting the Town...". However, it was now in the possession of Roman Torchwick, who states that he "managed to snag a few, before they hit the shelves". As Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong watch the presentation, Roman spots them and attempts to catch them, only for Blake to shoot the facility's lights out.

Roman jumps into the pilot's seat of the Paladin and chases the duo across Vale, destroying cars and property, while being chased in turn by Neptune Vasilias, Yang Xiao Long and the rest of Team RWBY. Weiss Schnee eventually uses Myrtenaster to cause the Paladin to fall from the highway down to the ground level, where Ruby Rose is standing and is shortly joined by the rest of Team RWBY as they land beside her.

After commencing attack after attack, Blake and Ruby severed one of the Paladin's arms, while Yang takes advantage of the situation, and jumps onto its back, pummeling it with blasts from Ember Celica. Roman then bashes Yang into the ground, sending the latter into a cold fury, during which she destroys the other arm of the Paladin and, with the help of Blake, shatters the massive machine with one powerful blow to its facial structure, causing it to fall to pieces, with Roman fleeing after its destruction.

In "Mountain Glenn", as Ruby wakes up, in the underground White Fang base, she sees a Paladin being used to load cargo. Multiple Paladins are seen on the cargo train in "No Brakes", with Bartholomew Oobleck and Zwei combating them during the climax of the said episode. The first Paladin was dispatched when Dr. Oobleck uses Zwei as a flaming makeshift missile, causing an explosion that knocks it off the train. As Zwei watches the Paladin fall, a second Paladin approached them and is hit by a fireball from Dr. Oobleck. Afterward, a third Paladin was destroyed by Dr. Oobleck with the assistance of Ruby. After the third Paladin was destroyed, two more emerged to fight Dr. Oobleck and Zwei. Later, in "Breach", a damaged Paladin emerged from the tunnel carrying Dr. Oobleck and Zwei. It is presumed that any other Paladins that potentially survived were recovered.

In "Lessons Learned", it was revealed in a conversation between Weiss and Winter Schnee that the Paladin that Team RWBY fought was in a prototype stage. Winter was also revealed to be accompanying a new shipment of Paladin units to Vale, after their previous shipment of prototypes was stolen in an ambush.

The rogue Paladin at Beacon Academy (note the altered color scheme)

In "Battle of Beacon", several Paladins stationed at Beacon and Vale goes rogue after a computer virus is introduced into the Atlesian network by Torchwick. It is seen attacking soldiers at the Beacon Academy courtyard. This Paladin appeared to be a production model and had a more finished color scheme than the prototypes stolen by the White Fang.

Students from numerous academies arriving from Amity Colosseum later join in the fight against the rogue Paladins in "Heroes and Monsters". One knocks out both Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren and begins advancing on the rest of the students. In response, Velvet Scarlatina unleashes her weapon, taking on two of them and destroying one, but is bested by the second. Weiss destroys the second Paladin with help from her summon, the arm and sword of an Arma Gigas.

A new type of mech suit, which may not be part of the Paladin line, appears and attempts to attack the remaining students, but it shuts down along with the rest of the rogue androids and mechs when the controlling airship crashes.

Atlas War

Multiple Paladin's lined up to defend Atlas

Paladins and soldiers were used as the main and seemingly only land defense of the flying island of Atlas. When Salem begins her invasion of Atlas in "War", numerous advanced paladins were set up in the Atlas fields to defend the city alongside the Atlas army. When Salem releases her army of Grimm onto the island during the Battle of Atlas, Paladins fight them alongside Atlas Soldiers and Atlas Academy Huntsmen.

After the Battle ends, it is presumed that multiple Paladins were destroyed in the invasion. Once the Kingdom of Atlas is destroyed, any remaining Paladins were likely destroyed with the Kingdom.

Features and Capabilities

The Atlesian Paladin boasted a tough armor that made it very strong and resistant to attacks. However, the mech itself couldn't take repeated blows and was susceptible to being destroyed if hit by a much stronger attack.

In addition, the mech was armed with multiple laser sights: one was mounted under the cockpit, two were mounted on the upper corners of the cockpit and at least two (one on each side) more laser sights were mounted on the back shoulders of the mech. They were accurate enough to detect (extremely quick) movement, but they did not offer pinpoint accuracy.

In "Painting the Town...", it was shown to be able to fire explosive rockets that homed in on its target. The Atlesian Paladin's cannons fired similar shots to the Spider Droid.

The Paladin was also able to deploy semi-collapsible mechanical fists from underneath its arms on top of its main cannons, which it used in close combat. It was mobile enough to jump over an entire highway and outrun cars.

Although there was a cockpit built for a pilot to operate the mech, it also appeared to have an autopilot mode capable of moving and fighting independently, which was hacked by Roman using Cinder's computer virus.


  • Paladins were originally the foremost warriors of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne's court, situated in modern-day France and Germany. They were knights, believed to be holy, whose exploits were exaggerated or completely fabricated by later medieval poets, who portrayed them as defending Christianity from Islamic warriors, analogous to King Arthur's Round Table. Since then, the word has come to mean any kind of chivalrous hero, usually a knight.
  • The model for the Prototype Paladin was made by Dmitriev Vasiliy and sold on Turbosquid.


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