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The Atlesian Dropship is an aerial vehicle operated by the Atlas Military in RWBY.


These aircraft make their first appearance in the episode "Welcome to Beacon", serving as escorts for the Atlesian airships that James Ironwood brings to Vale. These dropships make a more prominent appearance in "Breach", aiding the Huntsmen of Beacon in their battle against the Grimm incursion.

In "Battle of Beacon", during the second Grimm invasion of Vale, Ironwood pilots a dropship in order to board and retake the airship that was commandeered by Roman Torchwick. However, the onboard Atlesian Knight-200 androids are infected by a computer virus that Torchwick has introduced into the system and thus turn on him. As a result, Ironwood's aircraft spirals out of control and crashes.


The Atlesian dropship is a light transport aircraft, complementing the much larger Atlesian airship. Typically flown in groups of three, its primary role appears to be transporting troops into hot battle zones; it also appears to be capable of performing a limited close air support role with its chin-mounted Gatling cannons. In this capacity, it is comparable to the armed variant of the Bullhead.

The dropship has an angular appearance and consists of a frontal cockpit section and a rear transport section. The aircraft's engines appear to be mounted on articulated nacelles at the ends of each wing. The passenger cabin is capable of carrying at least ten AK-200 androids, with a single aft door/ramp allowing its complement to quickly disembark. In the episode "Breach", dropships are seen deploying roughly ten androids per ship by means of free-fall airdrop.


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