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Atlas Soldiers[1] were the armed forces of the former Kingdom of Atlas. The soldiers were also the acting police force throughout the Kingdom.


These soldiers wear body armor that covers their upper bodies. It is a white-gray color, with several different highlights along the helmet and arms depending on the individual. Their helmets cover their faces almost entirely, barring their mouths. Their pants are black, with some gray areas on them, and they have a belt with a few pouches, a handgun strapped to their hips and a sword in collapsed mode strapped to their lower backs. They are also seen with rifles strapped across their backs.

Four Atlas Soldiers variations have been seen so far, with red, blue, yellow and green markings. It is not known if those represent ranks or different assignments, though each have been shown in varying roles in the show so far:

  • Yellow seems to act as security, as they were the ones in charge of guarding the CCT tower
  • Red and blue both seem to act as infantry personnel, as they are the ones guarding Beacon from Grimm during the Vytal Festival and working directly with James Ironwood in various shots, as well as guarding Penny Polendina
  • Green seem to act as airship personnel, as so far they have only been seen working aboard the Atlas Airships

Argus variants of the soldiers wear white and slate broad-shouldered uniforms which include caps with two visors, pulled down so as to cover their eyes.

Those in Solitas wore uniforms identical to that of Marrow Amin's; a white coat with red and blue accents with the addition of a blue pilot's hat.


In "A Minor Hiccup", soldiers are seen standing guard near the podium announcing the Atlesian Knight-200s. A duo then spots Penny Polendina and Ruby Rose, and they both break out into a full sprint trying to capture them. They become distracted and lose track of the two after coming across a crash the girls had inadvertently caused.

The Atlesian soldiers find Penny.

In "Painting the Town...", they eventually manage to find Penny, though she is evasive when they ask what happened to Ruby, who is hiding in a nearby dumpster. After assessing that she is okay, they scold her for causing a scene and warn her that her father will be upset. They ask that she comes with them, to which Penny cheerfully agrees.

Two soldiers, one with blue markings and another in red, are seen overseeing Penny at the dance in "Dance Dance Infiltration". The red marked soldier is seen tapping his foot in rhythm to the music before coming to a stop upon being noticed by his blue marked counterpart.

Later, the red marked soldier can be seen dancing the robot with Penny after Team JNPR's dance number. Yellow marked Atlesian soldiers are shown guarding the Cross Continental Transmit System before being methodically taken out by a disguised Cinder Fall. After Cinder flees back to the dance, two soldiers attempt to pursue her before losing sight of her within the crowded dance floor after she shed her disguise.

During "Breach" soldiers can be seen piloting Atlesian Dropship and red and blue soldiers are seen again later guarding the cell in which Roman Torchwick is being kept.

Some red and blue soldiers are seen as part of Winter Schnee's escort in "It's Brawl in the Family". In "Fall", two soldiers, accompanied by androids, apprehend Yang Xiao Long after she appears to attack a defenseless Mercury Black unprovoked after the conclusion of their match. Later, in "PvP", two soldiers are seen watching Cinder's broadcast, but are surprised and overwhelmed by a swarm of Grimm.

In "Battle of Beacon", after the Grimm attack Amity Colosseum en masse, several soldiers are seen trying to usher people onto the transports escaping the stadium. Later, many are seen fighting in the Beacon Academy campus against hordes of Grimm. After the computer virus causes the Atlesian Knight androids and automated Paladins to turn on them, the human soldiers also struggle to hold them off.

Many Atlas Soldiers are seen in Argus, including the Nubuck Guards and all of them work for Caroline Cordovin. After she refuses to help Ruby's Group reach Atlas, the soldiers do the same and refuse to help them. After one of the soldiers notice them trying to steal a Manta and Cordovin tries to kill them with the Colossus, the soldiers cheer for her until they learn of an approaching Leviathan and other invading Grimm. They attempt to engage them, but much of their forces are wiped out. After Ruby asks them to assist her with dealing with the giant Grimm, they still refuse to help her due to still seeing her group as hostiles. After Ruby uses her powers, the soldiers cheer at her for dealing with the Grimm.

Arriving in Atlas, the soldiers carry their original design along with Solitas and Laboratory variants. Of the original, armored design only the blue infantry design is seen. They appear to act as the police force of the Kingdom, implying that the police and military are one and the same. After Ruby's group land in Mantle after ditching the Manta, the soldiers are seen trying to apprehend them in "The Greatest Kingdom" and take them to Atlas Academy in "A New Approach" after they arrested Forest for throwing a brick at their ship. After they encounter General Ironwood and Winter Schnee, she tells the soldiers to release Ruby's Group within 10 seconds before she hurts them, which causes them to release them.

Atlas Soldiers arresting Jacques Schnee

After this, multiple soldiers are seen in "Ace Operatives" patrolling the tundra of Solitas looking for a Geist Grimm before locating it at the Schnee Dust Company Mine 2 and informing the Ace Operatives about it. Later in "Sparks", multiple soldiers are present at the Atlas Medical Facility and in Mantle once the people begin to start a riot. After this, the soldiers are forced to arrest the people involved with the riot in "A Night Off" and later patrol the streets of Mantle in "Worst Case Scenario" once Ironwood issues a curfew banning multiple people from gathering together following the slaughter at the Mantle Warehouse. Some soldiers are present when Grimm start to invade Mantleand another riot breaks out when the city's heat is shut off in "As Above, So Below". Other soldiers take part in arresting Jacques Schnee after they learn he caused the situation by getting help from Arthur Watts.

Once Ironwood implements martial law and orders the arrest of Ruby's Group, they attempt to do so as seen in "The Enemy of Trust". They fail to stop the majority of the group from escaping, but manage to arrest Qrow Branwen and Robyn Hill after they were framed for the murder of Clover Ebi by Tyrian Callows. The soldiers are also present in "Divide" when council members Sleet and Camilla confront Ironwood over declaring martial law while holding them back before Ironwood kills Sleet in front of everyone present.

After this, Ironwood sends his soldiers to retrieve Watts while knocking him out in the process and forces him to hack Penny while his soldiers hold him at gunpoint. When Ruby's Group infiltrate the Atlas Command Center, Ironwood authorizes them to use lethal force to stop them.

Bodies of the soldiers that were killed during the Battle of Atlas.

When Salem commences her invasion of Atlas in "War", multiple soldiers are seen defending the city during the Battle of Atlas. During "Dark", Cinder breaks Watts out of prison with multiple soldiers attempting to stop them. After they try to recapture Qrow and Robyn and get defeated, they manage to recapture Jacques. In "Witch", countless soldiers have died during the fight and Team FNKI were drafted into the military to help stop the invasion.

As shown in "Risk", many of the soldiers became nervous around Ironwood due to his actions.

In "Worthy" when Cinder, Neo, and Watts head towards the Atlas Command Center, they kill all the soldiers that were stationed there and take control of it themselves.

It is unknown if any solders survived following the destruction of the Kingdom.

Powers and Abilities

The full capability of these soldiers is unknown; however, they are shown to possess great physical strength and impact resistance when in their armor, which seems to include high-traction boots. One was able to bring a decelerating car to a stop via impact without flinching, being moved or being noticeably harmed, before promptly motioning for his partner to continue the chase.

Atlas soldiers are seen carrying a rifle and pistol, the former carried over-the-back. They are also seen deploying collapsible swords for use in hand-to-hand combat situations.

They also possess military training in hand-to-hand combat, as shown when they are briefly able to hold their own against Cinder Fall before eventually being defeated.


  • The voice actors for the Atlas Soldiers in "Painting the Town..." are Jon Risinger and Patrick Rodriguez, while in "Dance Dance Infiltration", they are voiced by Shane Newville and Kerry Shawcross. In "Fall", an Atlas Soldier is voiced by Josh Flanagan, and in "Beginning of the End", an Atlas Soldier is voiced by Jonathan Floyd.
  • It is unknown if there are any Faunus soldiers, as no soldier has any visible animal trait.


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