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The Atlas Police Airship [1] was an Atlesian transport aircraft introduced in the episode "The Greatest Kingdom" of Volume 7. The same model was also used by the Atlas Broadcast Network[2] in "Cordially Invited".


The Atlesian airship has a blocky body with two wide wings that end with thrusters. The vehicle is divided into the driver's cockpit and a cargo not unlike a regular land truck.

The police vehicle is gray and utilitaristic. The Atlas Broadcast Network version of the airship is colored a gray teal and has Atlas Broadcast Network written on the cockpit and thrusters.

Interior and Accommodations

The cockpit has enough room fro two pilots. The cargo section has enough room for 10 people to freely move around. The cockpit and cargo section are separated by a wall with a fenced window. The cockpit is accessed by two doors on each side and the cargo section is accessed by a wide door in the back. The cargo section has windows to see the outside.


The Atlas Police Airship is first introduced in "The Greatest Kingdom" when Team RWBY, Team JNR, Qrow Branwen and Oscar Pine get arrested by the Ace Operatives for illegally fighting Grimm in Mantle. The beginning of the next episode "A New Approach" takes place in the airship and takes the heroes from Mantle to Atlas. Here they are introduced to Forest, who was arrested earlier for throwing a brick at the airship in an effort to get people talking about his cause. Their current predicament allows him to inform the heroes of Robyn Hill, her cause and her Happy Huntresses. Unexpectedly the Airship doesn't take the heroes to the police station, but to Atlas Academy to see General Ironwood.

"Cordially Invited introduced the same airship type owned by the Atlas Broadcast Network, covering the Jacques Schnee Council election at Schnee Manor.


  • Concept artist Scott Zenteno noted that the airship was based on old paddy wagons and describes the ship as "An air transport mainly for prisoner transport".[1]
  • The Atlas Police Airship is essentially a real world police van with wings.