For the main character of RWBY: The Grimm Campaign, see Fenix Nemean.
Okay, you can hide out back in the cargo hold. I'll take you as far as I can, but if we get caught, you're on your own. Understand?
—Pilot, to Weiss

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The Atlas Pilot , named Fenix Atar in the commentary, was a character that first appears in "No Safe Haven". He agrees to smuggle Weiss Schnee from Atlas to Mistral with his airship.


His demeanor is pleasant, and the two of them converse on his cargo plane easily. However, he is capable of drawing a hard line when he must. He also admits to smuggling Dust from Atlas.


He wore a white uniform with black gloves, vest and black chaps over white pants. He wore a white helmet with a black visor that concealed his eyes and hair.


He agrees to smuggle Weiss from Atlas to Mistral with his airship in return for her money.

A mayday comes in from a flight under attack by Grimm, who lost their Huntress. He prioritizes his and Weiss' safety and their mission to stay under the radar over the people in distress. He is not without compassion when he informs Weiss of this. In "Dread in the Air", a swarm of Lancers attacks his ship, and it crashes. One of the animators, Kim Newman, stated the crash killed him.[1]


  • In commentary, he has been named Fenix Atar.
    • Fenix is a bastardized version of phoenix, a mythological bird of fire. Atar is Persian for fire or lightning.
  • Miles Luna has stated that there was cut dialogue of the Pilot mentioning having a boyfriend back in Atlas. While they wanted to have more LGBTQ+ representation, they were concerned that their first confirmed LGBTQ+ character would be killed off so quickly.[2]



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