The Atlesian Military is an organized body of armed forces from the Kingdom of Atlas, which is regarded as the world's strongest military power. Their headquarters are located at Atlas Academy. The uniforms of standard soldiers includes metal body armor and helmets that conceal the top of their faces. They are seen wielding a variety of weapons including rifles, pistols and swords.

Military Technology[edit | edit source]

The new Atlesian Knight-200s

Atlas has always supported the idea of the removal of men from the dangers of the battlefield, thus a large component of their significant military force is made up of android soldiers, such as the Atlesian Knight-200, designed to replace the standard Atlesian Knight-130 security model. The androids were heavily networked, routed through the large carrier airships used by the air fleet; destruction of all such ships in the area leads to a full shutdown of all automated units.

The Atlesian military understands that many situations still require a human presence, with Human soldiers still serving among their forces, and in conjunction with the Schnee Dust Company have also introduced piloted mechanized battle-suits known as the Atlesian Paladin-290. Although designed to operate in as piloted units, they can also be remotely and independently operated, functioning in the same way as the smaller Knight units. They have also developed towering mechs designed to defend against giant Grimm. An upgraded, more formidable version of the Paladin was seen in the Battle of Beacon.

Prior to the switch to the AK-200 model, Atlesian Knight-130s were upgraded into the Atlesian Knights-135. AK-135s were variants to the AK-130s with added durability by ways of a riot shield on its arm. Additionally, Atlas created an unknown number of prototypes of the Spider Droid, which served as security for both the military and for companies such as the Schnee Dust Company.

The Kingdom's borders are defended by the Atlesian Beam Turrets, which sit perched atop walls, firing lasers at incoming threats.

Following the Fall of Beacon, the Atlesian Military made steps to improve its kingdom's defenses, creating weaponry that would improve the public perception of their forces. Such an example is the Atlesian Burrow Gun, a turret built to conceal itself unless a nearby threat was present so that the threat of war was out of the citizens' minds.[1]

Later, the next generation of defensive installations were the Atlesian Arachna Mines. Using the technology of the Accessibility Dialogue Assistant (Ada) for target acquisition and threat detection, these bombs could scuttle towards enemies on the ground.[2]

Airfleet[edit | edit source]

An impressive contingent of the Atlesian air-fleet in action

Along with their army, the Kingdom also boasts an impressive air-fleet even in times of peace, able to field several large airships and a heavy escort of smaller fighter-transports, which can provide tactical fire support for its ground forces. The larger airships are armed with laser batteries, which are capable of easily destroying a ship of the same class. The smaller fighter-transports use a gimbal-mounted dual chaingun as their primary weapon. Atlas' domination of the skies allows the Atlesian military to respond and deploy its troops to face potential threats in quick succession.

The Atlesian air fleet and android ground forces displayed their impressive strength by defending the city of Vale from a marauding force of Grimm forces in the episode "Breach". By Volume 3, at least eight airships were deployed from Atlas at the height of Atlas' presence in Vale, as seen in "PvP". However, they were taken by surprise during the Grimm invasion of Vale and the Battle of Beacon, losing two ships to an airship captured by Roman Torchwick, which itself would later crash, bringing Atlas' losses during the invasion up to at least three airships. It is unknown how many airships survived the invasion, or what portion of Atlas' total air fleet strength they represented. Given that during the Grimm invasion, the city of Vale was designated as the primary evacuation point by the Atlas military, and contained a much higher population than Beacon Academy, it is likely that at least a few ships were still operationally defending the city.

Members[edit | edit source]

Leadership[edit | edit source]

General Ironwood, a prominent general of the Atlesian Military

General James Ironwood is a prominent leader of the military, headmaster of the academy and a holder of two seats on the Atlas council. His agenda is focused on security and safety, however, his methods of doing so, described as "shows of power", bring him into conflict with Ozpin. He also expresses doubt that "children", the Huntsmen-in-training of Beacon Academy, would be able to win a war.

Special Operatives Unit[edit | edit source]

Main article: Special Operatives Unit

Winter Schnee, Special Operative and former student of Atlas Academy

The Atlesian Military is known to recruit graduate Huntsmen and Huntresses from Atlas Academy, especially to join their Special Operatives Unit.[3] This practice has drawn criticism, as Huntsmen were initially intended to be free from allegiance to a specific Kingdom, and the practice also involved pressuring of the graduates and trainees into joining.

Qrow Branwen makes reference to "Specialists", which is a title for members of the Special Operatives Unit. One such member is Winter Schnee, who reports directly to General Ironwood. Another notable member is Caroline Cordovin, who is stationed at the Atlesian Military Base stationed at Argus.

Amongst the Special Operatives unit, the Ace Operatives is said to be the most elite group of agents in the military, answering directly to James Ironwood in covert operations.

Soldiers[edit | edit source]

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Atlas Soldier

Multiple soldiers make up most of Atlas's military power. The soldiers also seem to act as the police force of the kingdom instead of the police and military being separate entities. Soldiers wear different colors to show what position they are in as blue soldiers are the most common and act as the ones that mainly fight on the front lines. The colors the soldiers have worn are blue, red, yellow, and green.

During the Battle of Atlas, the military has also brought students from the academy in their ranks, as is the case with Team FNKI.

Engineering Team[edit | edit source]

Will Scarlatina is the father of Velvet Scarlatina, and a big-shot engineer working with the military and Ironwood. Astounded and amazed by Velvet's invention of Anesidora, Will shows the weapon to Ironwood before she attended Pharos Academy.[4]

Arthur Watts and Pietro Polendina are also possible members of this branch of the Atlesian Military. With Watts having been involved in the creation of the security of Mantle and apparently also had some involvement with developing the Atlas Military defensive weapons, such as the Atlesian Paladin-290 prior to him faking his death. Pietro was also involved in the development of the Kingdom's defenses, with him having been been part of the team tasked by Ironwood to create new defense technology for the military, eventually leading to the start of the P.E.N.N.Y Project.

History[edit | edit source]

Ironwood visits Vale in order to attend the Vytal Festival with students from his academy. However, he arrives not just with his students, but hundreds of soldiers carried by airships. The Atlesian Military protects the city in Vale during the Breach, and serve as the primary security in the Vytal Festival Tournament.

During the Battle of Beacon, Cinder Fall's virus causes the military's technology to turn on them, causing further panic and chaos in Vale.

Upon learning from Winter Schnee of a brewing threat in Mistral, General Ironwood decides to close the borders of the Kingdom of Atlas, calling back most of his troops to defend their home. He stations a small group of soldiers, lead by Special Operative Caroline Cordovin, to stay in the city of Argus and restrict transportations to Atlas.

The Atlesian Military aids in the assembly of the Amity Communications Tower, and later defends Mantle in the Battle of Mantle from incoming Grimm onslaughts. Once Ironwood declares martial law and attempts to raise the city of Atlas, the military attempts to capture Ruby's Group as an arrest warrant for them is sent out throughout the Kingdom.

After Penny Polendina becomes the Winter Maiden, Ironwood attempts to bring her back to his side to complete his plans. When Ruby's Group infiltrates Atlas Military Command, Ironwood authorizes his soldiers to use lethal force to stop them.

When Salem destroys the Hard-Light shields around Atlas and has Monstra land on the floating city, the military is seen trying to hold off the Grimm she creates.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Leader[edit | edit source]

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Special Operatives Unit[edit | edit source]

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Soldiers[edit | edit source]

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Atlas Soldier
Nubuck Guards

Former[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Kingdom's forces were also referenced in "Welcome to Beacon", depicted as a playable force in the tabletop, Remnant: The Game. One of the units mentioned in the game is the Atlesian air-fleet. Yang Xiao Long also comments that most of the Atlesian troops are "probably androids".

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