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The Atlas Medical Facility[1] was a part of the Atlas Command Center located in "The Donut" facilities under the City of Atlas, specifically in the "Maiden Medical Tower 3", which is dubbed as M3.[2] It was where Fria was kept in isolation during her final days. It was later destroyed when Atlas crashes into Mantle and both cities are flooded.


The medical facility was a hospital with at least two floors, with long narrow hallways that are lined with security cameras. Amongst the various rooms included a large area with various computers, attended by the facility's staff.

Fria's Bedroom

Fria was kept in an isolated room so she could not see anyone other than Winter Schnee to prevent the risk that her Maiden powers be transferred to anyone else.

The room itself is mostly empty, with a small cabinet area with a sink beside it and a bed where Fria lies. There is a large easel with a painting on her bedside, indicating she is an artist, and she has several paintings hung on the wall. One of the room's walls serves as a one-way mirror, allowing others to observe the Maiden in secrecy. The floor of the room is translucent.[3] Fria's room is marked as Patient Room 920.[4]

Atlesian Knights were stationed in front of her door.

Following a battle between Cinder Fall, Fria, Winter, and Penny Polendina, the room is completely frozen over in ice and destroyed by Fria, after she unleashed her powers.

Server Room

Beside Fria's Bedroom, a dark server room was set up to make sure that the technology remains stable. Various panels were aligned on the furthest wall, with large shelves on either side.

The floor was made of dark blue tiles which can raise themselves, revealing more accesses. They are indicated by light blue lights.[5]


At some point, James Ironwood moved Fria into the Medical Facility in order to ensure that her Maiden powers transferred to Winter, where she spends the rest of her days in an isolated room.

In "With Friends Like These", Ironwood orders Winter and Penny to claim the Winter Maiden's powers from Fria. The Facility is later attacked by Cinder, who destroys the AK-200 guards along the halls.

In "The Enemy of Trust, the facility sustained large amounts of damage from Winter and Penny's fight against Cinder.

The facility was destroyed in "The Final Word" when Atlas crashed into Mantle and both cities were flooded.

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