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The Atlas Command Center[1] was the central control center of the City of Atlas and it's Military, situated near the base of the flying island, close to the shipping transport tubes. It is first visited in "Strings".

In "The Final Word", it was destroyed when the city of Atlas crashes into Mantle.


The hallways of the command center were shown to be white in color, both due to the colors of the walls and floors as well as the lighting of the base.

Central Command Center

The central command center of the military base was bursting with activity from both technicians and Atlas Soldiers. It was a large room filled with various computer screens, used to watch over operations in the kingdoms. In one of its walls, a poster with a shark Grimm was hung up, reminding operators to not bring food or drinks to the central command.

The command center had two floors, the computer room and a viewing platform above.

Later, Cinder Fall, along with Arthur Watts and Neopolitan killed everyone here and Watts took over the command center shortly after this.

Server Room

The server room's hallway was similar to the headquarters' pipe rooms, being more dimly lit than the rest of the base. The only pathway into the room was a wide bridge hovering 101'4" (30.89) meters above[2] a different pathway below. At the end of the path, a heavily electrified door protected the server room itself.

Inside, the room was shown to have the typical white lighting as seen with the rest of the headquarters. It had several terminals rising from the floor, and a central access station in the furthest wall from the entrance. Through this station, clearance for the launch of the Amity Communications Tower could be granted by James Ironwood's terminal provided his permissions were available. This was one of the two locations to be able to launch the Communications Tower, the other being Ironwood's office in Atlas Academy, the tower having been designed to require his permits to launch.


The command center contained at least one two-story hanger, allowing Manta airships to fly in and out of the headquarters at will, flying through a large gate when it was open. The room itself had a large staircase leading to the catwalk which encompassed the second floor of the hanger, and it was shown to have various doors leading elsewhere.

When docking, a total of four small Manta models were able to rest until they were sent out on another mission.

Pipe Room

The pipe room was a dimly lit area in the military base, having a green tint to its walls due to the lighting. There, pneumatic tubes allowed for Dust refined in the Mantle crater to be sent from by the Snow Shoe Shipping Facility in the city below.

Prison Cells

Somewhere in the base, a room allowed for prisoners to be held in Hard-Light Dust cells. The room was extremely dark, taking the appearance that resembled a warehouse being primarily lit by the Dust walls. The total number of cells could be adjusted as needed through Dust controls, and each prisoner had access to a bed and could produce a bathroom through a button in the floor.[3] Each tile on the ground of the cells could be lifted up, with one of them having a toilet underneath it that could be pulled up.[4]

Known prisoners include Qrow Branwen, Robyn Hill, Jacques Schnee, Arthur Watts and James Ironwood.

After Cinder Fall broke Watts out of jail, Qrow and Robyn managed to escape while Jacques was recaptured. Later, Winter Schnee placed Ironwood in a cell next to her father in order for him to stay out of the way for evacuations. Once Watts released Ironwood, he regains his weapon and vaporized Jacques while he was still in his cell before leaving.

Atlas Medical Facility

Main article: Atlas Medical Facility

The base had a series of hospital rooms in the event that an operative was injured. The rooms had glass walls which looked into the hallway of the area.

Winter Schnee was temporarily a patient after sustaining serious injuries in her battle with Penny Polendina and Cinder Fall, and Clover Ebi's corpse was kept in the hospital for a time after it was recovered. Sleet was killed in the hallway of the hospital section of the command center.

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The command Center was first seen in "Divide" when Ironwood, Winter and the Ace-Ops use the hospital after losing to Ruby's Group and retrieving Clover Ebi's corpse. Later when Councilmen Sleet and Camilla confront Ironwood here over declaring Martial Law, Ironwood kills Sleet in front of everyone present.

Later in "Refuge", The facilities prison cells are shown to be occupied by Qrow, Robyn, Jacques and Watts. After an argument between the prisoners and some soldiers take Watts away by force, Qrow and Robyn begin to bond over how similar their Semblances are and how it causes them to be shunned by other people. After Watts is forced by Ironwood to help him back Penny Polendina, the soldiers lock him back up in the prison cells.

After Ruby's Group returns to Mantle, they learn from Pietro Polendina that the Command Center has the launch codes for Amity Communications Tower and need to gain access to it. After Weiss Schnee reveals that the Command Center is connected through the Dust pipes to the Snow Shoe Shipping Facility, the group along with May Marigold and Penny manage to infiltrate the Command Center during the events of "Strings".

Thanks to May's Semblance, they get to the server room with the launch codes while May temporarily leaves them to find a Manta they could use to escape the facility. They are eventually found out by Ironwood who sends the Ace Operatives after them. Penny fights them before they steal one of her swords and the group escapes with the stolen Manta and the launch codes.

While the Battle of Atlas was going on outside of the Command Center, Cinder Fall uses the opportunity in "Dark" to attack the prison cells and free Watts in the process. After the soldiers fail to stop her from leaving with him and fail to recapture Qrow and Robyn who also escaped, they managed to recapture Jacques.

After Monstra is killed in "Ultimatum" and Ironwood learns that he still has the bomb he originally planned to use on it, he issues a threat to Ruby's Group. Either Penny hands herself over within an hour, or he would use the bomb to destroy Mantle himself.

Once Ironwood informs the Ace-Ops that he wasn't bluffing about his threat in "Risk", Marrow Amin loses faith in Ironwood and refuses to continue working with him. Before Ironwood manages to kill him however, Winter pretends to arrest him to save his life while also losing faith in Ironwood. After they meet up with Qrow and Robyn, they work with Ruby's Group to stop Ironwood and restrain the Ace-Ops with Marrow's Freeze Semblance. Winter later placed Ironwood in the cell next to Jacques so he wouldn't interfere with the evacuation process.

Atlas Command Center personnel wiped out by Cinder's group

During the events of "Worthy", Cinder, Watts and Neopolitan kill all of the personnel in the Command Center and Watts takes control of the facility. He first blocks Kingdom-wide communications to prevent Jaune Arc from sending a message warning the citizens about Atlas beginning to fall and about the Evacuation Central Location. After this, he decides to free Ironwood from his prison cell while Ironwood regains his weapon and vaporized Jacques in the process. He later hacked an Atlesian Knight-200 and planned to detonate it towards Qrow and Robyn, but Marrow takes the blow instead and allows the Ace-Ops to be freed. After Harriet Bree decided to deliver the bomb to Mantle herself, Watts activated her ship's autopilot to make it harder and later activated the bomb himself when they attempt to stop it.

Watts being burned along with the facility

During the events of "The Final Word", Cinder gains the Relic of Creation and uses it to add more fires to Atlas. Among the locations burning was the Atlas Command Center with Watts still locked inside and trying to escape. After this, The Command Center was destroyed when Atlas crashed into Mantle and both cities were flooded in the process.


  • It is also referred to as the Atlesian Military Compound[5].
  • The prison was designed so that the inmates could still interact and talk to each other, which took time to make believable.[6]


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