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Atlas is the capital and largest city in the Kingdom of Atlas. It sits on a floating island above the City of Mantle, the former capital of the Kingdom. It is the location of Atlas Academy.

Description[edit | edit source]

Atlas is a large metropolitan city in the Kingdom of Atlas, sitting atop a floating island above the city of Mantle. The city is extremely advanced, with towers and skyscrapers of all sizes being visible at a distance, all seemingly with a blue color scheme to them. Atlas is seen as having platforms on the underside of the floating island and Atlas Academy is situated at the center of the city. There is a massive hill to one side of the city, atop of which is the Schnee Manor.[1]

To the bottom of the floating city, the district of Old Mantle is seen above a massive airport. Farmlands are seen to either side of Old Mantle.[1]

The entire city appears to be surrounded by a Hard-Light barrier that is being projected by forked spires stationed around the perimeter of the floating island.

Additionally, large train rails in the form of rings circling around allow for mass public transportation. The tracks are projected by large towers, using Hard-Light Dust.[2]

The Atlas Broadcast Network serves as a major news service for the Kingdom, frequently used in both Atlas itself and in Mantle. The Lance of Liberty, which uses the Lancer Grimm as their company's emblem, along with the Atlas Eye are two additional news services. They are all first seen in "Sparks".

Directly under Atlas, in the center of the floating landmass, the military keeps various facilities in a spiral connected to the city's anchors. Affectionately nicknamed "The Donut", this is where Fria was kept in the Atlas Medical Facility, officially known as the "M3" (or Maiden Medical Tower 3).[3] Landing bays are seen within the Donut.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the Great War, the people of Mantle needed a new symbol of hope, which the city of Atlas provided. Soon, Atlas cast a shadow over Mantle, becoming the face of its kingdom. This also became more literal, when an incarnation of Ozma suggested using the Relic of Creation to raise Atlas off the ground. By the current time, the public story for Atlas being kept afloat is due to Gravity Dust.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its name is likely a reference to Atlas, a Titan in Greek mythology who was punished for opposing the Olympians by being made to hold up the sky for all eternity. It could also be a reference to Atlas as a large map, similar in symbolism to other Academy names such as Beacon Academy and Signal Academy.
  • The city was described by Miles Luna as "futuristic New York City, if it were developed by Apple".[4]
  • The commentary describes Mantle as more utilitarian looking and compared to the movie Blade Runner, while Atlas was made to look like it was created by Apple. Two different futuristic looks.[5]
    • The Kingdom of Atlas represents two different versions of America with Mantle representing the cities and Atlas representing technology.
  • Miles Luna stated that he was hoping people didn't figure out Atlas was a floating city in the sky before they got there. Even in World of Remnant, they were very careful with how they worded things to avoid spoiling this fact.[6]

References[edit | edit source]

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