I'm not with them by choice.
—Asher Mora

Asher Mora is a professional Huntsman and a graduate of Shade Academy. He is a character that appears in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign.[2]


Asher is a light-skinned man with an undercut and a goatee. He has a scar across his left eye that he obtained after being set up by Abigail Pyre and attacked by agents of the Hana Guild, and wears a black and grey long-sleeved shirt that is covered by grey armor. He wears a pauldron over his right shoulder.


Asher is described as a loner who has a penchant for getting himself into trouble, being rough around the edges and willing to fight dirty. He is a bit older than the rest of the main cast, having been a Huntsman for a few years now, and is shown to be primarily monetarily driven, always on the lookout to make money. He also used Fenix's scroll to pay for a drink, showing he is willing to steal from others in order to save money. Despite being hard to get close to, Asher will do anything for those he’s loyal to. While he only did normal Huntsman jobs at first, he later preformed shadier jobs and even assassinations, but only if he thought that the person deserved it.

Asher is something of a kleptomaniac and a thief by impulse, having been nearly banned from The Skillful for it at one point. Asher is a light sleeper, easily startled awake. Unlike his teammates Pyke and Fenix, both Arrastra and Asher are more than willing to kill hostages and enemies if needed.

After learning that Abigail Pyre had returned to Kuchinashi however, he was shown to be in a startled state due to her betraying him in the past. When they met again and Abigail later apologized to the group for making them to through so much just to recruit her and The Hearth, Asher found it strange that she did so since that wasn't like her. Once he learned that she had killed Lemon and stole her Magic Necklace, he knew her well enough that she would try giving them a fake and asked her for the real one. Asher asked her why she was taking control of the Wave gang's airship until she prepared to attack them when she revealed that Vermillion Raddock promised her a great reward if she gave him all of the Magic artifacts onboard. Asher later asked her if she decided to drop her grudge against the Hana Guild just so she could get paid before defeating her.

Powers and Abilities

Asher primarily plays a stealthy role in combat, being able to hide from the Grimm without being drawing their attention. He is very alert in and out of battle, being able to jump into a fight at a moments notice, even if he is asleep.

Cloak of Displacement

Main article: Cloak of Displacement

After stealing some artifacts from the Wave, Asher obtains the Cloak of Displacement. This magic artifact has the power to displace light and make Asher more sneaky in the process.

Magic Necklace

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After Asher stole the Magic Necklace from Abigail Pyre, he gained the ability to control the creatures of Grimm in the process.


Main article: Fortune's Fangs

Asher's weapons of choice are Fortune's Fangs, a pair of Swordbreakers. One pair is shaped like a hawkbill knife and the other like a hook. The blades can extend into a glaive form. The glaive can be thrown, and uses gravity Dust to automatically return to him. The weapon is also able to function as a grappling hook by using Hardlight Dust.


Main article: Flash

Asher's Semblance, Flash, allows him to release a bright light from his body that blinds others within the vicinity and damages the Grimm. He is able to use it to cause his hands to Glow, serving as a flashlight, and Pulse the light in an area of effect.


  • Asher is a name of Jewish origin meaning "happy" or "blessed". It also relates to the word "ash," which is typically grey or black in color.
  • The name Mora means Blackberry and is of Spanish and Portuguese origin.
  • He has been a Huntsman for approximately 5 to 10 years.[3]
  • Chad, Asher's player and creator thinks Asher wasn't the leader of his school team because he wouldn't want the responsibility.[4]


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