Volume 4

The Next Step

My thoughts exactly. Even without her new power, it should have been effortless.
—Watts, to everyone, during the meeting
What about her? Seems to me that this is Cinder's problem, not ours.
—Watts, about Ruby Rose

No Safe Haven

Why thank you, Professor. Salem always did say you were... quite hospitable.
—Watts, to Professor Lionheart

Volume 5

Welcome to Haven

Oh, Leo. We have got to work on your improvisational skills.
—Watts, to Professor Lionheart

Dread in the Air

I'm still just so fascinated by this creature. Cinder dear, are we coming through? Can you see us clearly? Well, as clearly as you can.
—Watts, curious about the seer
Oh goody, you've recovered.
—Watts, to Cinder with sarcasm
As much as I'd love to take credit, ma'am, I can't say that either of us are to thank for this development. I guess you could say, a little birdie told us.
—Watts, to Salem

A Perfect Storm

Little late to run and hide. You've been on our master's list for some time, so you must understand that we cannot allow you to slip away.
—Watts, talking to Raven
Technically, I was also a doctor, but I must say, the rest was spot on.
—Watts, talking to Raven after she recognizes him as an Atlesian scientist
Alright ladies, let's pause for a moment. We have one objective - retrieving the Relic of Knowledge. Now Qrow Branwen may be on our list of individuals we would very much like dead, but he's not going to go down without a fight, and he's not going to fight quietly. Our advantage here is just as you said - we walk straight into Haven, no resistance, no one the wiser. A battle with your brother throws that all out the window.
—Watts, to Cinder and Raven about the Relic of Knowledge and Qrow Branwen
Wait. Don't think I don't see what you're after. If this falls to pieces over a grudge with a child, I will not be taking the blame.
—Watts, warning Cinder before she makes a deal with Raven
Minor Characters

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