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Watts was one of Salem's associates but how he came to join Salem's group is unknown.

Prior to the start of the series, Watts used to be both a scientist and a doctor in Atlas who had once worked with Pietro Polendina and other Atlesian scientists. Amongst his creations included the network in Mantle, environmental Dust controls, and the Paladins.[1] Watts familiarized himself with Jacques Schnee, and later faked his own death after being disgraced, causing everyone in Atlas believe he had died in what is referred to as the Paladin Incident.


Aiding the Fall of Beacon

Watts' emblem on Cinder's Scroll

Before Watts is officially introduced, his "W" symbol is seen on Cinder Fall's Scroll as she orchestrates her machinations against the Vytal Festival Tournament. This implies Watts is behind the virus Cinder implants into Vale's CCT tower, allowing her to rig the tournament matchups and eventually gain access to General Ironwood's Scroll and even his airship.

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Meeting with Salem

Watts, in Salem's lair

Watts attends a meeting along with the rest of Salem's associates, including Hazel Rainart, Tyrian Callows, Cinder and Salem herself. At the meeting, he belittles Cinder for losing to Ruby Rose and mildly insults Mercury Black . However, Salem chastises him for his "malignancy". He is assigned to take over Cinder's duties, his first directive is to meet with the group's informant in Mistral.

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In Anima

Watts in a meeting with Lionheart, Salem's informant

Watts meets with Leonardo Lionheart, the headmaster of Haven Academy, to establish an in-person presence for Salem's Inner Circle with their informant. His being there in person proves beneficial, as he is able to overhear when Qrow Branwen and RNJR arrive and drop the information about the Spring Maiden's location. Once alone, Watts escorts Lionheart to a Seer to communicate with Salem. After the Headmaster gives his report about the Spring Maiden, Salem orders Cinder to meet with Watts and prepare to make negotiations with Raven Branwen. The doctor is also ordered to make a new tail for Tyrian, which was cut off during the Faunus' confrontation with Ruby and her allies.

Per Salem's instruction, Watts meets with Cinder, Emerald and Mercury and arrives at the Branwen Tribe's camp. Throughout most of the conversation with Raven, Watts keeps his cool and offers her a chance of "forgiveness" from Salem if she has Vernal open the chamber to the Relic of Knowledge. He also states that time is short as the White Fang is launching an attack on Haven soon. But things get out of hand for Watts when Raven demands the death of her brother Qrow, and Cinder eagerly agrees. He tries to stop the Fall Maiden as he knows that her goal is getting revenge on Ruby. However, he is forced to pull back when Cinder burns his hand. After the meeting, Watts returns to Salem's lair as other associates carry out the attack on Haven.

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After the Attack on Haven

Watts, as Hazel reports on Ozpin and the Relic of Knowledge

Following the Battle of Haven, Watts watches as Salem forces Hazel and Emerald to place the fault of their loss on Cinder. They all then learn that the Fall Maiden is alive, but cannot return until she redeems herself. Watts is stunned and questions how Salem can know about Cinder's condition, but later apologizes when she glares at him. After Hazel reveals that Ozpin is taking the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas, all of Salem's subordinates are ordered to leave the room before she unleashes her rage.

Sometime later, Watts leaves for Atlas with Tyrian, as they were ordered by Salem.

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Preparing for Salem's Arrival

A disgraced Atlesian scientist in Mantle

After arriving in Atlas, Watts walks on the streets of Mantle in the middle of the rain, secretly communicating with Tyrian from his earpiece. He reminds the scorpion Faunus that finding a hideout would make them exposed to be discovered. Watts reassured Tyrian that they will stay mobile after listening to his concerns. He comments how the cyber security in Atlas has been updated while in Mantle, none of the code hasn't been updated lately. Tyrian chuckles and expresses his opinion how useful it sounded. Watts agreed and proclaimed that he was the one responsible for writing the code as he hacked the security cameras in Mantle discreetly.

Watts gives Jacques Schnee a surprise visit

Later, Watts waltzed into the Schnee Manor, having Whitley Schnee lead him to his father's study, where Watts proposed to Jacques a plan where the Schnee could succeed in both aiding his company and obtain the electoral votes needed to be put in the council.

Later, on the night of the Atlas Council election, Watts had hacked a drone that was at Robyn Hill's premature victory party while Tyrian secretly infiltrated the said event. Watts then cut the power, allowing Tyrian to slaughter the attendees. During the attack, Watts changed the election results so that Jacques won the election. By the time the attack was over, Watts had successfully doctored video footage of the incident, replacing Tyrian with Penny Polendina and effectively framing her for the attack. He then uploaded the video to the general public in order to incite more chaos and distrust between Mantle and Atlas.

Elsewhere in Mantle, Watts stood on one of the tall buildings' rooftop in the middle of the rain. He used his personal Scroll to shut down its heating units' system. As the rain stops, Watts tossed his umbrella off the roof and witnessed the snowfall in Mantle. After shutting down the heating grid of Mantle, Watts proceeded to stand back and watch as the citizens once again starts another riot, breaking into and stealing Fire Dust from dust shops and creating a gigantic bonfire to keep themselves warm as possible while accusing the Higher Class in Atlas for supposedly shutting off the heat to control them. Arthur in turn smiled with delight as everything was going according to plan and then proceeded to meet up with Tyrian as the duo retreated to the backstreets of the city to hide from chaos and subsequent mass Grimm invasion.

Watts, during his battle against Ironwood

While hiding from the Grimm attack with Tyrian, the two watch Ironwood and Robyn Hill expose the truth. He looks at a holographic display of Amity Colosseum, and is dumbfounded on how Ironwood had gotten that past him. Shortly after, Watts heads to Amity Colosseum to sabotage what Ironwood was planning only to find he was set up. He uses his rings to change the arena's environment. At the very last second, Watts blocks a bullet with a hard-light shield. Watts makes his way to one of the levitating platforms, where he draws his revolver.

As Ironwood fights Watts, the latter uses the Colosseum's biome system to even out the battle, using the arenas to batter Ironwood. Eventually, Ironwood tackles Watts, knocking the both of them out of their Aura and into the center of the arena, which begins to rise. Watts yells at James, saying Ironwood never appreciated his genius, calling James out for standing atop his own intellect and calling himself a giant, Ironwood in turn attempts to defend his arrogance and bullheadedness by saying he had given Watts everything he could ever have wanted, which in turn further angered Watts as he retaliates that Ironwood chose Pietro over him.

Watts' defeat

The two charge at each other, leading to a stand, to which Watts muses Ironwood's brawn and his brain are equally matched. Watts sacrifices his rings, trapping James' organic arm inside a hard light shield. He complains that the rings are going to be a pain to remake, but cites it as a necessary cost. Watts tells James to stop fighting, otherwise he'll lose another arm, and goes back to work, studying the Communications Tower.

When James burns through his arm to get out of the trap, Watts is surprised and is unable to dodge a tackle, where Ironwood drags him through the floor before lifting him over Amity's lava biome. Ironwood tells Watts he'd sacrifice anything to stop Salem, where Watts spits at him, telling Ironwood that he hopes he does.

Watts inside of a prison cell, after his defeat

After Ironwood had defeated him, he was arrested and sent to a prison cell in a unknown location. As the disgraced scientist sat on a bench while staring outside through the window, Watts gets surprised when seeing the sky darkens. Knowing that Salem and her incoming forces have arrived, Watts' surprise quickly turned into sadistic glee with a content smile of knowing that Atlas is about to get what's coming.

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Watts aids Ironwood

Wattls later gets sent to a prison cell shared with Qrow, Robyn, and Jacques, where he listens in on Robyn blaming Jacques for helping tear the people apart and citing how he helped him, which causes him to comment on how they are all stuck together now. A squad of Atlesian soldiers arrives and opens Watts' cell, causing him to say that he has already been caught. The soldiers proceed to knock him unconscious before dragging him away.

Watts is then taken to Pietro's Lab, where he is held at gunpoint and is tasked by Ironwood to aid him with his dealings regarding regaining Penny Polendina for her Maiden powers in order to access the Atlas Vault and obtain the Relic of Creation. When the Ace Operatives attack Penny in the Atlas military base and are overwhelmed, Watts tells them to obtain one of Floating Array's blades. Once the Ace-Ops return with the weapon, Watts claims it's plenty to make Penny forcibly join Ironwood's company.

Watt is later sent back to his cell by Harriet Bree and Marrow Amin, but is soon called back to hack into Floating Array and by extension Penny. As Ruby begins to send out a broadcast to the world about Salem, the Relics, the Maidens, and the ongoing situation in Atlas, Watts switches out a chip in Penny's sword, replacing it with one with his emblem on it. As soon as he places the chip, Penny, who had been hoisting Amity up to deliver the message, begins to struggle to lift the tower and her eyes flicker red. The hack causes Penny to lose consciousness and drop from the sky, cutting Ruby's message short.

Watts secretly takes Ironwood's broken Scroll

In Pietro's Lab, unable to make contact with Penny, Ironwood questions Watts, who explains that Penny's systems are likely rebooting. Ironwood angrily throws his Scroll at Watts, leading to the Scroll becoming broken. He then orders Winter Schnee to take the Ace Ops and search for Penny. As he leaves the room, he tells Harriet to take Watts back to his cell, and the two fail to notice Watts picking up Ironwood's broken Scroll after casually turning off the computers.

While in jail, he uses the Scroll to contact Tyrian, who informs Salem of his imprisonment and his newfound control over the Winter Maiden. Salem then orders Cinder to find and free Watts so that he could lead her to Penny.

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As war breaks in Atlas, Cinder quickly arrives at the Atlas prisons, blowing a hole through its walls, freeing Watts and taking him with her so he can help her find Penny.

Cinder threatens Watts

When a massive explosion erupts from within Monstra, Watts and Cinder stare out at the Grimm in shock and confusion. The two attempt to contact their allies who were still inside Monstra to no avail. When she receives no response, Watts prompts that they need a new plan of action with Salem out for the time being. Cinder tells Watts that the plan is still that he will bring Penny to her so that she can steal the Winter Maiden powers from her. Realizing there has been a misunderstanding, Watts clarifies that he simply infected Penny with a virus that is telling her to open the Vault and then destroy herself. Angered, Cinder grasps Watts by the collar and attempts to intimidate him, failing to do so. With this, Cinder dangles Watts from the edge of the building, stating that she will kill him and then go wait for Penny at the vault. Seeming to accept his fate, Watts laughs, and enters a rant about Cinder, explaining that her bullheadedness and lack of forethought is exactly why she is a failure. The rant reminds Cinder of all her failures and of her abusive childhood, and she becomes angrier and angrier before suddenly pulling Watts back onto the roof. Composing herself, she walks off to the side of the rooftop and begins to cry while Watts recovers.

Sometime after this, Watts and Cinder receive a message on her Scroll from Neopolitan, who intends to use the Relic of Knowledge and the fact that she knows the password to make Cinder give her what she wants. The two are also present to watch Ironwood's broadcast about his plan to bomb Mantle.

Elsewhere on the streets of Atlas, Watts intercepts Ruby and Ironwood's phone call using the latter's former Scroll and a damaged Atlesian Knight-200 before he and Cinder are approached by Neo.

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Interfering with the Enemy's plans

Watts blocks all Kingdom wide broadcasts along with Jaune's warning to the citzens

Watts would later be present when Cinder asked Jinn what Ruby's Group planned. He takes part in an assault on an Atlas Command Center armed with a standard Atlesian rifle. After the control center is cleared and in their control, Watts is left by Cinder to perform his work with Cinder telling him that he deserved it before leaving. Watts uses his hacking skills to prevent Jaune's warning to the citizens of Atlas and Mantle and block all Kingdom wide broadcasts. While doing so, Watts also released Ironwood from his cell[2] and takes control of a AK-200 using its self destruction to try and take out the remaining Ace-Ops, Qrow and Robyn.

After Harriet had escaped with the bomb and she fights Qrow while attempting to drop the bomb, Watts hacks the autopilot.

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Watts trying to escape

As Qrow, Robyn, and the Ace Ops prevent the payload from falling off, Watts activated the bomb remotely.

After Cinder took the Staff and retrieved the Lamp for Salem, she betrayed Watts by using the Staff to set endless flames on Atlas, leaving him trapped in the command center. Watts was last seen unsuccessfully attempting to escape by slamming a chair on the window, screaming as the glass did not break. He later perished as Atlas crashed into Mantle.

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