I must object. They should not fight each other. We're teammates, and we have to learn together. This just undermines the goal.
—Arslan, to Xanthe Rumpole on her teaching method

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Arslan Altan[2] is the leader of Team ABRN. Arslan and her team were first revealed at the RTX 2015 RWBY Panel on August 7th, 2015. Arslan is seen fighting Yang Xiao Long during the Vytal Festival Tournament.


Arslan has a dark complexion, platinum blonde hair and olive green eyes. She wears a yellow robe with only one wide, loose-fitting sleeve over a black tube top. She also has black pants and shoes and a red sash embroidered with a white "endless knot" on it.

She has bandages on both her legs and arms as well as a red necklace and what appears to be two matching red sticks on the back left side of her head.

In her concept art, she wore both sleeves, which hung loosely at her side, exposing her shoulders. Her tank top also had straps. She wore boots instead of shoes and lacked the pins in her hair and necklace. In their place, she had red bands in her hair.


Arslan is a no-nonsense and serious girl who is motivated to prove herself as a leader and a capable Huntress. She is highly protective of her teammates, showing a deeply caring nature towards them, as shown when she defends Velvet Scarlatina from Xanthe Rumpole. Arslan is described as an amazing natural leader by Scarlet David, who deserves better.

Arslan is also highly courageous, as shown by being amongst the first to step to defend Shade Academy, and is more patient than her teammates in ABRN.

Powers and Abilities

Arslan is shown to be skilled at hand-to-hand combat, being evenly-matched against Yang in both speed and physical strength, despite the fact Arslan fights barehanded. Her strength is later demonstrated once more when she swings down a Nevermore and lifted the taller and bulkier Yatsuhashi Daichi with a single arm before throwing him into the air with ease.

According to RWBY: Amity Arena, Arslan is extremely proficient in the use of her Aura. Among her Aura techniques, Arslan can focus it all into a single large hit, which she can use to shatter objects such as large, rolling balls of ice. She is also listed as having extremely high physical capabilities.

She appears to be one of the stronger, if not the strongest member of her team, and she saves her teammates Bolin Hori and Nadir Shiko from being knocked out of the ring. Ultimately, however, Arslan and her team are outclassed by Team RWBY.

Through an unknown method, Arslan is capable of shooting fireballs from her hand as seen in "Heroes and Monsters".


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Arslan's weapon of choice is her Dagger, which she attaches to her bandages to transform it into a rope dart. She is proficient with it, being able to trip up her opponents and catch them off-guard with it and even using it while she is simultaneously avoiding her opponent's attacks, jumping and flipping over the thread before launching it towards them to catch them when they least expect it.

She can also use her rope dart to swing around objects and even using it to swing herself in an arc down a Nevermore before bringing herself back into the air with it.


Arslan and her team are students at Haven Academy, from the kingdom of Mistral. Her team journeyed to participate in the 40th Vytal Festival combat tournament, hosted by the kingdom of Vale, but they were defeated by Team RWBY in the team round of the tournament.

When Vale is assaulted by the Grimm and the White Fang, Arslan participates in taking down the Nevermore in Amity Colosseum. In this short fight, she propels Yatsuhashi to deliver the killing blow, along with Sage Ayana, after she retrieves her weapon. Later on, she defends Beacon Academy with the rest of the students.

In RWBY: After the Fall, Velvet Scarlatina states Arslan and her team were observed defeating a Death Stalker at the Fall of Beacon.

Team ABRN had gone back to Haven Academy after the Battle of Beacon with Neptune Vasilias, Scarlet David, and Sage Ayana, where they watched their school nearly fall to the White Fang's attack. Like SSSN, they were one of the teams who had decided to continue their training in Shade rather than losing another semester. ABRN had beaten them to Vacuo by a few weeks, as Sun Wukong had insisted on taking SSSN through the scenic route.[3]

In RWBY: Before the Dawn, Arslan is present for the Beacon Brigade's meetings alongside her team, in which they discuss Shade Academy's students.[4]

Arslan participates in the Shade re-initiation, being drafted as a member of Team NOVA. She joins a class with Team ROSC and Team NOVA, and watches a sparring match between Velvet and Nebula Violette, taught by Rumpole. After Velvet's defeat, Rumpole orders Nebula to beat on Velvet under her Aura is broken, as a method of strengthening. Arslan and Coco Adel come to Velvet's aid, telling Rumpole there was no point and Nebula had clearly won the fight.[5]

During Team NOVA's second mission to Coquina, the team is told to help fix a CCT relay tower. When Octavia Ember uses children as bait for the Grimm, Arslan and Velvet scold her for the risk of having them killed, though these warnings fall on deaf ears. Arslan thanks Velvet for her work, and praises her mechanical skills in fixing the relay tower.[6]

Arslan later participates in the Battle of Shade, and is amongst the first to come to its aid along with the rest of the Beacon Brigade and later celebrates their victory with the group.[7]


  • Arslan is Turkish and Mongolian for "Lion". Altan means "red dawn" in many Turkic languages and "golden" in Mongolian.
  • Arslan alludes to the character Aslan from C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia series.[8]
  • Altan (Telgey) is a Mongolian earth goddess.
  • When asked what color Arslan's eyes were, her character designer, Erin Winn responded that she calls them olive green.[9]
  • The fighting styles of Team ABRN (particularly Arslan) were stated on the DVD commentaries to be intended to have an Eastern martial arts influence to reflect the fact that they come from Haven.[10]
  • Arslan's emblem is an endless knot, a symbol with strong religious significance that is primarily tied to Tibetan Buddhism. The endless knot symbolizes the infinite love and interdependence of all things.


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