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Arslan's Weapon is a dagger that can transform into a rope dart. Arslan Altan is first seen wielding the weapon in "Round One".


Arslan's weapon is a metallic dagger with a detachable blade that is trailed by a durable, white string, commonly known as a rope dart or rope javelin. The weapon is capable of tripping opponents, demonstrated when Arslan tied the string around Yang Xiao Long's foot, causing the latter to lose her balance.

Arslan can also fasten the rope to terrain to use it as a sort of grappling hook or swing rope, which is particularly useful in the slippery ice environment of Team ABRN's match with Team RWBY. She is also seen doing this in "Battle of Beacon" when she attaches the blade to a Nevermore in order to lift Yatsuhashi Daichi and throw him in the air. This also indicates that the rope attached to the dart is very strong, being able to carry the combined mass of Arslan and Yatsuhashi without breaking or releasing its dart from the opponent.


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