It's the first time I've felt like I belonged somewhere in a while... but I'm not ready to admit it yet.
—Arrastra Skye

Arrastra Skye is a character who appears in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign.[1]


Arrastra is a young woman with a blue eyes and hair which is tied to a ponytail. Her skin is shown to have blemishes on it, similar to that of Ilia Amitola. Arrastra wears a short, brown leather jacket over a black and blue shirt. This outfit serves as leather armor. In addition, she wears glasses.

Her Faunus trait is a pair of blue serval cat legs with three claws each.


Arrastra is slow to trust and quick to spring into action, thanks in part to her Faunus talent. She doesn't often work with others, but thinks they'd better follow her lead if she graces them with her presence. She is something of a loner, but nonetheless is still a sociable person. Arrastra has a strategic mind. Unlike her teammates Pyke and Fenix, both Arrastra and Asher are more than willing to kill hostages and enemies if needed.

After getting to know her teammates more however, she was willing to use her Equilibrium Semblance on them to help heal them whenever they got hurt despite the negative effects it has on her.

Once she and her team were introduced to Lemon, Arrastra was the one that gave her their Team's name. After getting a call from Taupe following the Wave gang taking over the city, she mobilised her team to help them stop the Wave and retake the city.

After finding Alabaster was still alive and the rest of her teammates didn't trust him due to his last actions against the team, Arrastra was the only member to stand up for him and was originally against them locking him up while earning Alabaster's respect in the process.

Later when she and her team met Abigail Pyre and the rest of her teammates were silent following Pyke Rite trying to converse with her despite her threats, Arrastra was the first to immediately go towards where Abigail told them to due to finding it idiotic. After she and Asher Mora attempt to infiltrate the Wave's stolen Airship with Abigail and she began to fall, Arrastra used her Equilibrium Semblance to save her and earned her respect.

Powers and Abilities

As a serval Faunus, she has night vision, and her cat legs allow her to jump twice the height of an average human and climb faster than others. She has been shown to know a form of Morse code, that she can use by reflecting light off of her pickaxe, implying that she also has a great memory.

She has great leadership skills, something that allows her to be the leader of Team SAFR.


Main article: Windlass

Arrastra's weapon of choice is Windlass, a large pickaxe which can convert into a crossbow form. The weapon uses Dust-infused arrows, specifically using red Fire Dust, yellow Lightning Dust, and light blue Ice Dust.


Main article: Equilibrium

Arrastra's Semblance, Equilibrium, allows her to restore the Aura of a willing ally through Dust. She can use her Semblance to split Dust into the components of 'energy' and 'elemental effect'. She can direct the energy to restore the Aura of a person who has depleted theirs, but the elemental effect has to discharge, too. Normally, Arrastra is the target of the elemental backlash, but she can redirect this backlash to Grimm. The Dust is physically broken apart and used up when the Semblance is activated. The use of this Semblance comes at the cost of one of the following effects:

  • Red (Fire): The target suffers damage and becomes temporarily weak to fire.
  • Yellow (Lightning): The target is temporarily paralyzed.
  • Blue (Water): The target's movement speed is cut in half.
  • Orange (Earth): The target suffers damage.
  • Purple (Gravity): The target gains a disadvantage on their next attacks.
  • Green (Wind): The target is knocked back.


  • An arrastra is a primitive mill for grinding and pulverizing gold or silver ore.
  • The name "Skye" suggests shades of blue and gray.
  • During her time in Haven Academy, Arrastra was the leader of her team.[2]
  • She is approximately 3-4 years older than Pyke Rite.[3]


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