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The Military Base in Argus is the largest Atlesian Military facility outside of Atlas. It is first seen in "The Grimm Reaper".


The base is built upon several islands in Argus' harbor and is connected to the mainland by a large suspension bridge. Each island is identified by the letter A and a number.

Island A1 has a large rock spire, which has been dug into to house the base's Colossus. Island A2 is the storage and landing pad for the base's fleet of Mantas. A third smaller island is also present, presumably this would be Island A3, its exact function is unclear, however.


Argus is part of Mistral, but the city was of great importance to Atlesian commerce. Thus, the Atlesians constructed a base in the harbor in order to protect the city from Grimm attacks. At some point, Caroline Cordovin came to be stationed at the base and was appointed as leader of the Atlesian presence mainly due to her coworkers wanting to get her as far away from Atlas as possible.

Following the events of the 40th Vytal Festival, relations between Atlas and the rest of the world began to deteriorate, and those between the Atlesian troops and the Argus populace are no exception. Caroline enforced James Ironwood's decision to close Atlas' borders and restrict transportation to the Kingdom.

After Ruby's Group attempted to convince the forces there to help them reach Atlas, Cordovin and her men refused to help the majority of them except Weiss Schnee due to being an Atlesian and the ex-heiress of the Schnee Dust Company. Later when a Leviathan attacked Argus, the soldiers stationed there attempted to stop it and refused to help Ruby's Group deal with it due to them still being listed as hostiles for stealing a Manta.

After the destruction of Atlas in "The Final Word", the Argus Military Base was the only major military base left outside of the Kingdom due to the vast majority of the military being destroyed with the Kingdom.

Notable Soldiers

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Nubuck Guards



  • The design for the city of Argus was based around the location of San Francisco, California.[1][2] Due to this, the military base is based around Alcatraz Island.
  • Cordovin and the rest of the Atlas personnel stationed in Argus are not meant to be representative of Atlas. Cordovin herself was intentionally stationed in Argus because she was considered a nuisance to the rest of Atlas and it was a job they believed she could do well without bothering anyone.[3]


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