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For the episode of the same name, see "Argus Limited".

The Argus Limited is a train that transports passengers and cargo between the City of Mistral and the port of Argus on the Northern Coastline of Anima.[1]


The Argus Limited is a train that runs through Grimm filled territory in Anima with passengers. To protect the occupants from Grimm, the train operator employs Huntsmen to protect both the train and the passengers.

The train has baggage, coach, sleeping and dining cars. The presence of sleeping cars means that the train is at least an overnight trip between Mistral and Argus. Each car is two stories high and has a single roof-mounted turret and retractable armored plating, both controlled by the Scroll of the train's Huntsmen.


The Argus Limited runs through mountainous terrain in the northern part of Anima, passing through at least one tunnel. From the name of the train, it makes several stops between Mistral and Argus.


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