Episode 1 - "Argus Limited"

  1. Text - At 5:18, Qrow Branwen's Huntsman license misspells his last name as "Brawnwen" instead of "Branwen".
  2. Model - At 6:35, Blake's character model lacks outlines.
  3. Animation - At 8:57, Sun Wukong and Neptune Vasilias walk down a flight of stairs as though they were continuous, when there is a clearly shown landing.
  4. Model - At 16:52, Ruby Rose's Scroll first displays Team RWBY and Nora Valkyrie as contacts, but in the next shot, it displays Ruby herself, Qrow Branwen, Jaune Arc and Lie Ren. That second display then appears on Nora's Scroll - the only Scroll it was meant to appear on.

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