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Argus is a port city in the northern region of the Kingdom of Mistral, and acts as the major trading center between the continents of Anima and Solitas. It is one of the largest non-capital cities in all of Remnant. It is first seen in "The Grimm Reaper".


The southern edge of Argus is bordered by a stone wall several stories tall with a single large gate allowing for road access. The city has cobblestone streets and has a transit system with streetcar-like hovering vehicles following a groove in the roadway. Most of the buildings are brick, only a few stories in height and bear resemblance to the real-world Victorian style of houses.

The city is built over hilly terrain, with a large natural harbor. The Kingdom of Atlas has their largest foreign military base on an island just off the coast of Argus, on the other end of a large suspension bridge.

The city is the location of Sanctum Academy.

Argus has one of the support relay towers of the Cross Continental Transmit System.

Argus is connected to the city of Mistral by the Argus Limited.

The city has hardlight barriers that activate via towers that emerge from underwater should large Grimm surface and attack the city.

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Argus was originally founded by settlers from Mistral, who struggled with the local climate. An influx of settlers from the Kingdom of support in resulted in strong trading links between the two kingdoms, with Mantle and later Atlas providing technical support in exchange for local resources unavailable from Solitas.

The city is part of Mistral, but the city is so important to Atlesian commerce that the kingdom keeps a significant military presence to help protect the city. Due to deep water just offshore of Argus, large Grimm such as Leviathans are a common enough threat that the Atlesian military stations a Colossus at its Argus base.

After the death of Pyrrha Nikos during the Battle of Beacon, a memorial statue was built in her honor in a city park since she graduated from Sanctum.


  • Argus was designed to combine influences of Mistral and Mantle.[1]
  • Argus' design inspiration was the real-world location of San Francisco, California,[2][3] sharing some of the features that San Francisco is well known for:
    • Victorian-style houses that are built close together.
    • A streetcar system.
    • Hilly terrain.
    • A very large suspension bridge.
  • Argus or Argos is the name of several figures in Greek mythology.



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