Argento Pocoron is a character from RWBY: Before the Dawn. He was a former Huntsman hailing from Shade Academy who deserted in order to restore the Vacuan monarchy, serving as an enforcer for The Crown.


Argento is a lanky man who wore a brown jumpsuit and combat boots, with a brown patterned bandana covering his hair and eyes, as well as a silver armband on his right arm and a gas mask. He is a pig Faunus, having ears as a trait.


Argento is shown to be supportive of the Crown's plans and goals, serving under his former teammate without hesitation. He has no qualms with kidnapping others, and wishes for the Asturias to rule over Vacuo.

Powers and Abilities

Argento is shown to have immense agility and martial arts skills similar to that of Sun Wukong. As a pig Faunus, he has exceptional hearing.


Argento's Semblance is Lag, in which he is able to make the target slightly slower than they can initially perceive, causing Argento to be able to dodge attacks he'd otherwise be unable to and deal damage he'd be unable to do. Sun compares it to playing a video game with a busted controller.[1]


Some time before the beginning of the novel, Argento enrolled into Shade Academy, where he met and formed a team with Gillian Asturias, Rosa Schwein, and Jax Asturias. After Jax was expelled, he and his team set out to restore the Vacuan monarchy with the Asturias as their rulers.

Originally identified as "Brown", Argento is one of three criminals who fight Sun Wukong along with Pink and Green after he spots them stalking a woman in a nightclub. At first seeming to be simple thieves in masks, they are shown to be formidable opponents who are described as invincible by Sun, and later Velvet Scarlatina and Yatsuhashi Daichi who assist him. The trio escapes after Team CFVY makes an appearance.

During patrol, Fox Alistair and Coco Adel spot a merchant being stalked by Green and Argento, who attempt to kidnap him. The Huntsmen intervene, in which Fox notices the assailants have almost identical Auras. A chase ensues, leading the group to an abandoned building. Inside, Fox senses around 50 Auras identical to the two, one more familiar - Xanthe Rumpole's. Argento and Green escape, and Coco decides to confront Rumpole the next day.

Argento later joins Gillian and Rosa in the Crown Bunker as they prepare for war, amongst the Crown's army. After this, Rosa and Argento go to Finn Asturias' home, warning him to leave Vacuo and go to Vale for the upcoming war.

He participates at the Battle of Shade, and is eventually arrested following the Crown's defeat.



  • The three Crown criminals Argento Pocoron, Rosa Schwein and Green possibly allude to The Three Little Pigs. Rosa Schwein's name translates to "pink pig", Argento is a pig faunus and Green's stench Semblance could reference pigs.

Color Naming Rule

  • "Argento" is a combining form meaning "silver," used in the formation of compound words: argento-cuprous sulfide.


  • In the novels, Argento's nickname, Brown, is occasionally listed as Silver by mistake. This is likely due to the character's nickname originally intended to be Silver, but was later changed to be Brown.


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