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The Arc House[1] is the home of Saphron Cotta-Arc, Terra Cotta-Arc and Adrian Cotta-Arc. It is where Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Qrow Branwen, Oscar Pine, and Maria Calavera reside during their stay in Argus.


The Arc House is a three-story Greco-Roman style house that is slightly wider than the usual Argus buildings. It has creme-colored molding and pillars with brown wood trimmed-windows that feature yellow-orange curtains and metallic Atlas shutters, as well as a heating system. On the outside, there exists a flower bed containing flowers with colors that match Terra's and Saphron's personal colors.


Front HallEdit

Entry through the front doors leads to the front hall, with the kitchen on the left and a large living room in the front. On the right is a staircase leading to the upper floors and another hallway. The first floor walls are burgundy with a wide black stripe along the floor and a yellow pinstripe. Near the ceiling is a wide yellow stripe with black patterns.

Living RoomEdit

The living room has two couches and a large round wooden table on top of a rectangular tan rug. The wall opposite the staircase has a large green-gray bookcase.


The kitchen is blue-gray with gray and black tiles and green cupboards. Doorways and columns are painted off-white. The small size does not allow for a kitchen table, and the lack of a dining room means residents often eat in the living room.

Second FloorEdit

The second floor is never shown. However, it is assumed there are bedrooms.



At the back of the living room is a sliding door leading to the backyard. Immediately outside the door is a small wooden deck with a vine-covered trellis wall. The backyard has a lemon tree and a pond in the corner and is surrounded by a tall stone wall. Blue butterflies are a common sight.

Front StoopEdit

The front stoop of the house is a large porch and pillars made of stone, with a set of stairs leading down to the street.



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