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Antiquity's Roast[1] is Bartholomew Oobleck's weapon of choice. It is first shown in its default thermos form during "Jaunedice", and in its extended form during the episode "Mountain Glenn", as Oobleck prepares to lead Team RWBY to rescue Ruby Rose.



Antiquity's Roast takes the form of an everyday thermos. It's small, green in coloration, and functions in the traditional usage of the storing and repeated retrieval of a beverage inside it, as demonstrated by Oobleck during his lectures.


Antiquity's Roast in use

When called into action, however, Oobleck can deploy the thermos as a weapon, telescoping it into the shape of a torch when its flame is activated. The nozzle entrance at the top of the thermos functions as a firelighter, from which several fireballs can be shot like multi-directional missiles. It also has the ability to turn objects that it hits into flaming projectiles, which he then bats towards his opponent; however, the only known case of this so far has been with Zwei.

Oobleck can also use this function as a melee weapon, able to ignite any adversary he hits at close range. This combination of abilities allowed Oobleck to take down several Atlesian Paladin-290s in quick succession. It also was able to function as a torch and an incendiary rocket launcher of sorts, likely using Dust to create an effect of that nature.


  • Antiquity Roast is a play on various coffee roast names while giving a nod to Dr. Oobleck's profession as a historian.