Anima[1] is the continent on which the Kingdom of Mistral is located. Within Mistral are several settlements including the main city of Mistral, Wind Path, Kuchinashi and Argus. Other small settlements exist, located outside the Kingdom.

Anima is home to a wide variety of ecosystems, including swamplands, wind-carved cliffs, burning hot deserts, and a plethora of forests. Anima is also shown to frequently have pouring rain, especially in areas near Mistral.



The western side of continent is host to various cliffside forests, such as the Forest of Hinoki,[2] which include a plethora of caves and lush foliage, frequently illuminated by fireflies and other bioluminescent creatures and plants. As mentioned by Qrow Branwen, swamplands can also be found in the western parts of the continent. There are small settlements scattered throughout the land for people that don't want to live in the Kingdom, but they typically lack good defenses and can be destroyed by Grimm or bandit tribes, like the Branwen Tribe.


The northern coastline of Anima shows a major change in ecosystem, with a large range of snowy mountains, where the city of Argus is located in.

Due to its snowy and cold terrain, the northern parts of Anima was initially difficult to colonize, as the citizens of Mistral was more used to warmer climates and initially had only minor success in its development. This all changed when Mistral entered into a mutual partnership with the former Kingdom of Mantle. In exchange for helping and teaching the citizens of Mistral on how to work and develop in the northern terrain, Mantle would be given goods and resources not found within Solitas. This alliance led to the development of the port city and eventually metropolis of Argus.

The north-west of the continent features a large body of water known as Lake Matsu, which is host to numerous floating islands held above the water surface by giant natural deposits of gravity Dust. The floating islands of Lake Matsu are known to be a habitat for dangerous Grimm, one known type being the Lancer.


The eastern parts of Anima were shown to include a desert region with what appears to be volcanic sections near the shoreline. While they have never been physically seen, one of the facilities for the Schnee Dust Company was shown to be placed here.[3]


The city of Mistral, the capital of the Kingdom of Mistral and the biggest settlement on the continent is located roughly in the center of the continent in an area with forresty mountains. The city itself is situated on and around a mountain with two tops. The highest buildings, that include Haven Academy are built on a bridge connecting the two mountain tops.

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  • Anima is the Latin word for "soul".
  • Most of the known settlements on the continent are named after East Asian flowers. This was due to Mistral being heavily inspired by eastern influences.[4]
  • The continent itself is partially shaped like a real-world Eastern-traditional dragon, which is serpent-like and featuring proportionately short limbs compared to the quadrupedal Western-traditional dragon. The northeastern-most corner of Anima forms the dragon's head, and the southwestern-most corner forms the dragon's tail. According to the Fairy Tale The Two Brother's, the eastern dragon shape was formed by the God of Light after he chose to fall into slumber and wait for the time The Gods are called forth by the four Relics. However, the events of The Lost Fable show that this isn't what actually happened.

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