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Anesidora[1] is a camera belonging to Velvet Scarlatina which acts as her primary weapon. It is capable of creating solid "light copies" of any weapon Velvet has photographed using Hard-Light Dust, which she can then use in battle.


Velvet stores her camera in a small box that she keeps slung from her shoulder. The box is a large wooden chest. Golden metal bands cover the edges, and Velvet's heart emblem is imprinted on the front. The box itself is about the size of Gianduja.

The camera is a conduit that allows Velvet to create "light copies" of the weapons of other fighters, using the photographs from the camera. The weapons projected from the box appear to be transparent, with a glowing light-blue outline. In conjunction with her Semblance, which allows her to mimic movements,[2] Velvet is able to use these copied weapons with a skill comparable to their original wielder. The weapons come out as projections that are slightly smaller from the original weapon size, presumably to compensate for her own size and build. Despite this, they seem to retain all of their original functions and abilities, even those that are normally fueled by Dust. However, she cannot copy the Semblances of others, only their movements, so weapons that depend on the external application of the user's Semblance, such as Myrtenaster, are less effective than the originals.

Every time Velvet uses one of the weapons she copied, she loses it.[3] Additionally, the copies only last for a brief period, so even a short fight requires her to switch copies several times. She must thus carefully moderate her usage, lest she runs out of copies.


At some point in the past, Velvet created the initial designs for Anesidora. Her father Will Scarlatina who was working with the Atlas Military showed these designs to General James Ironwood, who was impressed with them and have his approval for the weapon. Due to this, Velvet later finished the final designs to her weapon and was given a constant supply of Hard-Light Dust to power it due to her father's connections with Ironwood.

During the events of "Breach", Velvet is preparing to use the weapon against the invading Grimm when Coco stops her, reminding her that she "spent all semester building that up" and urging her not to "waste it".

In "Destiny", Velvet is seen using a camera from the box, taking pictures of Sun Wukong, Nolan Porfirio, and Brawnz Ni, along with Ruby Rose after her conversation with her. Most students in Beacon Academy were unaware of Anesidora's functions, thus not knowing why she had been taking pictures of weapons.[4]

Velvet's weapon making a copy of Coco's Gatling gun

In "Heroes and Monsters" Velvet uses Anesidora to protect her friends from their attackers.

After destroying two Atlesian Paladin-290s, she proceeds to take a picture of a part of Weiss Schnee's Semblance; a giant sword that was summoned. The unique nature of this Semblance manifestation, as a physical object, may have allowed Velvet to copy it as a "weapon".

The Dust embargo imposed by Atlas has forced Velvet to use the weapon more conservatively, to the point that she has taken to blinding opponents with the camera flash over making copies to preserve her supply.

List of Known Weapons Copied


RWBY: After the Fall and Before the Dawn

Weapon Original Copy Source
Crescent Rose
1101 Ruby Rose 06271.png
V3 11 00029.png
"Red" Trailer
White Trailer Weiss Red shield.png
V3 11 00031.png
"White" Trailer
1106 The Emerald Forest 04122.png
V3 11 00032.png
The Emerald Forest
Ember Celica
Yang ylw trailer pose.png
V3 11 00033.png
"Yellow" Trailer
Gambol Shroud
1003 Black Trailer 3505.png
V3 11 00034.png
"Black" Trailer
Coco gatling gun.png
V3 11 00035.png
Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang
V3e2 00089.png
V3 11 00036.png
Nora pose Breach.png
V3 11 00037.png
Floating Array
1116 Black and White 16966.png
V3 11 00038.png
Black and White
Floating Array
1116 Black and White 17755.png
V3 11 00039.png
Black and White


  • "Anesidora" is Ancient Greek for "sender of gifts", and was an alternate name for Pandora, who opened a box that held all the evils in the world. This connects to how when Velvet "opens" her camera to unleash destructive powers.
  • According to Monty Oum on the Volume 2 Finale Q&A Livestream, this was his favorite weapon in RWBY.
  • In "Heroes and Monsters", Velvet's attacks with Team RWBY's weapons were based on the attacks done in each of the corresponding character's Trailers.[5]
  • The hologram versions of the weapons summoned from the box greatly resemble wire-frame models of the original weapons. A wire-frame is a way of rendering an object with only edges and vertices (i.e. without textures or faces) in a 3D program.
  • Since Velvet's name is inspired by the Velveteen Rabbit, a stuffed animal, her weapon could allude to a toy box.
  • Interestingly, Velvet's copy of Myrtenaster appears to be the sheathed variant Weiss carries at her hip for most its use, as the hilt has two prongs rather than the usual four prongs the active combat variant has. However, when first summoning Myrtenaster it appears in its four-pronged combat variant.
  • Miles points out on the commentary that Velvet is one of the first characters whose weapon is extremely complementary to her Semblance.[2]
  • Some poses Velvet recreates would realistically be impossible for her to know as they were done in private. This was likely done for artistic choices to give her more recognizable poses from the show.


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