Why, hello, little Lie. Are we trying to catch a fish?
—An, to her son

An Ren was the mother of Lie Ren and wife of Li Ren. She first appeared in "Kuroyuri". She lived in Kuroyuri Village with her family until the Nuckelavee and a horde of Grimm attacked their village and the roof of their house collapsed on her.


An had dusky rose hair held in a bun by a gray band and pink eyes. She wore a long green dress with long sleeves, cutouts on the shoulders, black ballet flats, and a pink sash. It can be surmised that Lie got his pink eyes and hair streak from her. Her outfit is of a similar style to those of her son and husband.


  • An (安) is Chinese for "peace/quiet", associated with the color white. It also means "heaven, sky" in Sumerian.

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