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Amity was built to bring the nations together, and it will serve that purpose once again.

Amity Communications Tower[1] was a communications satellite re-purposed using Amity Colosseum. It was developed by James Ironwood and Pietro Polendina as a replacement for the Cross Continental Transmit System.

It was used to send out Ruby Rose's message about Salem across all of Remnant. However, Amity shortly fell back to the ground due to the damage caused by Cinder Fall.


It is a tall, cylindrical tower that tapers toward the top, with support cables connected to the bottom section. The tower itself will be attached to the top of Amity Colosseum. It seems to be afloat with the support of large Gravity Dust Crystals.


Shortly after their arrival in the Atlas, Ruby's Group are apprehended by the Ace Operatives for arriving in a stolen Manta and their unauthorized use of weapons while defending Mantle from Sabyrs. They are taken to Ironwood as prisoners, but are then unbound and taken to his office where he explains his plan.

Atlas scientists are working on building the tower and making Amity Colosseum capable of being launched high enough into the atmosphere that it cannot be reached by Grimm. The tower will then restore global communications, effectively replacing the Cross Continental Transmit System. Ironwood intends to reveal Salem's existence to the people of Atlas and then use Amity Communications Tower to do the same for the rest of the world.

Although they have concerns about the plan, the group agrees to help. The first step they take is helping the Ace-Ops secure an abandoned Dust mine as the tower's launch site.

The tower needs launch codes directly from Ironwood, the only access points being in his office at the Atlas Academy and the Atlas Command Center.


After the Ace-Ops, along with Qrow Branwen, teams RWBY and JNR, successfully secure the Abandoned Dust Mine as the launch site for the Amity Tower Construction, Ironwood began the official constructions of project itself and began funneling a large amount of resources and materials in constructing it while having the Ace-Ops and the group assist by escorting supply trucks to the site itself and clearing out the Grimm in the surrounding area to secure the location. He also assigned the teams the additional duty of reinforcing Mantle's defensive wall due to the shortage of its resources being sent to the Amity Project instead of repairs on the wall itself.

Internal Issues

The Amity Project itself raised numerous internal issues with several prominent figures in Atlas due to the extreme secrecy that Ironwood employed in fear of another sabotage from the ones responsible for the Fall of Beacon. This lead to numerous negative suspicions and theories regarding on what he was actually doing. Due to the launch site being a former mine of the Schnee Dust Company and being taken by the Atlas Military without initial consent, Jacques Schnee went over to the mine in order to angrily confront Ironwood in outrage to his recent actions. The confrontation ended with Jacques officially declaring and considering the General his enemy before leaving.

Robyn Hill, a prominent figure of Mantle, also took interest and opposition to the project. Due to Ironwood funneling large amounts of resources into the project, he effectively began neglecting the needed repairs for Mantle's defensive walls, leaving the city and its inhabitants susceptible to increased Grimm Attacks. Coupled with his refusal to explain why, Robyn began taking several proactive attempts to figure out on what exactly the project was. In "Sparks", she attempted to directly ask for answers regarding this issue and even attempted to take the needed supplies herself in order to repair the wall. After being denied both answers and aid for Mantle, Robyn swore to discover what exactly the project was and why it was so important, further putting her at odds with Ironwood.

Later, upon the events of "A Night Off" and the framing of Ironwood as the one indirectly responsible for the massacre at Robyn Hill's Victory Party, she and her Happy Huntresses took vigilante actions that indirectly impeded and eventually froze the Amity Project. They actively raided and stole military shipments of the needed materials for the project, redistributing the stolen materials to Mantle in order to repair its defenses against Grimm attacks.

Message to the World

After a fallout with Ironwood, Ruby's Group decides to use the incomplete communications tower to warn the world about Salem, using Ironwood's original plan. They infiltrate into the Atlas Command Center in order to obtain access to the tower's launch systems, and later, Pietro Polendina, Penny Polendina, and Maria Calavera use several Dust explosions from the SDC mine below to force the tower up.

Ruby's message is broadcasted all over the world

However, Cinder's Faction appears and attempts to stop them and take Penny's powers, failing to do so but damaging the tower in the process. Penny is able to hoist Amity up in the air to keep it in place to deliver some of Ruby's message to the world such as Salem's existence, the Relics, Maidens, and that Ironwood could not be trusted. It is cut short as she is interrupted by Arthur Watts who hacks into her systems, cutting off Penny's concentration and preventing the tower from maintaining its required altitude, slowly descending down. Its current status and whereabouts are currently unknown along with Maria's and Pietro's.

In the end, nobody came to help the Kingdom of Atlas when it was destroyed in "The Final Word".